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“Pit Bulls are good dogs too”

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#64 Jan 28, 2008

Dog attack illustrates ongoing WV problem

By KURT SCHAUPPNER / The Desert Trail Wednesday, January 23, 2008 2:27 PM PST

WONDER VALLEY — Less than a month after moving to Wonder Valley, Bill Carr and his 15-year-old Terrier mix, Samantha,“Sammy,” were introduced to a long-standing problem in this east Morongo Basin community, aggressive packs of loose dogs.

Carr, a disabled veteran, moved to Wonder Valley from Phoenix, Ariz., on Dec. 15 with his 8-pound dog.

They have been staying with a friend, Bill Wetterer, at Wetterer’s house in the 4700 block of Wilson Road.

They were outside on the afternoon off Wednesday, Jan. 9 when Samantha was attacked by five large mixed-breed dogs, Carr said, describing the dogs as not as big as but as tall as Rottweilers.

“They all came over and one of them grabbed her and shook her,” Carr said.“She’s got 45 stitches in her.”

He added that the dog has suffered from infections and other complications since the attack.

Carr and Wetterer took Samantha to the Hi-Desert Animal Hospital in Yucca Valley where a neighbor leant Carr the money to pay for treatment. Carr said he plans to repay the neighbor though he is not certain how.

Carr said he is not certain if the dogs are feral or simply dogs allowed by their owners to run loose.

“They came down one night and aggressively went after my friend,” Carr said.“They are out all hours. I understand that they are all over the area. It might be someone just lets them out at night to go scavenge.”

Carr noted that he and Wetterer have been friends for 30 years. They work together as professional musicians and handymen.

Wetterer noted that he has lived in Wonder Valley for about 13 years.

“I don’t know exactly where they come from. They seem to have packed up,” he said of the dogs who attacked Samantha and others who are known to roam the area.

“People do dump dogs out here periodically. I think some of them are just dogs that are not cared for very well,” he said.“I cannot identify any particular dog with an owner.”

He said he has seen the same bunch of dogs before, usually in a pack of about five.

“I think there are other bunches too. There’s quite a few wild dogs out here,” he said, noting that he has been confronted by dogs acting “like my property is their property. If I get aggressive with them so far they have backed off.”

He described the dogs as ranging from medium to large.

“I think we are going to call Animal Control,” he said.

Wetterer added that there are many Wonder Valley residents with dogs who are responsible dog owners.

Wonder Valley Fire Capt. Starlene Javier on Tuesday, Jan. 22 confirmed that aggressive loose dogs has been a long-running but not frequent problem for Wonder Valley residents.

“There are packs of wild dogs that have been running around here for years,” Javier said.“They have attacked animals. I have known them to keep people from coming out of their homes.”

She noted that residents calling county Animal Control should not expect much of a response unless the offending animal has been captured.

“They are not going to come out and search the desert,” she said.“Unless they are captured or contained they have no way of catching them.”

Javier estimated that attacks are reported three or four times a year.

Sometimes the dogs are those that have been abandoned by people from outside the area.

“People kick their dogs out here all the time,” she said, adding that if nobody adopts the abandoned dog it can be adopted by a feral pack.

“Don’t attempt to go near them. They will attack you,” she said, noting that if you are inside and a pack is outside your home, and you don’t have a gun, you should probably stay indoors.

“Pit Bulls are good dogs too”

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#66 Jan 28, 2008
OLDER ARTICLE, but a great one from the NEW YORKER:

The New Yorker
February 6, 2006
Annals of Public Policy
Troublemakers - What pit bulls can teach us about profiling.
by Malcolm Gladwell

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#67 Feb 2, 2008
Feb. 1, 2008, 8:37AM
Pit bulls attack 5 miniature horses in Lubbock, killing 1

Associated Press

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LUBBOCK — A miniature horse used for therapeutic healing was killed and four others were injured Thursday after an attack by two pit bull terriers.

The horses, whic each weigh between 100 and 150 pounds, suffered bites to their legs, bodies and faces, said Kevin Overstreet, Animal Services director.

Oreo was killed. Honor was taken to a veterinary hospital in Wolfforth where the horse was described as stable. Sparkles, Pepper Jack and Jolly were taken to a veterinary hospital in Littlefield for treatment.

The owners of the pit bulls have signed the animals over to Lubbock Animal Services. The dogs will be euthanized, Overstreet told the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal for its Thursday online editions.

