My hamster just had babies

My hamster just had babies

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#1 Jul 5, 2007
My mom hamster just had babies she had 5 but today she just ate 1!Im scared that she would eat another 1 what should I do???
Help me any1?


#2 Jul 7, 2007
if this is the first time she has babies, she most likely will try and eat them all. dont touch them. take the male hamster out the cage as the mother and babies, he will eat them. if the mother eats another baby, you should try and care for them yourself, if you have to. but try and keep the mother to feed them at least a week. so they can get the right nutritions, then if you have to, you can feed them kitten and ask a vet, or a pet store. they can tell you. also, you can go to and ask any question you need to know about hamsters. thats how i found out all the info that i know. also, you have to keep the male away from the mother for at least 6 weeks because she can become pregnant again and not have the strenght to survive. you shouldnt touch the babies, for about 2 weeks or until the mother removes them from the nest. but i hope the best for you and your hamsters. my mother hamster had 5 babies, she ate 3 of them, 1 died, and i cared for the last one until today. i bottle fed it. because the mother wouldnt. but, she is son to have babies again. hopefully, they all survive this time.


#3 Aug 9, 2007
My hamster had 4 babies.This is the 3rd time she had babies since I got her.
1st she had 2. Then 2 weeks later she had 8.
Then Yesterday she had 4.
Is this possible?

Mumbai, India

#4 Aug 19, 2007
Hey im kim.
Yes this is possible, hamsters canstore abies in there wombs until the yfeel ready. My hamster has 3 babies on thursday than yesterday had 9 more. Its perfectly normal just she may of felt she wasnt ready or had abit of difficulty. try and leave the babies alone... i no its tempting but try not to peak in the nest until 1 - 2 weeks

Lawrenceville, GA

#5 Aug 20, 2007
one of my baby hamsters is 2 times smaller than the others and the partents keep pulling it out of the will drink you think that i should bottle feed it???

Claremore, OK

#6 Sep 2, 2007
i dont know baby my hamster is going to have babys how can u tell


#7 Sep 5, 2007
airelle wrote:
i dont know baby my hamster is going to have babys how can u tell
When u see that the mom mostly stays in one place or if u try to touch her it means that she is pregent hope this helps
ciaran roockley

Harlow, UK

#8 Oct 3, 2007
how long should a babie hamster stay with its mother before leaving

Eastbourne, UK

#9 Oct 3, 2007
she probaby onli ate em cos dey mite av a disibilty as long s u hant touched any dey shud b ok if u do touch em the scent gets left on them which results in the mum hamsta eating em is dat kk?

Richmond, KY

#10 Oct 6, 2007
I have a question. My hamster is about to have her babies in about 19-18 days and I am worried about her eating her babies because she is still young and became pregnat at the pet store. How old do you think she should be to have her first litter of pups? And another thing is that she might eat her babies because she wil just eat anything she can get her teeth into. What kind of bottle do I use bacause a regular bottle is to big and the baby can't drink from that. The pet store said to use this paded needle. I am going to try this out and will email you back when she has her babies!

Blackburn, UK

#11 Oct 10, 2007
my hamster had babys at 6 week old so mums can be quite young as long as you dont tuch the babys untill they are 2-3 week old because the mum might eat them.It is ok to use realy any thing for your baby hamsters but stick to good advice.

Warren, MI

#12 Oct 14, 2007
My Hamster just had babies a day ago. After she had the babies the dad started humping her does this mean she's Pregnet again???????? PLEASE HELP

Warren, MI

#13 Oct 27, 2007
Chelsea wrote:
My Hamster just had babies a day ago. After she had the babies the dad started humping her does this mean she's Pregnet again???????? PLEASE HELP
Maybe it depends. But if you don't seperate them they might have more babies. I hhope I can help tell me if you need more help. Peace

Blackburn, UK

#14 Nov 1, 2007
dont hold the babbys if the girls tale is sticking up it is ready to have babys.
sad man

Sofia, Bulgaria

#15 Dec 14, 2007
HI!Can someone please tell me what to do?My hamster just gave birth to 8 hamsters (and she is still vary fat naybe she will do it again)AND SHE ATE 5 OF THEM!!! I removed the male (he's so much smaller than the female)Today she ate 1 and there are only 2 left!What must i do to keep the allive?Please tell me i really love animals and i can't watch the bean eatten by their mother! ;( ;(

United States

#16 Mar 8, 2008
heres the story. i had two hamsters to begin with. They had a girl and a boy. I bought a new cage and seperated the sexes. 2 weeks later the girls cage has 3 babies in it. i have no idea which is the mother. The youngest is taking care of one adn the oldest has two. the oldest gets really angry when she sees the younger with one. I have no idea which had the babies. And if it is the youngest then they are def. incest. The first babies that were born, it was very bloody, but this time neither has blood....i have no idea what to do.

Smyrna, GA

#17 Mar 10, 2008
My hamster had five babies so i put tisus in the cage and she put it in a corner.Then next 4 days they had littel fur i told my mom that she ate 2 and my mom said she did not.So next day she had 2 so in a hour i saw her eating one. Next day she bite one it was dieing so she kill all i have 2 boys for chrismas we thoght the fur was a girl but it wasen't so they gave me a girl in10 days so i got 3 hamster.

Smyrna, GA

#18 Mar 10, 2008
i got 3 hamster

Smyrna, GA

#19 Mar 10, 2008
airelle wrote:
i dont know baby my hamster is going to have babys how can u tell
when it tow sides is fat and big that is when.
karissa kelsey brianna

East Greenwich, RI

#20 Mar 30, 2008
my hampster just had babbies and we dont know if we should take the male out because we think its going to eat the babbys.we only had them 4 1 day.petco said they only sold males.they just got born about 8 hours ago.last night she was being mean .and when they attaked and then we felt her stomach we all felt them kicking.we dont know if we should take the male out.and my dad diddnt think she was pregant.but when we woke up there were 3 babbies then we watched her give birth to more babbies.and they look so cute

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