March 08 PIT BULL attacks

“Pit Bulls are good dogs too”

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#25 Mar 19, 2008

Dog attacks owner's mother in Miramar
March 19, 2008
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Digg Facebook Fark Google Newsvine Reddit Yahoo Print Reprints Post comment Text size: Miramar - A Miramar woman is recovering after her son's German shepherd attacked her Tuesday morning, said officials.

Fidelina Llorente, 62, The woman was dropping trash off by the street outside her home on the 1400 block of Southwest 47 Street around 9 a.m. as her son, Josue Llorente, 40, was walking a leashed dog he had purchased from Germany a week ago, said Bill Robertson, a Miramar police spokesman.

"She was walking back to the house when the dog unexpectedly attacked her," he said. The son pulled the dog off his mother, who suffered bites to her right arm, face and above her left ear, requiring multiple stitches.

She was taken to Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood and the dog has been caged, according to officials. Animal Control has been requested to investigate.

“Pit Bulls are good dogs too”

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#26 Mar 19, 2008
take a look at the photo - no breed mentioned, of course.

Early morning dog attack forces man to shoot one dog

An early morning dog attack forces one man to fire back in Northeast Bakersfield.

According to Bakersfield Police around 5 a.m. Wednesday morning there were reports of three dogs attacking a man in the 4000 block of Foxwood Street.

The victim had to get on top of his car to escape the attack and then apparently got a gun and shot one of the dogs to death.

The two other dogs were retrieved by their owner, James Pride who was cited.

The investigation is ongoing.

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#27 Mar 26, 2008
Pit bull attacks teen in face Save Email Print

Posted: 5:03 PM Mar 25, 2008
Last Updated: 5:19 PM Mar 25, 2008

A | A | A GRAYSON CO., TX -- A teenager is in serious condition following a pit bull attack. Her boyfriend told first responders he had to shoot the dog about five times before it released its grip on the girl.

First responders say it happened at a home in the 8100 block of FM 697 near Whitewright. They say a pit bull lunged and attacked a 16-year-old girl at her boyfriend's house.

Her boyfriend had to shoot the gun multiple times before the dog released its grip and died. The girl was flown to a Dallas hospital with injuries on her face and arm.

"This was an adult dog that was given to them by a friend,” says James Dixon, assistant Tom Bean fire chief.“They didn't have any history on the dog or its previous circumstance so they didn't know much about it at the time."

Animal control took the dog Tuesday. The Sheriff's Office says they are not investigating the case.

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#28 Mar 26, 2008
Published Wednesday | March 26, 2008
Pit bulls attack 75-year-old man

Two pit bulls attacked a 75-year-old man near 38th and Corby Streets late this afternoon. The man has been hospitalized in serious condition and is expected to be released sometime tonight.

A police officer later shot and killed one of the dogs as it charged an animal control officer, said Omaha Police Department spokesman Officer Michael Pecha.

"They located ... the more aggressive one at the backyard at 3726 Corby," Pecha said. "They believe it was the one that bit the gentleman. It was in that yard that the dog actually attacked another dog and then attacked the animal control person (from the Humane Society).

"When it charged, that's when the officer put the dog down," Pecha said.

Mark Langan, vice president of field operations for the Nebraska Humane Society, said the man was walking outside when the attack occurred.

"He indicates he heard a noise behind him," Langan said. "And when he turned. there were two black pit bulls running up on him and they both began jumping on him. One of the pit bulls grabbed him on the left forearm and then drug him to the ground."

That dog chomped on the left forearm, leaving a deep-bite wound.

The man "was able to kind of fight the dogs off and find a lady in the neighborhood who called for help," Langan said.

The other pit bull has not been found. If the owner is located, he or she will be ticketed.

"This reinforces wheat the Nebraska Humane Society preaches on a daily basis to people," Langan said. "If they let their dogs run loose, then bad things happen."

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Englewood, CO

#29 Mar 26, 2008
Two pit bulls confiscated after attack kills neighbors' pet
By Ryan Lillis - [email protected]
The Porter family of midtown Sacramento hoped to spend Sunday afternoon looking for Easter eggs in their backyard.

But their plans gave way to heartbreak when they came home from church to discover a pair of pit bulls had broken through their fence and killed their 11-year-old dog, a terrier mix.

