Social Security disability system is ...

Social Security disability system is nothing less than a nation...

There are 94 comments on the Asheville Citizen-Times story from Feb 28, 2008, titled Social Security disability system is nothing less than a nation.... In it, Asheville Citizen-Times reports that:

Americans who become disabled prior to retirement are forced to wait a disgraceful amount of time to receive the benefits they are entitled to.

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Been there

Allentown, PA

#83 Apr 5, 2008
To be elegible for SS disability, you must have 10 'quarters' to your work credit. Otherwise it falls to SSI

SS disability is NOT charity, it is based on your work record. It is YOUR disability Ins and you paid for it with your work over the years threough your SS deductions from your paycheck.
You only paid half, your employer paid a matching sum for you.

SSI is a differant animal all together,don't confuse the two.

I never heard from an 'agent'.
I filled out the forms.went to one appt at SS office and 7 weeks 6 days later the money started flowing.

The entire thing is..........
1- do you have a disease on their 'approved' list.
2- the disease/problem must be preventing you from doing the work you did before.
3- tell your DR EVERYTHING and how / why you can no longer do your work.
Your Dr 'documents everything INCLUDING WHAT YOU SAY.
Once you apply for benefits (SS disability) these records will be 'summoned' an are considered
'sworn' Doctors testimony.
4- A -If they send you to one of their (SS) doctors, forget it.
B - then a lawyer would become necessary.

The MAX a lawyer can charge you is about 5200.00
(by law).

MY wife had to go the lawyer route and I'll tell you that her case never even made it to the 'hearing' level. The lawyer submitted the case then SS relented. One morning soon after we found a nice 'award' sum in our bank account and the monthly checks followed. Including medicare.

Simpsonville, SC

#84 Apr 18, 2008
beachbaby58 wrote:
I agree that people who are alcoholics, drug addicts or morbidly obese should not get disability on those things alone. I do know a woman who got it because she was too fat and said she couldn't work. That is extreme.
I am extremely offended by your remark. At 17 I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and after many surgeries and the loss of the ability to have children, I was "cured". Later my doctor discovered that I had something wrong with my chromosomes and hormones. I was 11 years old with D cup breasts, I never had a period, had non-developed internal sexual organs, etc. At 17 I was 6'3 and 350lbs. I later married and adopted children. My husband had a good job and this allowed me to work for "good" and not for "money". I worked caring for the elderly in their homes and in their dying days (cna/hospice), self employed. This was not because I could not have went to school, I scored over 1200 on my SAT and we had enough money for me to become anything I wanted, but I wanted to care for the elderly. In 2000, my husband met another woman behind my back, drained almost all our accounts and moved to Australia. I was left with little money, two children, and the skills of a CNA, we divorced a year later. He died 4 months after our divorce in a car accident, leaving my children survivor benefits. I met a man awhile later, dated him for 3 weeks, and one day while we were having an evening in, he blew his brains out infront of me, in my home. I walked into a room, and BOOM. I later found out his ex-wife had filed to have his parental rights revoked to allow her new husband to adopt his children. He was a good man. I went into a deep depression, I gained weight, but I still tried to work. Around 2004 I stopped working when I broke my leg, compound fracture, shattered all bones in my ankle and was immobilized for almost a year with several surgeries. After I started walking again, I fell off our deck (due to my instability with my broken leg), and I broke my other ankle. I was immobilized again for 4-6 months. Now I healed, but have trouble walking. I have gained LOTS of weight, I still use my wheelchair to sit in while I cook and wash dishes to relieve the pain from my ankles and back. My doctor recommended I file for disability, I did Feb 2005. I used my savings to pay my mortgage as long as I could, then my dad started helping. I was denied twice for disability. I hired an attorney, October 2005. My dad died in 2007, leaving me with only my children's survivor benefits to pay our bills, it is not enough to cover our mortgage and necessary bills. I have had to downgrade our car to a 1990 car. I have sold all my jewelry and anything valuable, I even filed for food stamps. I am two months late on my mortgage and they are threatening to foreclose. I called my congressman, they were no help. I called the SSA Adjudication offices and spoke with a woman. She called my mortgage company, heard my situation, and moved my case to critical. My hearing date is May 1st 2008. I am scared to death.

I will be honest here. I weight over 500 lbs. My doctors have tried everything to help me with my weight. I need gastric bypass surgery. How am I to pay for it? Medicaid will pay for the surgery itself, but not all the other things that you must do before you get the surgery, like psychiatrists, nutritionists, etc. I was told I might quality for SSI and Disability when I signed up.. I don't know what those are, but I hope it involves insurance. This is a do or die situation for me. Sadly, I mean that literally. My kids WILL be taken care of.

So BEACHBABY do not lump me in with alcoholics and drug addicts. I may be fat, but I have never drank, smoked or did any drugs. And sometimes, being fat is not always the persons fault. My dad was 6'8 and weighted 350lbs and looked "normal". My grandfather was the same.

I am really scared about May 1st.. does anyone have any suggestions to help me.?

Since: Mar 08


#85 Apr 21, 2008

I am sorry I offended you. I too am overweight, however, I did not apply for disability on morbid obesity. All my other health problems precluded that. If being obese was my only problem, I do not think that I would have applied. You have other health problems that have been exacerbated by your weight, or your weight was caused by some of these problems. I feel your pain. Many of the medications I have been on caused weight gain, and I am miserable. I did not try to lump obesity in with drug addicts and alcoholics. The woman I was talking about got the SSD ONLY on obesity, which I think was wrong. She had no other health problems. This is what I was talking about.