Kim Sparks and her sister-in-law own the horses and help run Hearts and Hooves of Lubbock, a nonprofit organization that brings miniature horses indoors to people who need therapeutic healing.

Sparks said the organization has had to cancel several upcoming appointments to focus on getting the four surviving horses back on their feet.

She said a passer-by knocked on her door Thursday morning to let her know that two pit bulls had broken into their stable. By the time Sparks and her family got to there, the dogs had gone.

"I've just never seen anything like that before," she said.

A member of the Sparks family found the dogs wandering through the neighborhood and put them in a kennel before Animal Services officers took them to the Lubbock Animal Shelter. The pit bulls weigh about 60 pounds each.

The dogs' owners, who live a few blocks away from the Sparks family, were identified though a microchip found on one of the dogs, Overstreet said.

Animal Services officials are investigating and the Lubbock County District Attorney will decide if any charges will be filed against the dogs' owners.

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#68 Feb 2, 2008
Another Day, Another Pit Bull Attack

Posted: Feb 1, 2008 07:56 PM PST

Another Day, Another Pit Bull Attack

For the second time this week in Lubbock County, pit bulls attack and kill. This time, dogs mauled two goats so badly the owners had to put them down. One of those goats was a grand champion.

"The goats ran up to her and both of their faces had been badly mauled," said Angie Snapp. Angie's nine year old daughter fed the goats around 8 p.m. Thursday. At that time the goats were fine. A half an hour later she went back to the pen "We really believe that when my daughter came up here she startled the dogs and they ran off," said Angie.

When Angie's daughter saw the goats, their faces were ripped up from the dogs attack. "One of the goats was so badly mauled that we put him down immediately," Angie said.

The other was taken to a local vet who found a nerve in the goats face was broken, stopping the goat from ever eating again. The family made the decision to have that goat put down, too. The Snapp family did call the Lubbock County Sheriff's Department.

"They explained to us that it was a civil matter and until the dogs bite a person there wasn't anything they could do" said Angie. "I'm just glad the dogs ran and didn't try to eat her because those goats outweighed her by 30 pounds," Angie added.

“Ban stupid people not dogs!”

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#69 Feb 3, 2008
HeatherW wrote:
OLDER ARTICLE, but a great one from the NEW YORKER:
The New Yorker
February 6, 2006
Annals of Public Policy
Troublemakers - What pit bulls can teach us about profiling.
by Malcolm Gladwell
Great article! A teacher friend of mine actually used it in the classroom to educate the students on profiling. It was a great success and really opened up their minds.

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#70 Feb 7, 2008
Dogs are not people! NO RELATION!

“He's 3 1/2 lbs. of fury!!!”

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#71 Feb 7, 2008
Erik266 wrote:
Dogs are not people! NO RELATION!
Wow, I think we have yet another Sherlock Holmes on our hands...freaken must be the first to discover that...

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#73 Feb 8, 2008
violetlove22 wrote:
<quoted text>
Wow, I think we have yet another Sherlock Holmes on our hands...freaken must be the first to discover that...
People like you dont seem to realize that DOGS were BRED by MAN to excell at certain traits and behaviors such as hunting or killing or FIGHTING. Man has NEVER been purposely bred like that so your PROFILING analogy of dogs to man is not only absurd and irrelevant but it is insulting to the different human races.

Since: Nov 07

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#74 Feb 8, 2008
Pit bull attacks Matteson woman

February 3, 2008
By Casey Toner, Staff Writer
A simple trip to the mailbox turned scary for 30-year-old Dawn Mondo last week.

The Matteson resident, also 20-weeks pregnant, was on the sidewalk in the 3600 block of West 213th Place, when she heard an unfamiliar growling.

"I hear growling and snarling," Mondo said.

"I look up and all of the sudden there's a male pit bull across the street in an attack stance, growling and staring at me."

Mondo said she dropped her papers, held up her hands, all the while not making eye contact with the dog, and started to walk backwards.

Then, the dog took chase.

"Before I knew it, I was knocked down pretty -- hard," Mondo said.

"Thankfully, I was not bit by this animal, but I was knocked down pretty hard and I put my hand over my face and that's when the dog stopped."

The pause in the action gave Mondo enough time to dial 911.

Yet the action continued for the mother of a 1-year-old son.

"I called 911 and stood as close to the house as I could," Mondo said.