The pit bulls were taken into custody by the city's Animal Care Services and are still at the department's shelter while authorities investigate the incident, said spokeswoman Rhea Serran.

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Jenni and Marc Porter planned to hide Easter eggs in their backyard for their two children, 8-year-old Ryan and 5-year-old Michael. However, as they approached their home on 25th Street around 12:30 p.m., they saw several neighbors and animal control officers in front of the house.

"They immediately told us to get the kids in the house and keep the windows shut," Jenni Porter said.

They were told that two pit bulls had ripped a hole in a fence surrounding their dog run and pulled out their terrier mix, Millie, killing the 25-pound dog. The officers and neighbors were "trying to clean up before we got home with our kids," Jenni Porter said.

The Porters' other dog, a 14-year-old Lab named Murphy, was not hurt.

The two pit bulls were taken into custody by animal services officers soon after the attack. Neighbors later told Porter the dogs had been seen running through nearby streets, she said.

Porter said a couple stopped by their home while her husband was cleaning up after the incident and asked if anyone had seen their two pit bulls. The couple was told what had happened and said they were going to the animal care shelter.

The couple later returned to the Porters' home and were "very remorseful, very apologetic," Jenni Porter said. The owners told Porter their dogs had never hurt anyone before.

Porter said she and her older son have both had nightmares since the attack.

"I won't feel settled until I know what the fate of these dogs will be," she said.

She added she hopes the attack reminds pit bull owners to be vigilant about keeping track of their dogs.

"I hope my dog didn't die in vain," she said. "My biggest hope is that these pit bulls don't come back and hurt somebody else."

Since: Nov 07

Englewood, CO

#30 Mar 26, 2008
Pit bull attacks 7-year-old girl in Cleveland
Posted by Donna J. Miller March 24, 2008 16:49PM
Categories: Crime

A 7-year-old girl is recovering from being attacked by a pit bull. It happened at 6:15 p.m. Saturday in the 5800 block of Dibble Avenue.

The dog escaped from a house and attacked the girl, who was visiting relatives, Chief Dog Warden John Baird said.

She was treated for bites to her head, face and shoulders.

The dog is at the City Kennel, where it will be watched for signs of rabies and held as evidence. A municipal court judge will decide whether it will be destroyed.

The dog's owner, Maryum Ford, is charged with three counts of violating the city's vicious dog law and having a nuisance dog, Baird said.

Lorain to take another look at its pit-bull law after attack
By Donna Miller
Plain Dealer Reporter
Sunday,May 20, 2007


Most cities have laws that require pit bull owners to keep their dogs in sturdy, roofed cages and to walk them using heavy chains and muzzles. Problem is, many cities don't make enforcing the laws a priority. Until that changes, people will continue to be mauled, like Georgia Rice, the 7-year-old girl who was attacked May 8 in Lorain. A pit bull mix bit off part of her face. The dog was not caged. He was tied to a tree -- no proper life for any breed -- and the girl got too close. Nine-year-old Anthony Williams was attacked 14 months ago -- also in Lorain.

Georgia's mother, Corine Roark, is livid with city officials.

"They haven't even had a dog warden for two years, let alone control the pit bulls," she said.

Lorain doesn't impose cage requirements on pit bull owners until after their dog has bitten someone. That's likely to change soon, Law Director Mark Provenza said.

After Georgia's attack "the mayor and City Council are talking about changing our law to be more in line with the state law that says pit bulls are dangerous per se," he said.

Georgia received more than 200 stitches and almost lost a finger on her right hand. The dog was euthanized. The owner was fined $150.

The number of pit bull attacks is staggering.

About 800,000 Americans are treated for dog bites each year. Half of those are children, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC found that between 1981 and 1992, pit bulls were involved in a third of reported dog-bite deaths.

Merritt Clifton, editor of the international monthly newspaper Animal People, has compiled bite statistics from media reports since 1982. Of the 2,272 fatal or permanently disfiguring dog attacks on people in the United States and Canada, 1,148, or half, involved pit bulls. Clifton will e-mail his breed-specific statistics: [email protected]

In March, Akron officials stepped up enforcement of their 18-year-old pit bull law, after receiving more than 250 complaints about the dogs from residents. So far, dog wardens and humane officers have contacted more than 200 pit bull owners and forced them to comply with the cage and leash rules, forfeit their dogs or be cited.

