My pet mouse needs help!!

Ringwood, Australia

#23 May 6, 2009
excuse me anyone.. i need a reply fast, three weeks ago my pet mouse had babies... today i went to go and check on them and she was dead!
now i have to find a way to keep the babies alive, they were half frozen when i found them 20 minutes ago, and i have them in a blanket in my hand now, trying to warm them up!
what should i feed them, how can i keep them warm!!??
they were dependent on her!!!!!!

Milwaukee, WI

#24 May 20, 2009
My mouse has a bleeding nose and bleeding eyes, is is dying?

Ringwood, Australia

#25 May 20, 2009
my mice had babies cuz a wild mouse got into the cage, two of them got pregnant and had babies, one of them had nine, but she died for no apparent reason, all her babies survived, and i sold them to the petshop yesterday!
but the lady at the petshop said they were feral cuz i hadnt touched them enough, so i tried to play with the second litter, but they just keep biting and jumping, i think i should have touched them at an earlier age, even thought the vet said not to, because then they wouldnt be so jumpy!
Also the mother of my second litter is very sick, i have to give her medecines and hand feed her n stuff, also she started off with 10 babies and now she only has five!!
i dont know what to do this is all so overwhelming!
how can i tame my babies without them jumping or biting?

Ringwood, Australia

#26 May 21, 2009
if your mouse is bleeding, you should either take her to the vet or have her put down, because she.. or he would be in a lot of pain!
Theres a website i found that shows you how to painlessly kill your mouse if it is sick, i had to do it to two of my mice when they had tumors!
i think that if he/she is bleeding out their eyes and nose, then they are probably dying! im sorry. poor little thing.

i gassed them :(

Central Islip, NY

#27 Jul 5, 2009
You might want to clean the cage more. Also, replace the food every few days but they always need food in their cage. And keep new mice isolated for a while. That way they can't get other mice sick. Try just buying from a different pet store, too.

Cuyahoga Falls, OH

#28 Jan 4, 2010
i dont know what t0 do my mous's ear is falling off because he keeps biting and scratching it.we dont have any money to take him to a vet. what will happen and what is happening?can u help me out
Schnauzerk3rklwz x

Camden, TN

#29 Jan 7, 2010
dear chp,
may the dude selling u the mice is giving u sick ones, the person i got my mice from keeped them in a freezing room that made my teeth chader, and it smelt of dead animals, im just glad i help mine recover by giving them minerals, toys, premier pet red cedar bedding,seeds, and a eatable house with snacks every were but my mice are not fat if your thinking of that, only my three week prego one (chocolate!!!) she has one more week left wish me luck!!!!!!
Schnauzerk3rklwz x

Camden, TN

#30 Jan 7, 2010
Dear Macymay,what are u useing for bedding, some things can kill mice, like saw dust or news papper. u may want to look up some more things mice are alergic to, also do u give it plenty on proten (eggs or chicken can do) vidomins (mineral salt and veggies) and some times dry cat/dog food will do the trick. Good Luck.

Ps were did u get the mice at, and how big is the cage, also how many mice are with it. i might be able to help.
Schnauzerk3rklwz x

Camden, TN

#31 Jan 8, 2010
Hey guys, can any one give me advise on somthing. my mouse has one more week befor her litter. and my other female mouse (chalace) and my male mouse (knight) seem to be helping, but im still worried. I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!

El Dorado Hills, CA

#32 Feb 6, 2010
my mouse was acting fine yesterday but today he's acting like he is going to die. This morning he acted paralyed, wouldn't open his eyes, wouldn't eat, and he just faces the corner of his cage. He is only 1 and a half years old. Whhat should i do?

Tauranga, New Zealand

#33 Mar 13, 2010
Hey I have two pet mice, the one i bought a week ago and the other i bought today but ive noticed wierd things about the older one, it keeps jumping around then cleaning its self and then starts to squeak, I take them out everyday and play with them as much sas possible though.

can some one please tell me why my mouse keeps jumping around like that? thanks
schnauzerk3rklwz x

Camden, TN

#34 Mar 13, 2010
is the other mouse grooming it, if so that might be the male mouse trying to get the female to like him

Tauranga, New Zealand

#35 Mar 13, 2010
schnauzerk3rklwzx wrote:
is the other mouse grooming it, if so that might be the male mouse trying to get the female to like him
my mice are baby females

York, PA

#36 May 7, 2010
My mouse was rolling in his ball n he was on a table, i looked away for a sec. and he fell off, his nose is bleeding , what do i do ? please help!......

Montréal, Canada

#37 May 19, 2010
Matt wrote:
Is she breathing irregular?
hey, my mouse is acting strange also. she's getting kinda fat, but i dont think shes pregnant cuz its been over a month since ive had her, and she lives with another female.. since i got her she always seemed shy and wouldnt let me near her, and just recently shes been breathing pretty oddly..
i'm afraid something is wrong with her..

Altoona, PA

#38 Jun 22, 2010
Rich wrote:
you should not bring wild animals as pets. if u want a pet mouse its better to have a domesticated mouse (pet mouse)
I have a possum and a mouse both wild. me and my friend found the mouse and it was hurt and weak and my dad found the possum on the road and they are both pretty young. i believe that you should not have like big animals and wild ones that are like lions or something. but i think that when you are helping an animal like what me and my friend are doing is okayy. and i Love animals and if i cannot let the possum go then i will try and find it a good place where it can go! but i will prob keep the mouse.

--not quoting anything--
i hope that everybodys problems are solved.. and i think that if you find a lost or hurt animal and if your young and your parents say its okayy or if you are however old you should help it in anyway that you can and then if you can set it free than yea you can do that too!

Peace Ya'll! and God Bless!

Gresham, WI

#39 Nov 22, 2010
hi i have 6 adult mice. when i got home with the 4th one i found out she was pregnant. now my sis and bro came home with two more (total of 6) and put them together, boy and girl, now my sis' mouse is pregnant too. my 4th mouse had her babies ten days ago and now that this other one is pregnant, i don't know what to do with all the babies. is there someplace i can take them or am i stuck with a lot of mice for awhile?

Creve Coeur, IL

#40 Dec 20, 2010
Okay, so my mouse is acting really strange. Her name is Daisy and she just recently started to just sit in the corner of the cage and could barely open her eyes. Now today, she isn't opening her eyes at all and she isn't moving much at all, but she is still breathing. She was also acting like this yesterday, she has a normal breathing "pattern", and I haven't even had her for a year. Daisy won't eat, and I've been worried.

Kailua Kona, HI

#41 Dec 22, 2010
i have 2 pet mice and one of there nose is bleeding. Im not sure if they got into a fight or why its bleeding. What should i do? Please help...

Winnipeg, Canada

#42 Dec 30, 2010
My mouse keeps hurting himself with his claw & i dont know what to do. I dont know how old the mouse is. He started doing this after his brother past away.

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