"Police came about three minutes after the call, and at that time the dog moved across the street."

Mondo, a self-proclaimed dog lover, said the pit bull, still wearing the chain around its neck, belonged to a neighbor.

"The kicker is that their back yard is fenced in and in order to keep the dog outside, they have to also chain it to the ground," Mondo said.

Police officials said the pit bull owner was ticketed for allowing a domestic animal to run at-large.

Matteson Sgt. Michael Black said he thought the loose pit bull was "a concern."

"Anytime you have a dog you should be responsible," Black said. "I'm an animal lover but I wouldn't let my dogs run lose or my cats for that matter."

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United States

#75 Feb 8, 2008
To the Jackass (I mean Erik)
The Human Society of Missouri has received permanent custody of 22 pitbulls and one beagle seized by the Stoddard County Missouri Sheriff's Department in association with a dog fighting investigation in October, 2007. The dogs rescued from the dog fighting incident have been cared for by the veterinarians and shelter staff at the Humane Society of Missouri since their arrival last fall. Each dog has been individually and painstakingly evaluated by HSMO and external behavior experts. On-site evaluators included:
Linda Campbell, Registered Veterinary Technician, Certified Pet Dog Trainer and director of Programs, Humane Society of Missouri
Lorraine Martinez, Ph.D., training supervisor, Humane Society of Missouri
Tim Racer, Michael Vick dog evaluator and co-founder of BADRAP (Bay Area Dog Lovers Responsible About Pitbulls)
Randall Lockwood, Ph.D., CAAB, Senior vice president of Anticruelty Initiatives and Legislative Services for the ASPCA.
Lockwood and Racer were amoung those appointed by the FEDERAL COURT to evaluate and recommend placement of the dogs involved with the Michael Vick dog fighting case.
Evaluators took EACH dog through a series of situations designed to determine their behavior, reactions and aggressiveness toward humans and other dogs. At the recommendation of the evaluation team and due to extremely aggressive behavior toward other DOGS, one two-year old male was humanely euthanized. NONE (NONE) NONE of the dogs tested aggressive towards humans.

The "monster" is almost always the two-legged one that did (or DIDN'T do) the training.
My Pitbull lives with a Boxer. He will not even go out in the yard by himself, the Boxer has to go with him, or he sits at the gate and howls. He plays weekly with 4 other dogs (all MALES) that he has known all his life. He also lives with (and sleeps & eats with) two cats. I'll be honest, he is not too fond of strange dogs, I know this, and I make sure he is not around strange dogs. I keep him away from dogs at the Vets office and at the pet stores. He never has and never will see the inside of a "Dog Park". He is on a leash EVERY time we walk out the door, even if it's straight to the car. I open the door and tell my Boxer "car" and he goes out, goes straight to the back of my jeep and sits there and waits for me. I will never do this with my pitbull, simply because he is a pitbull. It's called being "Responsible". Every pitbull book I've ever read says to "Never trust your pit not to fight", and I take that seriously. I am a good, responsible pitbull (pet) owner and my pitbull is a VERY loving human friendly dog and it really pisses me off that you want to blame the actions of a few bad dogs with bad owners, on the entire breed. You are a moron. Just last week my 10 yr old grandson was riding his bike and the neighbors Rat Terrier ran out after him, barking, growling, snarling, trying to attack him. Good thing my grandson could peddle his bike faster than that little dog could run, otherwise I'm sure his ankles (or hands) would be chewed up. That dog HAS bit a few kids before, so..... lets start a ban and kill off ALL those little rat terriers. You are suck a jackass.

“He's 3 1/2 lbs. of fury!!!”

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#76 Feb 10, 2008
Erik266 wrote:
<quoted text>
People like you dont seem to realize that DOGS were BRED by MAN to excell at certain traits and behaviors such as hunting or killing or FIGHTING. Man has NEVER been purposely bred like that so your PROFILING analogy of dogs to man is not only absurd and irrelevant but it is insulting to the different human races.
I never said dogs were equal to man. I was being sarcastic. Like you stating dogs aren't equal to man is common sense. And man may have never been bred to excel at things like hunting or killing, but funny thing is...some sure are good at...look at our prison system...

“He's 3 1/2 lbs. of fury!!!”