About 120 are complying. Nearly 70 surrendered their dogs to the pound, where they were euthanized, and about 40 have been cited.

City spokesman Mark Williamson said, "The goal of the enforcement effort is to register as many dogs as possible, not to have to take them to the pound."

Thousands of pit bulls live in Cleveland, making it nearly impossible for the city's seven dog wardens to enforce the pit bull law and fulfill their main duty, catching strays.

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“Pit Bulls are good dogs too”

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#31 Mar 26, 2008
Erik266 wrote:
Merritt Clifton, editor of the international monthly newspaper Animal People, has compiled bite statistics from media reports since 1982. Of the 2,272 fatal or permanently disfiguring dog attacks on people in the United States and Canada, 1,148, or half, involved pit bulls. Clifton will e-mail his breed-specific statistics: [email protected]
This is the biggest FARCE ever... Merritt Clifton got his statistics from NEWSPAPER AND TV reports, which are so biased to pit bull attacks that many attacks that aren't pit bulls are reported as such to make a good headline.

Of the three attacks in my home province in the last 5 years, ALL THREE were REPORTED as pit bull 'type' dogs attack. Only ONE was actually a pit bull, one was rottweilers... and the only fatal attack was by a pack of three Rottweilers, the other attack was a Chow... but using Cliftons system, those would count as 3 pit bull attacks since that's what the newspaper reported them as initially... it's ridiculous.

CDC reports and hospital reporting data (at least in Canada) show different statistics,

“Pit Bulls are good dogs too”

Since: Jul 07

Moncton, New Brunswick

#32 Mar 26, 2008
Erik266 wrote:
About 800,000 Americans are treated for dog bites each year. Half of those are children, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
According to the CDC, more children are injured, and treated in hospitals, playing organized sports than being bitten by dogs... but spouting stats like this make it seem like dogs are on a rampage...

Perhaps you should start campaigning against baseball Eric?

“Pit Bulls are good dogs too”

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#33 Mar 26, 2008

Dog bites deputy

Mary Jo Denton
Herald-Citizen Staff
Tuesday, Mar 25, 2008

BAXTER -- It was very bad timing for a dog owner on Dyer Ridge Road recently when his dog decided to bite a Putnam Sheriff's deputy.

It happened just as the deputy was writing the owner, Nathan Ray Smith, a citation for letting the dog run loose.

Deputy Sonny Farley and Corrections Officer Will White went to the Smith residence on March 15 after receiving a complaint from a neighbor of Smith's who said he had been having problems with Smith's dogs.

"He told me that the dog, which looked to be a Jack Russell, has been growling at his grandkids and has tried to bite him several times," the deputy said. "I asked him who the dog belongs to and he told me it belonged to Nathan Ray Smith."

Deputy Farley and C.O. White then went to Smith's residence to talk to him, but he was not home. A family member phoned Smith, who said he was on his way home.

"While we were waiting on him to return home, the dog tried to bite C.O. White," Deputy Farley's report says.

"When I was able to speak to Mr. Smith, he told me he has never known of his dog trying to bite anybody. I told him that I was going to write him a citation and he needed to do something with his dog."

That's exactly when the dog ran up and bit Deputy Farley on the lower leg, then ran around the squad car and bit CO White on the leg, then ran back around the car and bit the deputy again.

"I told the owner to catch the dog, that I was going to take it to the pound," the deputy's report says. "I wrote the citation and took the dog to the pound."

“Pit Bulls are good dogs too”

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#34 Mar 26, 2008

'just because a dog looks safe, doesn't mean it is'

Boy, 2, Attacked By Family Dog
Sunday, March 23, 2008 7:40:10 PM
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DELTONA -- A family dog, accused of attacking a 2-year-old boy in Volusia County, has gone after children before, News 13 has learned.

The golden Labrador, who neighbors said is named Boomer, belongs to the boy's father.

Investigators said the attack happened inside the owner’s Deltona home.

The boy is in serious condition when he was transported.

