How to Get Rid of a Dog's Cold

How to Get Rid of a Dog's Cold

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A pet dog infected with cold viruses exhibit runny nose, runny eyes, coughing and sneezing along with other respiratory symptoms.

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#27 Oct 18, 2013
Do we all run to the vet when we have a common cold? No, and we shouldn't do the same for our dogs, unless their condition worsens. Below are a few simple things you can do that will make your dogs cold go away faster:

Keep them warm. If it's around wintertime or it's just chilly in your house, keep your pet warm. Put a blanket over him, or even get a warm coat for him to wear. I hAve a few coats for my dog and especially when I'm walking him, it keeps him warm.

Lots of liquids. Make sure your dog is drinking enough water. Adding chicken broth to his water will make him want to drink it more, while also getting him hydrated.

Sleep. The virus needs to run it's course, and letting your pooch get enough sleep is important for his body to work out the cold.

Rich diet. Make sure your dog is getting enough nutrients in his food. Feeding him chicken broth is just like giving a human chicken noodle soup, and it will help him get through the cold faster.

Keep other pets safe. If your dog has a cold, it would be best to keep him quarantined from other pets, so they don't also catch his cold also.

TLC. Give your dog extra attention, baby him, make sure he is as comfortable as you can make him, and I guarantee he will get better soon! Hope this helped (:

Tucson, AZ

#28 Oct 30, 2013
Berners4 wrote:
I am 57 years old and have owned and bred BMD's for 25 years. You can treat a cold, but just like a human, it has to run it's course. There is NO real cure. You can make him more comfortable with chicken broth, and what have you, but, in the end, the virus has to expire on its own. As far as expensive antibiotics are concerned, if you insist on giving them to your pet, the most commonly used, Cephalexin and Amoxicillin can be purchased online without a prescription at about 1/4 the cost of a vet. Go to Fish Flex Forte or Fish Mox Forte online. Exact same compounds. I sometimes take the Fish Flex when I get a nasty cut that won't heal. Great results. I had back surgery a year ago and my Dr. prescribed Cephalexin. I just used the pills I bought for my dogs' at 1/75th of the cost. Let me remind you, human and animal drugs should never be introduced without consent of a Veterinarian or a Dr. In this case though, these are the EXACT same thing at quite a savings. By the way if your dog gets a cold, don't give him alcohol, it'll make him comfy, but it does the same for us. We'll still have the virus. Hope this helps
I would like more sensible information from you but not sure how to connect. With your experience you are to be trusted. I have more questions how caan we connect?

Grand Junction, CO

#29 Nov 16, 2013
violetkisses79 wrote:
<quoted text>
This is the dumbest thing I've read on here in awhile. Don't think just because your dog exhibits human symptoms you can go to the local pharmacy and buy whatever over the counter medicine for humans and it will work on your dog. You need to consult your veterinarian FIRST before you end up poisoning or killing your dog.
She did go to the vet dummy, read the post before commenting??

United States

#30 Nov 25, 2013
violetkisses79 wrote:
Me telling someone it's not very bright to give a dog alcohol is being no, it's kinda my you know what that is? a job? lol
Hey maybe you should think a little before you speak, or in this case person told in their comment that the went to the vet and that was what the VET had said...hellooo!! Read a little before typing it will help you seem a little smarter. Goin online and bashing people who are actually trying to help is just rediculous. How about you go back to the job you apparently have and stop being stupid just telling everyone who is trying to help that they are rediculous and need to consult the vet first. One of them did, and one of them gave a home remedy which worked perfect for 3 of my dogs that I have been using over the bast 3 years and I am studying to become a vet. I approve the little remedy and idea of kid medicine as long as it's half the dose for little dogs.

Winnipeg, Canada

#31 Nov 25, 2013
FBOMBER wrote:
I've never heard of a dog having a cold. Recently I've heard about canine autism through vaccination. Pets are getting human conditions from eating garbage food, and it seems they are suffering from vaccinosis just like our children. Pharma wants only one thing,$$$ and they will tell you to inject the earthworms in your garden if they could convince you to.
Dogs getting autism from vaccines?

Winnipeg, Canada

#32 Nov 25, 2013
Wow wrote:
Thought I would get a good answer to this question, but I thought wrong haha. 95% of the above people are idiots!
Most dog owners are idiots.

Birmingham, AL

#34 Dec 20, 2013
violetkisses79 wrote:
<quoted text>
That is ridiculous.
totally just wrong!!

