Pugs-is it the breed or just mine?
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Saint Helens, UK

#26 Oct 11, 2011
Your 'friend' seems to be offloading pugs at an alarming rate..... how sad. Pugs are bred as companion dogs and take their role very seriously. Unless you are paying to have company for the first one/and possibly the second, 8 hours is too long to leave her, and/or another Pug. Good luck anyway - hope your little girl gets the company she needs.

New Delhi, India

#27 Nov 5, 2011
my pugs name is boni n she is veryyyyy naughty
se plays wid my phone n pillow all the time
she bites alot as she is about 4 months
im 13 year old n i got it on my birthday
i love her n i love to play wid her
n dude u wont believe she sleeps wid me ! on my bed !!:)

San Marino, CA

#28 Feb 13, 2013
JPW wrote:
Pugs while cute are relatively unintelligent when it comes to the world of dogs. Generally Pug owners don't understand this probably because they have little exposure to canines at the upper end of intelligence. Check AKC, pugs are far from the top 10 and actual fall in the lower half among breed. I believe that organization is relatively unbiased. Otherwise they are adorable even though they are highly prone to genetic defects, can't generally be used outdoors, are extremely needy. If you want a substitute for a baby with less liability the pug it probably a good choice.
Dear AKC contributor: obviously you have never met our pug. she is whip smart, hilarious and loves to be around people . you sound like you live in a museum and spend your time alone doing mensa puzzles wishing your poodle would pay you some attention.
pug luva


#29 Feb 19, 2013
Pugs are funny but crazy too!i have had 2 pugs 1 black n 1 Sandy she got black stripe going down her back n is really naughty but is our clown all our family love her cause sadly we lost our black one last year :'( i have always had a dog since a child but by far our lil pug is best dog ever!!she been trained since 4 months old n understands all u say.

Miami, FL

#30 Nov 7, 2013
I'm worried....my pug, now a year old won't overeat on kibble. She will treats, my food or wet food I make her sometimes. But she's goes around licking the floors, licks the grout, Eats hair, hair balls, sniffs through her blankets and finds hair, eats any piece of anything that's food or not. So far...she will pooop normlly anf has thrown up a couple times what looks lile hair mixed with her food. But I don't know what to do. I vacuum anf steam mop every other day, but she sheds...so there is hair right there again for hwr to eat.
Beady is a Rock Spider


#31 Jan 30, 2014
Beady bums dogs

Hoppers Crossing, Australia

#32 Feb 27, 2014
I wish I never got my pug...I effing hate having him around. Worst dog I've ever owned. Dumbest dog I've ever met. Most disgusting dog too. You want a dog that farts juice? Always smells? Has like year round conjunctivitis coz it's eyes are so big it needs mucus just to keep them wet? Want a dog that is impossible to house train, will never want to listen to you, will only listen for a treat and not out of respect? Want a dog that will try at every corner to dominate you? Get a pug...

Oh and then there's all the vet bills and stuff too.
That's the only thing you're told about when thinking of getting a pug. They call them cheeky...no...they're effing menaces. I hate this dog. Take him. He's literally the most attractive and cute pug you'll ever see, he is just beautiful...he is quiet, he is loving and he is a fking douchebag, you want a pug? He's the perfect example. And he is lazy as sh!t so you won't need to do much. He will sleep 23.5 hours of the day and then he will cram a whole bunch of naughty into 30 minutes. He isn't even overweight. He hasn't got bung eyes, has a pretty coat, long legs, face wrinkles aren't deep, he breathes well, the works. He's a top pug, physically. He's just completely fking retarded.

Thunder Bay, Canada

#33 Mar 20, 2014
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Beady bums dogs

Melbourne, Australia

#34 May 25, 2014
Beady reckons they have nice tight bums

Cincinnati, OH

#35 Jan 3, 2015
I have two pugs and I will NEVER own another one!!! I am home all the time and they are not bad by attacking or fighting. THEY ARE NASTY!!!! They stink! Even two days after a bath. They are the biggest shedders. They live in my kitchen, hallway and half bath as the male pees on everything! Yes he is nutered. You have to make them stay outside if raining or wet to poop or they will pee and come in and poop!!!
Pug in love

Leixlip, Ireland

#36 Sep 1, 2015
My pug got out once and he met the neighbours dog,and he would hump her and now he's always at the door trying to get out and I mean all the time he sleeps in front of the door now.So if I get him a girl dog or boy dog myself will it settle him? Like if I get older dogs? 😭 please help! He's barkin at the door 24/7 so CRAZY PUG + SETTLED SHIH-TZU = FRIENDS OR ENEMIES?

Rugby, UK

#37 Jan 9, 2016
I need your help wrote:
I just adopted a rescue pug from a friend. She is a very sweet and docile dog. She is a snuggle bug and loves to spend time with us. I am a teacher and am not at home for at least 8 hours. I am considering adopting another pug from my friend. My friend told me that my dog likes to be the only one, but gets along with another pug that she has who needs to be adopted. When I leave her alone she cries and sits on the window ledge watching us leave. It breaks my heart. Do you think I should get her a companion. Thanks!
I got another Pug quite recently and he has been a God send. It's as though they know they're the same. They're always playing and laying on each other when sleeping. More recently I am noticing my naughty first Pugs is teaching Hun some bad habits mainly around food by. Also not. Coming back when called. I had no idea how naughty these dogs can be and sometimes it seems an uphill experience. We seem to b agreeing they get away with disobedience as they're so cute, and their behaviour gives so low expectations of intelligence Boo Hoo!!

Melbourne, Australia

#38 Friday
You can't spell. Shut up, you hostile ignoramus. You'd never deserve the love of a pug anyway.

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