HELP!!! I think my pet mouse is dying!
schnauzerk3rklwz x

Camden, TN

#21 Feb 4, 2010
noooo... it was wy to cold. ill wait till this weekend.
schnauzerk3rklwz x

Calhoun, LA

#22 Apr 2, 2010
sorry about milo, but chalace had a white blondy blackish male mouse, i named him after milo, and his brother is otis, lol, they will crawl on my hand there soooooo cute, ttyl, gtg

Hawthorn, Australia

#23 Apr 13, 2010
my poor little mouse died last night i loved her so much she was my first mouse r.i.p darling :(

Washington, DC

#24 Apr 13, 2010
...My mouse is having the same problem.. She wont eat, and she's really wobbly when she walks. I know she's really old (2 years), but I DON'T WANT HER TO DIE!!!!!:*(

Kingsley, Australia

#25 Apr 23, 2010
Hi Jessica, My pet mouse Xena died the same way last night. Her eyes were glazed over with gunk when i came home from work and she had heavy breathing. I was hoping to make the vet this morning too but she died last night. I only had her two weeks but I loved her SO much. In 1 week she was already trained to sit in my shirt pocket. I can only think that I killed her with trail mix (a combination of nuts) or the tiny miniscule sliver of parmesan cheese I gave her as a treat. I think it must have been a nut or a cheese allergy. It was a brand new cage that I had rinsed and her bedding was the store bedding (which on the packet says is safe for mice) So I'm thinking maybe yours had a drastic allergy too. It will be a while before I get another mouse. I was just too attached too quickly and this death was horrid.

Springdale, AR

#26 May 6, 2010
My mouse has a yelow white eye with pink around it and its not eating or drinking anything!! What should i do??]

Richmond, Canada

#27 Jan 17, 2011
my mouse can not pee and she is takeing little tiny nibbelets it is very sad me and my mother are very sad thinking if she is dieing so is there any helping senters for mine around Nanaimo or other places this will be her 3 or 4ourth christmas with us. And she is getting way fatter we think the pee is cloging up in her blatter so if there is any body one this that can tell me what this that would be great
Jose Lujan

Tucson, AZ

#28 Apr 13, 2011
i bought a pet mouse a week ago his name is Koda he was doing great but like 15 minutes ago he wouldt walk eat or drink water hes breating but he wont walk what do you think might be wrong with him

Halifax, Canada

#29 May 1, 2011
jessica11327 wrote:
I have a female white mouse named Milo who is a little over a year old. I went to check on her this morning and found her to be swollen and her pink eyes are now mostly white. She won't eat or drink anything, even her favorite treats. All the vet offices are closed today! She's very cold and I have her on a towel on top of a heating pad to keep her warm, not hot. The swelling has gone down and she looks skinny everywhere except her face.
i know what is wrong! my mouse Agethe had the same thing it's Pneumonia (silant 'p') my mouse died april fools 2011. i had to try to shove the food down her throat. but soon she is going to DIE there is no why you can save her i think.


#30 Jul 10, 2011
My pet mice looks as tho it has been eating it front legs there is tissuse tear and swelling it has a brother and they are in the cage together what can I do to fix his legs

Sheerness, UK

#32 Oct 29, 2011
aaaaawww im so sorry and my male mouse snowy died yesterday he was laying on his side still breathing and hes eyes where shut i put him on my hand and and gave him some water he started to recover and he i put him back in his cade and under hes beding so he was worm and he died a little later but when he was alive laying on his side he was making a clicking sound now and again any ideas what he died from

Sheerness, UK

#33 Oct 29, 2011
oh and he had reacentley been bittern by another mouse he was only a couple of weeks old and i hat to isolate him from the other mice he did get bittern i did take him to the vet and he looked at his closed eye i told him he got bitter he said to bath it with cotton wool and i did and a few days later that's when i found him like i explained in the other comment R.I.P snowy now with god
nicole cosco

Clarksburg, WV

#34 Jan 8, 2012
my mouse is acting very strang and i think a bone in her back is either poped outa place or broken..shes all scrunched up an she barely eats or drinks an shes very weak shes breathing very fast an heavy.... im only 12 an my parents didnt know what to do so ive been searching symptomes on here trying to find out wats wrong with my baby (my mouse) shes i think about 7 months old... i raised her from a little pink baby so i need help if you guys have anything to tell me about how to help her....... i love her to death an her name is squeaky. i love her to death
sophie norton

Sale, UK

#35 Mar 20, 2012
my mice is a brown male and its eyes are closed and hes sat near the conrner of his cage and breathing very fast.

Does anyone no weather or not hes going to die.

Greenville, SC

#36 Apr 17, 2012
well thx none of your advise helped becuz my friends baby mouse just died in her hand he just was born and abandoned by his mom she found him and now he is gone!!!!!!

Burwood, Australia

#37 Oct 24, 2012
I think my pet mouse is dying too

Logan, UT

#39 Dec 3, 2012
I need to no how to get my mouse to eat and drink i have had him for 2 months.and i cant let him die


#40 Dec 19, 2012
My little mouse is ill too. I took her to the vets on Monday and now she is on medication. Every time I think she is getting better she suddenly gets worse again. I have a follow up appointment on Friday and I think I'm going to get her put down as I can stand seeing her suffer much longer :( I feel so guilty like its all my fault. I don't know what I could have done. She lives with her sister and she is perfectly healthy

Woonsocket, RI

#41 Mar 15, 2013
wow really?
the judge

Chelmsford, UK

#42 May 11, 2013
KK, my pet mouse faun went all cold and shivery, she was breathing in a strange raspy way. We held her for 15 minutes breathing on her and moved the cage over next to the radiator. My other mouse polar died the day before for an unknown reason.
When I got home from work she was much better, only stayed in bed, three days after she was her normal self

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