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#77 Feb 10, 2008
Well, I don't think Topix posted my last post to the absolute idiot Eric so here goes again:
Eric, I was being sarcastic...I never said dogs were equal to humans. I was being sarcastic. Like the fact that you pointed that out was stupid...anyways. Humans may have never been bred to kill or hunt...but damn if they aren't good at it. Look at our prison system. How many humans have killed other humans...and hurt other humans. And not because of instinct, but out of pure joy. Wow, seems like humans are the monsters...not pit bulls...
Actually NOW that I think about it saying humans weren't bred to hunt is beyond ignorant. How do we get our food genius? Do you think tribes and various cultures back in the day (and even now)went to the local grocery store and picked up a pound of skinless boneless chicken breasts for dinner? No dumbass, they hunted. Some actually bred so they would have MORE hunters.
And humans aren't bred to fight? Really...maybe the fighers in the UFC, WWE, Boxing, etc weren't bred for it...but they do it...for pure joy and reward. Atleast these humans have a choice on whether they fight or not. Pit bulls DON'T. Humans force them to do it. And when they dog doesn't fight...they are killed. Aren't humans great?
And killing...come on now...we as humans sometimes treat our offspring so bad we might as well have bred them to be killers, rapists, thieves.
I think it's safe to say dogs are a better species than humans.

Since: Nov 07

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#78 Feb 12, 2008

Pit bull mauls 2-year-old in dog's second attack; owner charged
Same animal bit off the tip of a man's nose in January; dog has been put down, a Middletown animal control officer said Monday.
By Daniel Wells

Staff Writer

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

MIDDLETOWN — A Middletown man was charged with felony child endangerment after his 2-year-old daughter was mauled Thursday by the same pit bull terrier that bit off the tip of a man's nose in January.

Johnathan W. Miller, 23, took the dog from its previous owner after it was declared vicious Jan. 30, said Liz Lucas, Middletown animal control officer.

"He was aware that the dog had been deemed vicious," she said.

The 2-year-old girl was sitting on the floor playing with a toy about 7:32 p.m. when the dog suddenly bit her on the left side of the face, according to the police report.

The girl had severe injuries including a "very large laceration that cut completely through her cheek," according to the report.

She also had a puncture wound on her nose and a bump on her forehead.

The girl was taken to Atrium Medical Center and then transported to Children's Medical Center of Dayton, Lucas said.

Miller was arraigned Friday in Middletown Municipal court and released on his own recognizance. He is due back in court at 2:30 p.m. Feb. 20 for a preliminary hearing.

"The dog has been euthanized and is being tested for rabies," Lucas said.

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#79 Feb 12, 2008

Pit Bull Attacks Reported in Manteca
Written by Tim Daly, Reporter


Manteca Has 3 Pit Bull Attacks in Last Month, Tim Daly's Report, 2/11/08

Twice in two days and three times in the last month, pit bulls in Manteca have gone on the attack.

The most recent came Monday morning when a man working in his yard was bit by a neighboring dog through a hole in the fence.

A more serious attack happened Sunday, when a 2- year-old girl was bit and dragged around the family yard before her grandfather noticed.

"When I saw it was my granddaughter, I went after him. He wouldn't let go. I almost choked him to death. The only way to get him to let go," said Mervyn Dameral.

Dameral's granddaughter was taken to a local hospital for treatment. The dog was taken to Manteca's animal shelter and will be destroyed after 10 days. Two-year-old Natalie, the victim, has 15 stitches in her leg and will recover.

These two incidents come about a month after two greyhound dogs were attackedby pit bulls in a north Manteca neighborhood. The greyhounds' owner was walking the dogs when a pit bull suddenly raced across the street and attacked the greyhounds. Injuries to one of them were so severe the dog was euthanized.

At least some say they wish pit bull owners were in better control of their pets. "They need to take care of them. Leashed, contained, whatever it takes. If they're going to have a pit, they have to be totally responsible," said Phil Berberick.

Since: Nov 07

Englewood, CO

#80 Feb 12, 2008
Southern California teen being tried as adult for siccing pit bull on 8-year-old
By Associated Press
Article Launched: 02/12/2008 08:34:07 AM PST

FONTANA - A Bloomington teenager is facing felony charges as an adult for allegedly siccing his pit bull on an 8-year-old boy.
Paul Hicklin III was charged Monday with two felony assault counts. The 17-year-old's arraignment is expected this week in a Fontana courtroom.

