Pugs-is it the breed or just mine?

Pugs-is it the breed or just mine?

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Venus, PA

#1 Sep 26, 2007
Is this common for the breed or do I just have a really naughty pug?
He eats everything he can. Once he ate my toddlers dress up neclace, whole! He acts like he is always starving. He gets fed science diet premium food and the amount is perfect. He is only a little over weight. He doesn't know what people food is so he doesn't beg. But he'll eat crumbs, sticks, cat poop, cat fur balls, garbage...
He is 2 yrs and he still will use my laundry room to poop, especially if it is cold or raining outside. I have experience housebreaking dogs, it's not me!
He is so dominate over my 60 lb lab. He's mean to her, biting her and humping her anytime she gets the slightest bit if attention. Yes, he is neutered and she is spayed.
He's a brute to the cat.
We tried to crate train him and I swear it's like he got nervous or irritable bowl and pooped several times in a few hours, in his crate. Needless to say, he now sleeps in my bed.
We love him. He's so funny. But he's just so naughty and stubburn.

“He's 3 1/2 lbs. of fury!!!”

Since: Sep 07

Hampton Roads, VA

#2 Oct 22, 2007
Some dogs in general are just naughty and stubburn...may do him some good to go to a dog trainer...
Pug Lover

Portsmouth, NH

#3 Dec 1, 2007
Pugs are major companion dogs. They love to be with their owners as much as possible. I'm sure your puggy is loving sleeping in the big bed with you!! As for him being dominant over your lab, it could just be that he is the alpha dog in the house and is letting your lab know that. Pugs are very smart and easily trained, but they just don't like the rain, I have to pick mine up and carry her outside when it's raining, she won't go out on her own!

Pugs LOVE to eat. They'll eat ANYTHING. Just be careful about him getting into the garbage, some foods are like poison for dogs and pugs are small and seem to have more problems with things they shouldn't be eating.

United States

#4 Jan 12, 2008
my Bart will eat anything. He's a very smart dog but anything he finds on the floor or on a chair goes in his mouth. I think they are just curious
Carl DeChico

Trenton, MI

#5 Mar 22, 2008
We've had a pug for 3 years now, and nothing you've described is shocking! He would eat 24-7 if we let him. He is ALWAYS taunting the much larger dogs in the neighborhood. We've been a little naughty with the food rations, but he will generally eat Science Diet food. Alot of times we will see a newly discovered dust bunny in his mouth!
He does not like to be holed up in anything smaller than a toddler bed! As far as the house breaking, ours was bought in November, so we had a heck of a time weining him off the pee pads, but within a year he was OK.
Hes definately one of the family, and will jump on the couch if any one of us are there!
Carl DeChico

Trenton, MI

#8 Apr 25, 2008
Thats HILARIOUS!! Thats exactly what I do with my Adopted Phillipino slave!!(Oh, I mean daughter, oops!)

“Why So Serious?”

Since: Feb 08


#9 May 8, 2008
its never the breed its the owner, have a strong hand and try to watch cesar milan, the dog whisperer

Tarrs, PA

#13 Jun 18, 2008
Pugs while cute are relatively unintelligent when it comes to the world of dogs. Generally Pug owners don't understand this probably because they have little exposure to canines at the upper end of intelligence. Check AKC, pugs are far from the top 10 and actual fall in the lower half among breed. I believe that organization is relatively unbiased. Otherwise they are adorable even though they are highly prone to genetic defects, can't generally be used outdoors, are extremely needy. If you want a substitute for a baby with less liability the pug it probably a good choice.


#14 Jun 19, 2008
My husband bought me the cutest little black pug for my 20th birthday and valentines day since they're soo close together and we named her Tika. She is the most spoiled thing i think i've seen. She pretty much goes wherever we go unless we both are going to go in some place and be there for a while then we leave her home. You can tell shes a mommies girl because she follows me around continuously. I can't even go to the restroom without her. But it's soo cute how she sits there when you tell her no. She has the saddest look on her face so I usually let her do it anyway. And she isn't potty trained, although I've tried. When thomas and I leave she poos on the rug while we're gone to show us shes mad. But other than that she's the best dog we've ever had.

Saint Petersburg, FL

#15 Jun 20, 2008
boy are u stupid or what? different breeds are prone to different things. go back to school miss latin king gangster.
reinawolf360 wrote:
its never the breed its the owner, have a strong hand and try to watch cesar milan, the dog whisperer

Ladera Ranch, CA

#16 Jul 11, 2008
Pugs do have this need to be the alpha dog in the house. Most of the larger breeds, especially one like a lab, are pretty even tempered and will just let a pug have its way. One way to "tame" a pug is to get it a no non-sense playmate like a pit bull. Most pits love to play, and play hard, and the small size and general rotoundness of a pug will not prevent a pit from giving it a thorough going over, and very quickly the pug will learn its place. Since pits are very trainable - it will also serve as a good example for your pug. That is, I presume you want your dogs trained to behave - like most pug owners you sound quite iffy about it.