There are days I can not get out of bed, and I am sure that if I could lose weight some of the pain from my Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain syndrome might be eased, but who knows. There are other Internal problems as well as depression and anxiety disorder.

I did not have to go to a hearing--my case was adjudicated with out me being present.

I will pray for you---Good Luck on May 1...Goc be with you!!!

Since: Mar 08


#86 Apr 21, 2008

Just be yourself whe you go in, but do not wear makeup,nor dress too well. I am sure you will come out okay in the hearing. I know how you are feeling with the ankle.....I need an ankle replacement due to a bone defect whcich causes cysts in the bones.
My only saving grace in this financial burden I went through was that I paid cash for my home in SC after selling my home in MD, and the fact taht I took out credit Disability insurance when I purchased my car in Feb 03. I went out of work sick in Feb 04,a nd the Credit disabilty Ins comapny has been making my car payments ever since. I too had to get food stamps, and ask the hospital for financial aid when I went to the ER because I didn't have money for the Doctor. But I just got my award letter and will be getting quite a bit of money, although I am in debt to my mother and depleted my savings. So after paying everyone back and all my credit cards and medical bills, I will be left with my monthly benefit. But those monkeys wikk be off my back.
Again good luck and God Bless you!!!!

Tampa, FL

#87 Apr 22, 2008
Excuse me wrote:
By the way, these free loaders always have a laundry list of hard to define disorders. Just trying to get over on the system and when someone calls their bluff you get the response like you see here. The TRULY disabled do not loose their disability benefits.
Ever hear of Karma? I pity you excuse, you are a poor one.
Do it

Lincolnton, NC

#88 Apr 22, 2008
You can do this. I've done it for years and plan on doing it forever. I only worked a couple of years in my life before I was able to draw. Keep trying and good luck.


#89 Apr 23, 2008
I thought social security disabilty was for those people who for some reason can not work. if you can work under the table you are not disabled.
Ghost Dog

United States

#90 Apr 24, 2008
John McCain is declared 100 percent disabled and is given more in retirement, plus an $18,000 tax break because of that. Funny, he doesn't look handicapped or disabled, just has a problem straightening out his arms over his head. Only war injuries were broken bones that happened when he bailed out, both arms and later his ankle when he landed. Had a couple of ribs broken in beatings, but they healed ok! How can a person that is 100 percent disabled serve another 8 years on active duty and serve as a commander of a squadron before retiring after serving his required number of years, not medically retired? Is that fraud? How is he disabled, especially 100 percent where he should be getting full time care, 24/&?


#91 Apr 28, 2008
Our ss Disability system is in need of serius help. I belive their are people out their that are truely disabled and need help.
Ruth P

Peoria, IL

#92 Apr 28, 2008
Where can I report dissability abuse. I know a woman who works as a Realtor, puts all the sales in her husband's name. That is wrong. She just did an interview on T.V.(local station) I would love to blow the whistle on her and they can call the tv station and bust her. She has been drawing s.s. disability for 10 years. Two of her children have moved out and she is still collecting .
Disabled American

Pelzer, SC

#93 Apr 28, 2008
The truth hurts wrote:
Americans who truely become disabled prior to retirement wait from a week to about two months to receive the benefits they are entitled to.
I hate to bust your bubble, but truly disabled individuals do have to wait sometimes alot more
than a week to 2 months. I had a major car wreck in
November of 2000. I spent two months in the hospital.
I was told that I would probably never walk again on the day of the accident. I ended up in an electric wheelchair. I had to fight for almost an entire year
to get approved for my disability. I had worked at
least two jobs for most of the 25 years that I worked, and was working 3 jobs when I had my wreck.
I was told by the lady that was managing my case in
Raleigh that she wished that "they would just make a decision one way or the other, because frankly, I'm
sick and tired of the whole damn thing!" Between the
doctors and my family, we had sent copies of every
office note, hospital records, and x-rays that had been made or dictated. The lady told me that "they,"
talking about the review board, "simply let things
slide sometimes in order to put things off for as long as possible." I asked her if there was anything
that I could do to help them make a decision, and if
it would help to have my doctor give them a call. She
told me that "it sure couldn't hurt." My doctor called the doctor on the review board, and as my
doctor put it to me later on, "we had a meeting of
the minds," and I was finally approved after 11 1/2
months of trying. So things aren't as easy as you are making them seem. I have heard of some people
that were able to get the SSD after a couple of months, but I personally know quite a few people
who are as bad off or worse than I was, that had to
fight for 6 to 9 months or more before they got approved. Sometimes the government are simply jerks.

Lincolnton, NC

#94 Apr 28, 2008
Disabled American wrote:
<quoted text>
I hate to bust your bubble, but truly disabled individuals do have to wait sometimes alot more
than a week to 2 months.
It is disheartening to hear you were treated this way and I hope things are improving for you.

Anniston, AL

#95 Apr 30, 2008
The majority of those Social Security disability determination people are uncaring unfeeling just don't care about disabled people. I know of a lot of people who were SEVERELY disabled and they did not get it until being denied and going before a judge. I don't get disability. The most you can get SSI is $623.oo amonth. That is not enough money especially in this day and time to even pay your bills and eat. And if you get the maximum amount of money SSI all you can get food stamps is 55.00 a month. Most people spend that much a week on groceries or more. So I don;t think anyone would want to go on it unless they needed to.

Wenatchee, WA

#96 Jul 9, 2008
sam wrote:
I thought social security disabilty was for those people who for some reason can not work. if you can work under the table you are not disabled.
I can name you four or five people that drive state or government benefits and draw money under the table but and of course the people they work for know---how does one go about report these people.

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