Bloomington police Sgt. Jeff Decker says Dakoda Mitchell was attacked by Hicklin's pit bull on Jan. 30 and the youngster "got chewed by the dog on the jaw, on the face, all the way down to the bone."

Investigators say Mitchell and his 9-year-old brother Dallas had gone to the Hicklin home looking for a playmate when the teenager "verbally commanded the dog to attack the juvenile and let the dog out of the house.

Since: Nov 07

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#81 Feb 12, 2008
Pit bull attacks, kills woman’s Peek-A-Poo
Courtesy photo
A pit bull attacked and killed this Peek-A-Poo, Gigi, on Thursday.
By Ronnie Thomas
Staff Writer
A Decatur woman in her 70s watched in horror as a pit bull attacked and killed her 1-year-old Peek-A-Poo while she walked it in her side yard on a leash.
Diane Donahue of 1205 Loggers Way S.W. suffered cuts, lacerations and puncture wounds on both arms and hands when the dog turned on her Thursday morning as she bent down in an effort to protect her dog, Gigi.
She fell down face first, blackening her eyes, cutting and scraping her face and forehead.
A police report says she fell on the concrete driveway, but she said she isn’t sure. But she said she would not let go of the leash and the pit bull dragged her.
“We had just gone out about 7 or 7:15, and we were getting ready to come in the back door,” she said.“Two pit bulls came into the yard, a male and female, but only the male attacked.”
A neighbor driving by stopped, jumped out of his car and chased the dogs off.
Donahue said she made two trips to the emergency room at Parkway Medical Center for treatment, including stitches in her hands and arms.
“I’ve got 27 puncture wounds on one (side) and about 32 on the other,” she said Sunday, showing the bandages.“They did X-rays and nothing was broken. But my little girl (her dog) was torn apart.”
She said Dr. Charles Ashwander retrieved Gigi about 7:30 that morning and took her to his veterinary clinic.
“He called me about 9 that night, and he said he was still checking on her,” Donahue said.“He called about 7:30 Friday morning and said Gigi was gone. I got her after my husband died. My heart is just broken.”
Police said the pit bulls belong to Christopher Allen Johnson, 23, of 388 Shelton Road in Madison.
Jeff Cato said the dogs were at his residence in Decatur at 242 Vestavia Drive S.W., on part of the 71/2 acres he rents.
“Chris is a friend of one of my sons,” Cato said.“He couldn’t keep the dogs in a townhouse in Madison, so we put up store-bought pens for them here. To my knowledge, this is the first time they’ve been out. I think they dug their way out.”
Cato said the dogs have been on the property about five weeks and the female has four puppies that are a month old.
“I don’t understand why she would leave her puppies unless maybe another dog provoked her,” he said.“We took all precautions in keeping the dogs up.”

“Pit Bulls are good dogs too”

Since: Jul 07

Moncton, New Brunswick

#82 Feb 12, 2008
See link for complete article:

National Canine Research Council Reveals Biased Media Reporting About Pit Bulls

According to an Aug. 25 press release, the National Canine Research Council completed a study that it says demonstrates the media's bias against pit bulls when it reports on dog bite incidents. In the release, the Council cites four dog attack incidents between Aug. 18 and Aug 21 as evidence of the common media biases against pit bulls, compared to other breeds:

On Aug. 18, a 70-year-old man was hospitalized in critical condition after being attacked by a Labrador mix. When police arrived, the dog charged one of the officers and was shot. The incident was reported in only one article and just in a local newspaper.

On Aug. 19, a mixed breed dog attacked a 16-month-old child; the child died as a result of head and neck injuries. The attack was reported just twice and just in a local paper.

On Aug. 20, a mixed breed dog attacked a 6-year-old boy, tore off his ear and left severe bite wounds on his head. The incident was reported once and just in a local paper.

On Aug. 21, a 59-year-old woman was attacked by two pit bulls who entered her home through an open patio door. The woman was hospitalized with severe injuries. Although certainly serious and not to be minimized, the attack was reported much differently that the other incidents. The Council found that the incident was reported in over 230 articles in both national and international papers. The story was also picked up and aired on major news networks, including CNN, FOX and MSNBC.

Using these four examples, Karen Delise, a researcher for the Council, concludes that "a fatal attack by an unremarkable breed is not nearly as newsworthy as a non-fatal attack by a Pit bull."

