Tax Cheat Tim Geithner continue to lie through his teeth to the American losers that voted for Obama for their free Obama food stamps, free Obama student loan , free Obama mortgage, free Obama phone and free Obama Amnesty to everyone who is illegal in America. Geithner said "There's just no reason why 98 percent of Americans have to see their taxes go up because some members of Congress on the Republican side want to block tax rate increases for 2 percent of the wealthiest Americans," Clearly, tax on 2%'rich' will bring less than 70 billion dollars annually compared to 1,3 trillion dollars new annual dept for the American children and grandchildren that will have to pay the Obama-Geithner stealing money from America and using it to buy votes from the Black, Hispanic and Asians with free checks. Geithner believes that stealing our money and using it to bribe the Black and Hispanic voters including 26 million new Americans and illegals that depend on Obama-Geithner monthly check for their living is unlawful because allow 26 millions to stop working and live on the back of the hard working White conservatives that pay the taxes. The stealing of the American people’s money to buy votes by Obama proves that America will go over the cliff because Obama needs to buy more votes for Michele Obama who will run after Obama in 2016 to keep the rule in the hands of socialist dictator Obama.