#17 Oct 24, 2008
my dog is the naughtiest pug around! I love him though. But just wish he would settle down, i think its also because we bought him when he was 7 months old and he raised himself, so what he used to do while his owners where at work, is what he thinks he should do now. Muck up.
5 Pack of Pugs

Kingsport, TN

#18 Jan 31, 2009
My 2 sister's and I have had pugs for a few years now! I think they all have a tendancy to eat everything....remember the word "PUG" is one vowel away from the word "PIG" and if you close your eyes...some PUGS sound like PIGS....just be careful if your pug is the type the not only sniffs everything but eats everything....My naughty pug has eaten things that just cannot be mentioned...They are cute, loyal, friendly, and lovable dogs but I do believe they can be very possesive over their owner....I had one Pug that was very laid back, and never in trouble... I'm beginning to think he was just an exceptional dog...and of course he had to be the first to go..I'm very sad...the other 2 are driving me crazy!

Albuquerque, NM

#19 Dec 2, 2009
pugs are crazy literally! When they're young they are super hyper but as they get older they settle down. So when you get the pug as a puppy at first put him in a dog cage when your not in the house or when it's sleeping time, over time they'll get used to it. Ps: they are super spoiled!
All Dogs Have a Brain

United States

#20 Jun 28, 2010
to JPW in Pittsburgh -- your post is a couple years old now so I may be way behind here. But you have to understand that the AKC rankings are based on intelligence relevant to obedience and working capabilities. They do not include instinctive intelligence (such as hounds) and adaptive intelligence. In terms of adaptive intelligence, pugs are definitely in the top 5 breeds, although I find that mutts and mixed breeds tend to have superior adaptive intelligence to pure breeds. Pugs have tremendous capacity for learning words and associating them with objects. In fact, the single most intelligent dog I ever worked with was a pug who understood and responded to over 100 words and phrases, could find and retrieve over 25 different toys or objects by specific name, and could distinguish between two-dimensional objects that I showed on a flash card. He would also try to vocalize like a human (a series of 5-7 second warbling inflective barks marked by brief pauses very similar to human speech) when he needed or wanted something. Astonishing to say the least. In fact I had two other trainers observe and work with him and they were equally impressed by his intelligence. Of course being a pug he was needy and wanted to be next to people all of the time. But he wasn't a food monger and didn't horde food or other digestibles. Just an incredibly impressive dog.

Irvine, CA

#21 Nov 18, 2010
My pug took about 3 years to be fully potty trained. Rain was always an issue. Now she goes to the edge of the porch and pees off the side. She straight poops on the porch. She will not go in the rain unless dragged. Pee pads work as a temporary solution. Getting them off the pads takes a while.
She just doesn't do well on her own and I drop her off at my mom's house on the way to work for "daycare". My mom isn't a dog person but she love the feline company and just following someone.
My pug is a little OCD and loves a routine.
She eats everything! Watch out for sented things like candles. Cats eat off tables just too high for her.
She's a toddler in every way.

“Snow days!”

Since: Nov 08

A winter wonderland

#22 Nov 22, 2010
For Laura2 (a couple of years ago now), the pug has learned that he controls the household. You have caved in to him & can only expect more of the same behavior. First mistake was letting him sleep in your bed. Crate training doesn't happen within a day or 2.

It's not too late, if you're still having problems, to get a little professional help. I don't like Cesar Milan's tactics. I prefer positive reinforcement, especially with a dog that has a pug's limitations.
I need your help

Newburgh, NY

#23 Mar 24, 2011
I just adopted a rescue pug from a friend. She is a very sweet and docile dog. She is a snuggle bug and loves to spend time with us. I am a teacher and am not at home for at least 8 hours. I am considering adopting another pug from my friend. My friend told me that my dog likes to be the only one, but gets along with another pug that she has who needs to be adopted. When I leave her alone she cries and sits on the window ledge watching us leave. It breaks my heart. Do you think I should get her a companion. Thanks!

Teaneck, NJ

#24 Jul 2, 2011
Shot the thing, their ugly anyway.

Teaneck, NJ

#25 Jul 2, 2011
My friend had similar problems with her two pugs. Very nasty and spoiled dogs. Neither one of them are around anymore. Lol

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