By Expert Author: Nicole Barry
[url=] slimming capsule[/url] <form name=article action="166771" method="post"> <!-- Weight Loss/A Healthy, Balanced Diet Can Be Simple - Cut The Fat, Cut The Carbs!--><!--INFOLINKS_O N-->Many popular diets are based on reducing fat, carbohydrates and calories. You know you should be eating a healthy diet but what does it consist of? Here's what nutritional science has to say about it:<br /><br />Decrease JUNK fat consumption: Most people don&rsquo;t have to get rid of all fats or have a diet with ultra low fat. Simply getting rid of excessive junk fat is a step that most of us could take to improve our health. Junk fat includes all processed fats, whether they are hydrogenated fats, polyunsaturated oils that have been heated or fats combined with junk carbs.
[url= lida/leisure-18-max-slimming-c offee.html]leisure 18 slimming coffee[/url] It&rsquo;s important to get rid of processed fats as they are the ones that cause flab on your body and clog your arteries.<br /><br />Decrease JUNK carb consumption: Ultra low carb diets are not needed by most people. However, a large number of people who start low-fat diets keep their carb consumption too high by including lots of highly processed foods. They go from processed high-fat foods to processed low-fat foods. If you read the labels, you&rsquo;ll see that most manufacturers replace fat with junk carbs in their low-fat products, which doesn&rsquo;t resolve people&rsquo;s weight problems.[url=http://www.slimm]diet pills[/url] Junk carbs don&rsquo;t have much fiber and include sugar, flour, fructose (and anything ending in &ldquo;ose&rdquo;), cornstarch and fruit juice. Your eyes didn&rsquo;t play a trick on you.