Neighbors said Boomer is known to be aggressive towards neighborhood kids.

"The dog tried to bite my face and he was barking real loud and he was growling," said Chase Horne, a neighbor.

There is no word yet if the dog will be put down.

However, neighbors tell News 13 the dog owner told them Boomer would not return to the neighborhood.

“Pit Bulls are good dogs too”

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#35 Mar 26, 2008

Family dog attacks 3-year-old in Henrico

Saturday, Mar 22, 2008 - 12:52 AM
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A 3-year old boy was taken to VCU Medical Center Friday afternoon after he was attacked by the family dog.

Henrico County police Lt. Bryan Cook said the boy apparently was trying to take a bone away from the lab/border collie mix in the 4200 block of Gladewater Road near Hungary Road in western Henrico.

The boy sustained serious but non-life-threatening injuries to the head.

The boy, his family and dog were staying in the home because a fire destroyed their home earlier this year. According to Cook, neighbors had said the dog appeared friendly.

The dog will be quarantined for 10 days.

“Pit Bulls are good dogs too”

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Moncton, New Brunswick

#36 Mar 26, 2008
Published: March 19, 2008 11:55 pm
Town gives dog death sentence for killing goat
By Lynne Hendricks
ROWLEY — Does a dog that kills a goat deserve the death penalty?
That was the question considered by Rowley selectmen earlier this week in the case of Niko, a black Labrador retreiver mix that got loose from his home at 226 Boxford Road in mid-February, crossed onto a neighbor's property and reportedly killed a pet goat.
After emotional pleas by both pet owners earlier this week, the board voted to order the dog euthanized, based on the assumption a dog that kills will kill again.
But Niko's owner, who said he intends to appeal the board's decision, also suggested the possibility that the dog had chased away a coyote that had done the actual killing. Though Niko was found in the pen with the dead goat, the dog was not covered in blood after the attack.
Six-year-old Niko got away from his caretaker last month and managed to get under a fence into an area where neighbors Richard and Melissa Lebel kept three goats penned. Although no one witnessed the kill, the dog is presumed to have taken the life of one goat with a bite to its neck before severely wounding a second animal.
It was a horrible scene described by Richard Lebel, who went down to check on the animals after being informed of the incident by Niko's owner, Mike Passanisi.
"One was dead in the pen, and the other two were covered with blood," Lebel said.
Lebel's wife and daughter were distraught; the goats are considered beloved members of their family.
"These aren't just farm animals," Lebel said. "These are family pets. They come when we call them. They come up on our porch."
Passanisi said he feels terrible about what happened, but after Richard Lebel ordered him off his property on the evening of the incident, he left his phone number and made no further attempt to contact them.
"We'd like to do all we can to rectify the situation as best we can," Passanisi told selectmen. "If there's a way I didn't handle it properly, I apologize. I don't think anyone really knows right off what to do about a situation like this."
Town leaders heard both sides and debated several potential remedies before making their decision. They could order Niko out of town, as has been done in some "bite" cases across the state, or order him euthanized, as was recommended by the town's animal control officer, Reed Wilson.
"My recommendation would be to have the dog euthanized," Wilson said. "If they can't control their dog, and it sounds like it's animal-aggressive. There are lots of horses on the street (and) other neighbors with donkeys and goats."
To make matters worse for Niko, the Passanisis' other dog, Goldie, broke free of her tether last week and ran into the Lebels' yard, promptly tangling with their golden retriever. It was the second incident in one month, and Lebel said although his dog wasn't hurt in the second incident, the family has been living in fear since their goat was killed.
"It's been a constant worry since it happened," Lebel said. "I don't want to go check on (the goats) and find them dead."
In the end, selectmen sided with the Lebels and the animal control officer, ordering Niko euthanized to keep him from coming back.

Since: Nov 07

Longview, WA

#37 Mar 26, 2008
HEATHER, this thread is for PIT BULL ATTACKS ONLY! Start your own thread about lab attacks if you want, but please do not threadjack this thread.

“Pit Bulls are good dogs too”

Since: Jul 07

Moncton, New Brunswick

#38 Mar 27, 2008
it's a free public forum...

I'm just pointing out that pit bulls are not the only dogs to attack, by posting attacks of other breeds of dogs...

