Tips on finding a lost mouse!

Glenrothes, UK

#62 Mar 26, 2011
lost three mice : s - got one but the other two are super fast and really clever, humane traps not working, they are in my room and can see the littke tykes but cant catch them, hear everyones advice but nothing working, again, clever little tykes!!!! grrr!! x

Noble Park, Australia

#63 Apr 2, 2011
My cat brought a wild mouse to us yesterday and we are animal lovers so we put it in an ice cream container with food and bedding (Lucky we already have 3 mice) and i looked after the little thing. We let it go but somehow it managed to get back outside in the middle of the concrete outside our door. I took it in and then today i set up a nice enclosure for it and just now i've gone to check on it and it's gone! I can't find it anywhere, and we put food all through the house...I hope we find it :( It is wild so it might be hard to get it to come out for pet mouse food or the thing it's been sleeping in.

United States

#64 Apr 9, 2011
My house had a crazy moment this morning when we discovered the my 2 and 3 year old boys had dumped the cage out and the mouse was nowhere to be found!! After having a hysterical hour or so and just about to give it up as a lost cause he poked his little head out from under the my tip is this......look in tiny dark places especially ones with a good possibility of having food crumbs
Kassie Grover

Gray, ME

#65 May 11, 2011
Hi my new mice went missing there names our Katy Perry and Ke$ha I found Katy Perry but I cant find Ke$ha Do you have any traps I can use for my mouse?

Albany, NY

#66 May 21, 2011
My Mouse Is Missing Too , Also Named Romeo ..
piper lauber

La Mirada, CA

#67 Jun 17, 2011
i just got a new mouse for my birthday and it ran away and its a birthday what do i do

Coburg, Australia

#68 Jul 19, 2011
hi my mouse fife ran away i cam home from school and she was gone im so sad any ideas to catch it please help =(
Mouse Blues

Spring, TX

#69 Aug 10, 2011
My mouse has been gone for 2 days now, and yesterday we put a baited bucket in our playroom but nothing happened! I reallly miss her and we need her back....she couldnt go up or down stairs, could she?

Cleveland, OH

#70 Aug 13, 2011
I lost one of my two mice! I don't kno how she got out of her cage or where she went. How do I get her back??

Huntington Beach, CA

#71 Oct 1, 2011
my mouse is gone and i cant find him
i looked every where please heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllll llllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllppppppppppppppppppp pppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp pppp

Melbourne, FL

#72 Nov 16, 2011
HELP! I lost my mouse yesterday! I've been looking for her everywhere,but i can't find her!:'( i miss her soooo much :( i saw her this morning and then she went hiding behind the fridge and when i was about to catch her,i turned around and she wasn't there anymore!! D: im going crazy! i dont know where else to look for her :/ some suggestions?

Melbourne, FL

#73 Nov 23, 2011
Yay! i found her!!:D thank you all for your advice,it worked :)

Guwahati, India

#74 Feb 3, 2012
Set out something they would like to hide in. My mice love a comfortable shoe! Another time when they got lost I found all 5 of them in the food bag. You might also want to look in places where you see mouse droppings.

Guwahati, India

#75 Feb 3, 2012
i had gone shopping with my mom. when we returned home our pet mouse was not in its cage and the cage door was open. i cant live without it.

please help
Kasturi Neog

Guwahati, India

#76 Feb 3, 2012
Hahahahahaha!!! You all ARE lying. Your mice are NOT lost, fools. God is seeing you all. And 'someone' and 'mouselover' are both from Guwahati, India. Are they the same person? i know i'm from the same place but i am NOT the same person. you cant fool me, liars. god will curse you for telling lies.

Toronto, Canada

#77 Mar 25, 2012
I just got two mice and I have one baby and one full grown one and I came back later that day and he was gone and I cleaned out under my bed where he went and I even took my bed apart and I can't find him an it's getting late and my dads ready to kill me an I miss him. :( :( :( :(

Toronto, Canada

#78 Mar 25, 2012

Armagh, UK

#79 Apr 10, 2012
my pet mouse has ran away from its cage whenever i came home i seen him in my closet but then i didnt manage to catch him and i have no clue where he went and i set food out on the ground but he still isnt here, could he be dead? or how should i get him out of wherever he is hiding? i really need your help because if my parents find out ill be soo dead:O!

Concord, NH

#80 Apr 22, 2012
Yea, my sister's mouse just got loose and i am so disgusted. The other one was about the get out and i threw it back in it's tank. Any ideas on how to catch the other one???

Surrey, Canada

#81 May 22, 2012
Tiff Taff wrote:
omg! My mouse whiskers has been lost for about three days now! i love her so much...I wouldnt be able to live if she died of starvation. And i have laid out food EVERYWHERE in my apartment. But none has been touched...And i know that she still has to be alive cause mice stink REALLY bad already..even after a bath,in a few days they stink like crazy!! lol. So if whiskers died...we'd know.:'( I miss my little whiskers...We cleared out our closet, looked EVERYWHERE. I mean in Every closet,under everything we could find,EVERYTHING!! And no food has been touched...and i just dont know what to do...My whiskers is gone...And theres nothing i can do.:( I dont know anymore...Please help me. Please.
did you end up finding him? mine disapeared today :(

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