The Council also believes that people, including lawmakers, routinely get their "proof" that pit bulls are more dangerous than other dogs based solely on unfair and biased media reports. This "proof" then results in public policies and laws that unfairly punish pit bull owners and stigmatize family pets that have no history of aggressive behavior.

Owners of pit bulls as family pets and many humane societies agree. They point to state and local lawmakers who are blindly pushing horrible legislation that would ban or greatly restrict the ownership of all pit bulls, regardless of the characteristics or temperament of the individual dog.

In Minnesota, DFL State Rep. John Lesch is proposing that pit pulls be completely banned in the state - all following two high-profile pit bull attacks against children.

According to a MySpace blog, a Toledo, Ohio, municipal court ruled that state and local "vicious dog" laws and ordinances were constitutional. However, the ruling was appealed and subsequently overturned - but not before heartbreaking action was taken against a pit bull owner and his dogs.

As the story goes, Toledo resident Paul Tellings, owned three pit bulls prior to the local dog warden stepping in, after a health inspector doing a lead paint inspection reported Tellings had three pit bulls in his residence. Tellings was alleged to be in violation of a Toledo municipal ordinance limiting pit bull ownership to one per household. Owners were also required to carry liability insurance, which Tellings did not have. As a result, Tellings was found to be in violation of the "vicious dog" law, and his family and their pit bulls paid the price - one dog paid the ultimate price. The family was able to keep just one dog, and they gave away a second dog. The third dog was destroyed by county officials. Yet, none of the dogs had any history of either illegal or aggressive behavior, and all were family pets.

“Pit Bulls are good dogs too”

Since: Jul 07

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#83 Feb 12, 2008
So keep posting those articles Eric... for every one pit bull attack you post there are probably 4 other severe attacks by other large breeds that don't even make it to a newspaper.

“He's 3 1/2 lbs. of fury!!!”

Since: Sep 07

Hampton Roads, VA

#84 Feb 13, 2008
Of course Eric has nothing to say to my post on the cruelty of so many humans. Not to mention HUMANS are the ones that make such an amazing breed of dog a monster. That would actually be a logical in which he can't possibly comprehend...

“Pit Bulls are good dogs too”

Since: Jul 07

Moncton, New Brunswick

#85 Feb 13, 2008
Labs, Collies and hounds attack toddler... makes it to one local paper... if you google 'toddler attacked dozen dogs' you get two hits... if you google 'second deadly pit bull attack'(where a GOAT was attacked, you get 184 hits.... nope obviously no bias to reporting pit bull attacks

Toddler Attacked By A Dozen Dogs
by Jessica Cervantez

Sgt. Brian Holly, of the Angelina County sheriff's department said, "He had lacerations to the head, puncture wounds to the head, torso, legs, neck. Basically the child had 15 puncture wounds."

The Angelina County sheriff's department received a phone call Sunday morning at about 9:30 a.m. that a three-year-old was getting attacked by 12 dogs. The attack happened at his residence off Thigpen Road across the street from Central schools.

Sgt. Holly said, "Once we arrived we found out where the child was, we got medical staff to come in and treat the child, and our job was to secure the scene and make sure nobody else was attacked by those dogs."

Authorities say most of the dogs responsible for the attacks are less than three-years-old, and all mixed breeds, including labs, collies and hound mixes.

Sgt. Holly said, "We had to initially use pepperspray to get dogs away and get them secured back to the next door neighbor's property."

The dogs were kept in a 6-foot chain link fence with hot wire preventing them from digging out. However, authorities say the dogs escaped from an unlocked gate. They have all been recaptured and are quarantined.

Melanie Wade, the animal control officer for the Angelina County sheriff's department, said, "As of now the dogs have to be quarantined 10 days from the bite. With it being so severe, what we're going to try to do is seize the animals, because after ten days they can go back to the owner. With causing serious bodily harm, we can get a seizing warrant and ask the judge to sign it for us to be able to hold the animals so they don't go back to owner until court."

The toddler was taken to Memorial hospital, then lifeflighted to Herman hospital's pediatric unit, where he's said to be in stable condition.

Right now, the attack is under investigation. Wade said she talked to the owner to find out the dog's current rabies vaccinations and so far everything has been current.

They are still getting all of the paperwork together and getting all the statements, before deciding what course of action will be taken. Authorities say they will take the investigation before the judge and possibly the county attorney to decide if any charges will be filed.

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