Since: Jan 08

Lake Saint Louis, MO

#39 Mar 27, 2008
Erik266 wrote:
HEATHER, this thread is for PIT BULL ATTACKS ONLY! Start your own thread about lab attacks if you want, but please do not threadjack this thread.
Eric, this thread is for ANYONE who wants to read it and respond. Why don't YOU start another thread called "All Jackasses Come Here". You are a Jerk Eric, WHAT is the point of this? If you really think that we are going to change our minds about Pitbulls, you are dumber than I thought. Get a life Eric, better yet, go to a shelter and SAVE a life, Get a Pitbull and you'll find out what love is all about.

Since: Nov 07

Longview, WA

#40 Mar 27, 2008
March 27, 2008, 12:15PM
Pit bull attack injures Fort Bend woman, kills her puppy

Copyright 2008 Houston Chronicle
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The puppy that had been a Christmas gift was in Twana Schulz's arms as she headed out Wednesday afternoon to pick up her daughter at the bus stop.

Minutes later, Schulz said today, she was running to save herself as two pit bull terriers from a neighbor's yard attacked her and killed the puppy.

"I had to decide on whether it was my life or the dog's, and I had to let my puppy go," Schulz said, weeping.

Fort Bend County sheriff's deputies are still investigating the incident, which occurred about 3 p.m. Wednesday in the Sienna Plantation community.

Sheriff's spokeswoman Terriann Carlson said the attack happened at Bees Creek Court near Old Woods Passage. The pit bulls were owned by former Houston Texans linebacker Steve Foley, she said.

At his home this morning, Foley declined to comment.

Schulz, 36, said she and others in the neighborhood had been concerned about the pit bulls.

"I have seen how they react when they are behind their fence and the gate is not open and they are trying to get to us," she said. "I knew if they saw us out, they were going to be attacking us."

She said she was carrying the puppy, named Schinckers, when a neighbor yelled that the pit bulls were loose. Schulz turned and headed back toward her house.

"I got to almost our sidewalk when they attacked us," she said.

Schulz tried to hold onto the puppy, but the pit bulls jerked it from her hands.

"I tried to scream for help," she said.

She said a neighbor gave her a piece of a 2-by-4, which she used to try to drive the dogs away from her puppy.

"At some point, I did get my dog back," she said.

The dogs then attacked her before carrying the puppy away and killing it.

Schulz had bite marks to her face and neck and needed several stitches to close one wound.

"I consider myself very fortunate," she said. "It could have been a lot worse."

A neighbor watched the school bus and took Schulz's daughter to safety when she arrived at the stop.

Schulz added that the pit bulls have gotten out of Foley's yard before.

"We have been lucky that no one else in the neighborhood has been out (then)," she said.

Foley, 32, arrived home after county animal control officers had taken the dogs into custody and acknowledged that he owns them, Carlson said. She said no citations have been issued, but the investigation is continuing.

Foley, who was a linebacker, played for the Texans in 2003. He was last on a National Football League team in 2006, when he was with the San Diego Chargers.

Carlson said the investigation into the attack is continuing.

Since: Nov 07

Longview, WA

#41 Mar 27, 2008
Two Pit bulls Brutally Attack Elderly Man Dog Attack Update: Police Find Missing Pit Bull
Pit Bulls Attack Man

Omaha, NE - A 75 year old man is home recovering after being attacked by two pit bulls Wednesday afternoon near his home at 38th and Corby.

Animal Control Officers say two dogs attacked Hopeton Hewett, biting his arm and dragging him across the street. Carolyn Walker saw her friend as paramedics rushed him away in serious condition. "He said they attacked him right down there and drug him, his back was full of dirt."

Another neighbor says he saw the dogs running loose all afternoon. While searching for the pit bulls, one animal control officer found one of the pit bulls in a nearby yard. But he had to get by another pit bull barking at him at an open window first. An Omaha Police Officer watching it all fired his gun, killing the dog. Investigator Kristie Biodrowski says, " It was a bad situation and dangerous for both animal control and the police officer."

Animal Control Officers found the second pit bull about 9:30 Wednesday night at a nearby home. That's where the dogs lived with their owner. Investigators say the 19 year old owner is being ticketed for harboring a dangerous animal. She told investigators she left her window open and that's how the dogs got out.

