Right Then! All PIT-BULL haters come ...
Big Brenda

London, UK

#697 Jul 24, 2013
Ban the bastards wrote:
You should only own pit bulls if your drug dealing or happen to have wooden legs,
That comment made laugh and so true.

Brooklyn, NY

#698 Aug 2, 2013
Tobybones wrote:
<quoted text>
You must be the Queen of Idiots.
I agree.

West Milton, OH

#699 Aug 21, 2013
Pit bulls should be eradicated, along with their owners. These wonderful animal have killed 15 people in the US so far in 2013.

Since: Aug 13

West Milton, OH

#700 Aug 21, 2013
PitbullHeartXOXO wrote:
<quoted text> YAY! You are totally right! I have 7 pitbulls! I am a true pit lover! Unlike you other people don't even know what a pitbull is! All you think is: Stay away from that dog! It's a dangerous pitbull! Let me and other Pibull Lovers tell you, pitbulls are going to act to way you treat them in the very beginning... so think twice!!!
Yea and then they will rip your mother loving throat out.

Since: Oct 12

Location hidden

#701 Aug 24, 2013
Pit bulls are probably okay, except they are usually owned by such assh*les.....Insecure thugs in training....

Lipan, TX

#702 Sep 2, 2013
The pit bull is a flawed breed they were bred by man using selective breeding and they were bred to fight. Some of them make fine pets but they all have the flaw of their brain outgrowing its space and becoming violent and even if that doesn't happen they are still more likely to snap and hurt someone. Personally I think they are all ugly as hell and there's no logical reason to have a possibly dangerous animal as a pet.
xl bully owner

Atlanta, GA

#703 Sep 7, 2013
Ban the bastards wrote:
<quoted text>Yeah pit bulls do have a place in this world a hole in the ground
And so does your mother. She sucks pit bull off. You scum
Jim Springer

Anderson, IN

#704 Sep 16, 2013
Not all Dogs are born innocent. The reason there are breeds is because these dogs were breed to do different things. These breeds have instincts that they are born with. Retrievers naturally retrieve. Hunting dogs will naturally point spring or flush. Pitbulls will naturally latch on to living things and not let go. Pitbulls are born with this instinct. You can have the sweetest Pit ever but it's breed has an inherent flaw that you just can't trust. Yes there are Pits that never hurt anyone. Those Pits had really good owners.

Since: Oct 12

Location hidden

#705 Sep 16, 2013
Luckily, my niece never had a problem with Bentley, her male pitbull....He was always a little nervous and i was so scared when she had her two little ones....but, it was okay.....I hope nexttime, she get a Lab or Golden, just safer around kids.....

Oxford, GA

#706 Oct 25, 2013
Because it is a fact.pit bulls are not a natural breed .They are a breed that you are trying to domesticate.You may as well take in a shark. They Kill and Mame innocent children people animals OFTEN

Since: Nov 13

Plainview, NY

#708 Nov 16, 2013
cranemanno wrote:
Because it is a fact.pit bulls are not a natural breed .They are a breed that you are trying to domesticate.You may as well take in a shark. They Kill and Mame innocent children people animals OFTEN
you're a pretty big idiot huh??? there is no such thing as a natural breed shart tard...all dogs are domesticated. are u a 13 year old fool?? pitbulls are one of the most loyal and friendly breeds and there r plenty of other dogs that kill more people than pits...ohh and I hope u get hit by a train just because you're obviously human waste:)

Since: Nov 13

Plainview, NY

#709 Nov 16, 2013
mikero wrote:
auto correct? literate folks don't need auto correct and they don't use caps to emphasize their points. sometimes they don't use caps at all. pits are only popular in the ghetto and in the stix. labs, goldens, and gsd's are far more numerous and far less likely to bite a human or a canine. pits are terrible protection dogs. standard poodles are a billion times better. why bother owning a pit unless one is poor, stupid, emotionally disturbed or all of the above?
pits were the original dog for the US marines u jerkoff

Since: Oct 12

Location hidden

#710 Nov 16, 2013
willymcgee wrote:
<quoted text>
pits were the original dog for the US marines u jerkoff
Wrong...it was the English Bulldog.....

Beverly Hills, CA

#711 Nov 27, 2013
Melissa wrote:
Hehe....All pitbulls should be shot in the head. And I would gladly do it! <33333
you should be shot in the head you ignorant cooze.

Beverly Hills, CA

#712 Nov 27, 2013
Death wrote:
kill um ..gut um and eat um.
as should as you and your family you worthless inbred

Columbia, MO

#713 Dec 6, 2013
you people say that you hate pits but have you ever been around one? there is nothing that they have done to deserve the bad reputation that they have gotten you are all fools and btw u MORONS chiwawas bite more people a year than pits so if u need a breed to hate actually do some research and learn!!!!!!!!!!
Beady is a Rock Spider

Melbourne, Australia

#714 Jan 30, 2014
Beady bums Pitbulls

Since: Oct 12

Location hidden

#715 Jan 30, 2014
It's not the breed....it's what the A-hole owners have done to it....
Eddie Johannson

Xenia, OH

#716 Feb 9, 2014
Anyone who owns a breed that has the has the name Pitbull aka (Shtbull) should be given the death sentence for being born with a smaller brain capacity than a gerbil. Additionally, hopefully you morons will die before your homicidally prone canine can kill another innocent human. If and when the dog does kill may you be the fool who gets deservedly mauled to death. Trying to tell people lies is your way of feeling better for harboring a murderer. Pitbulls are loaded guns and Russian roulette is the game. Blow off.

Clearfield, UT

#717 May 18, 2014
Go to google news type in pit bulls.

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