Phoenix, AZ

#36 Dec 22, 2013
Dogs and cats can be treated very similar to humans. Our physiology is not that different. If a pet has an allergic reaction to a bug bite or similar, a vet will recommend liquid benadryl with possibly some steroids to help clear up further inflammation, just like us. If a dog or cat has a cold ( and yes people, animals gets colds and such too) same applies to them as us. Rest, liquids, stay warm, etc. Animals get cancer and guess what, same treatment as us. Radiation, surgery, chemotherapy. A pet with a thyroid issue will be prescribed thyroid meds just like a human would be. The only difference is because of their size and metabolism, they can get seriouslly ill quickly. If you have a pet, care for it just like any family member. When its time to see the Dr, you will know, just like for yourself or kids. Or be a nervous parent and bring them in regardless. There are vets out there that care about animals and really will help without over charging. Find them.

Englewood, CO

#38 Jan 2, 2014
Yes, you can too give a dog human meds. At various times, I've been instructed to give my pets "human" meds. But don't determine what and how much on your own. When my cat had a severe reaction to a vaccine, benadryl saved him. After that, before I took him in for his vaccines, I gave him benadryl, which successfully prevented any adverse reactions.
No, all vets didn't pay $200 to get online degrees. There are some very caring, competent vets out there. There are also greedy jerks. Same as in any profession.

Augusta, GA

#39 Jan 28, 2014
Can someone with experience and knowledge give me some feedback on how to treat a dog with a cold. I have two labs and the smaller dog got a cold. I have been reading on how people give chicken broth to antibiotics.... it's been two days that she has been sneezing and is hiding way from the fans like sleeping in the closet. I know she probably wants to sleep but want to make sure she is okay.
Dogs Stink

Winnipeg, Canada

#40 Jan 28, 2014
Just get rid of it before it makes you or your kids sick.
Beady is a Rock Spider

Melbourne, Australia

#41 Jan 30, 2014
How can you stop Beady having sex with your dog?

Salt Lake City, UT

#42 Feb 10, 2014
Mr America wrote:
Bottom line is 99% of the vets have no clue or ambition to help anyone. They just trying to take your money and give you nothing in return. I have been to many vets and always leave feeling like I just got ripped off. They always say lets wait two weeks and see if it passes. Uf not bring them back and we will do 20 pricedures that only cost $1800. Ya go to hell and thanks for nothing. If my dog suffers because you cant do your job then we going to have unimaginable problems. These idiots get degree online for $200 then think they a real dr.
Haha, you probably got your degree the same place as the vets. Your spelling is awful!
CATS transmit H1N1

Winnipeg, Canada

#43 Feb 11, 2014
Dogs Stink wrote:
Just get rid of it before it makes you or your kids sick.
Your cat can bring this deadly flu and who knows what else into your home. Too much ass-licking I guess. Yeah they do that when not licking your face, dogs too.

Aurora, IL

#44 Mar 5, 2014
This person must be a Vet, violetkisses79. And R-tard has a great point. LOL They went to a vet first! Truth is all doctors are about making money. Some home remedies work and some don't. Just use common sense and observe the pooch just like you do children.
Who Cares

Winnipeg, Canada

#45 Mar 5, 2014
Don't even get a stupid slobbering dog. If you have one get rid of the useless P.O.S.

Buffalo Junction, VA

#46 Mar 8, 2014
violetkisses79 wrote:
<quoted text>
This is the dumbest thing I've read on here in awhile. Don't think just because your dog exhibits human symptoms you can go to the local pharmacy and buy whatever over the counter medicine for humans and it will work on your dog. You need to consult your veterinarian FIRST before you end up poisoning or killing your dog.

your right about that many human medicines are incredibly toxic to canines and then some canine medicines are toxic to some breeds and not others and the safe amount to give a canine depends on their weight and their breed it is best to take your dog to the vet and not try to self medicate

Thunder Bay, Canada

#48 Mar 20, 2014
Here is a great way to boost your dogs health as you can start making homeade dog food...

Los Angeles, CA

#49 May 8, 2014
Since I travel a lot and usually in confined spaces with others for a long time, my immune system takes a hit. Always got sick after the plane rides and didn't know what to do.

Started looking into ways to boost my immunity through vitamins and herbs. Came across this natural supplement on amazon called instant immunity. Started taking it before flights and afterwards and It's been working.

Would say so far that it's helped me stay bulletproof from the virus' and I couldn't be happier. Don't have to call in sick and can get on with my life. Highly recommend it.
Beady bums dogs

Yarraville, Australia

#50 May 25, 2014
Get Beady to take his knob out of its mouth

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