Since: Nov 07

Longview, WA

#42 Mar 27, 2008
Family's horror as dog attacks horse
Exclusive By Chris Gee
A family suffered a terrifying ordeal when their horse bolted through the streets after being attacked by an out-of-control dog.
Danielle Gorner, 16, was spending Easter Monday morning riding her Irish thoroughbred colt, Darcy, just north of the pier on St Annes beach.
She was accompanied by her parents Jason and Maxine when the frightening incident unfolded as they left the beach at around 11.30am.
The Lytham High sixth-form student, said: "It was the first time we had taken him to the beach and we were just going towards the car park to leave when a Staffordshire-type dog ran towards us and started snapping at his lower legs.
"It was very scary and we were screaming at the woman who was with the dog to get control of it.
"My mum had been holding on to the horse with a kind of lead called a lunge and she was doing her best to keep Darcy calm by walking him around in circles, but the dog just wouldn'd let up."
After several minutes, during which the terrier could not be controlled, Danielle leapt from the horse as the dog began to jump up and bite the horse's belly.
She said: "We were becoming more hysterical, and obviously Darcy began to get agitated once he was injured.
"Eventually my mum couldn't hold on any more and he bolted, throwing her to the floor and trampling on her."
Once Darcy had broken free, he left the beach and ran free through central St Annes for around half a mile going down Beach Road and onto Clifton Drive North, before his frantic and distressed owners were finally reunited with him.
Maxine, 40, who was left extensively bruised, said: "The whole experience was horrific for us and I have been traumatised ever since, especially when I'm near dogs.
"We feared the worst when he bolted and it could have led to a very serious incident once he got onto the streets.
"It goes to show the importance of keeping pets under control at all times as the lady with the dog didn't have a clue how to get him away from the horse.
"We would also like to thank the people who helped us on the beach and those who recovered Darcy from the streets, they were wonderful."
Darcy is now recovering from three open bite wounds at his stables in Lytham and had to be sedated after the attack.
Mrs Gorner said the woman with the dog, who was in her 50s or 60s, simply drove off from the car park after the horse bolted.
The incident was reported to the police and the Gorners, who live on Church Road, St Annes, are now appealing for witnesses to the drama.
Anyone who witnessed the incident and can identify the dog's owner is asked to contact St Annes police station on

Since: Nov 07

Longview, WA

#43 Mar 27, 2008
Girl, 6, Attacked By Pit Bull
Wednesday, March 26, 2008 6:27 PM

COLUMBUS, Ohio — A 6-year-old girl was hospitalized on Wednesday evening after she was attacked by a dog on the city's far east side.

The girl was attacked at about 5 p.m. in front of a home on Upton Road West, 10TV's Kevin Landers reported.

Witnesses told 10TV News that an open gate allowed the Pit Bull to escape a back yard, Landers reported.

Neighbors said the girl was missing part of her lip after the attack. They also said she suffered bites to her face and arms, Landers reported.

Jason Cather said that the girl's father managed to get the dog back in its yard.

"The father came out and grabbed it underneath its jaw bone," Cather said. "He pushed it up and pushed it in the back yard."
The girl was taken to Nationwide Children's Hospital, where she was treated and released, 10TV News reported.

Animal Care and Control authorities removed the dog from the home after they determined that it was not licensed, Landers reported.

Watch 10TV News and refresh for additional information.

“"In dog years, I'm dead."”

Since: Feb 08


#44 Mar 27, 2008
PRESCOTT, Ariz.-- A Paulden man slit his dog's throat after complaining that the dog was staring at him, then assaulted the deputies trying to arrest him, the Yavapai County Sheriff's Office said.

Deputies were called to the home of 32-year-old Duane Hegeman and his mother, Teresa Collins, around 5:20 a.m. Thursday on reports of a man who had "gone berserk" and slit his dog's throat.

When they arrived, deputies said they found Collins caring for a white and brown pit bull with a throat injury, as well as a large amount of blood in the home.

Collins told deputies Hegeman had complained that the dog was staring at him and said he was going to gouge its eyes out, then grabbed a knife and slit the dog's throat, according to YCSO.

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