After visiting dozens of boutiques and trying on hundreds of dresses, you finally picked out your dream gown. Your bridesmaids found dresses they love, and everything is good to go – until you realize your flower girl has nothing to wear. Thankfully, there are plenty of options to keep your littlest bridal-party member looking fashionable on your big day.

The flower girl tradition began in ancient Rome, when young girls dressed in light sheath dresses and carried bundles of wheat and herbs ahead of the lucky couple as a symbol of luck and fertility. In medieval times, flower girls wore heavier protective frocks and carried bundles of garlic said to ward off evil spirits. Flower girls as we know them today -- scattering flower petals -- evolved from Elizabethan weddings, with a trail for the wedding procession between the bride’s home and church .

The dress is the focal point of the flower-girl ensemble. Flower-girl dresses traditionally were white or ivory fabric with a wide, colorful sash that matched the bridal-party colors. However, many modern brides choose to dress their flower girls in dresses that nearly match their gown. Regardless of color or style, flower-girl dresses are typically tea length, which falls just below the knee. This provides plenty of coverage for little legs, without being long enough to trip over.

What is worn under the dress the type of weeding and time of year. Tights are commonplace for flower girls, as they disguise typical kidlike bumps and bruises. Leggings also retain heat for weddings held during the fall or winter. Shoes normally match the dress, and can be either flat or have a small heel -- no more than one inch tall for safety's sake.

Headpieces are a big part of the flower girl's outfit. For upscale, fancy weddings, sparkly crystal-encrusted headbands or tiaras show off cute hairstyles and make little flower girls feel like princesses. If the theme of the wedding is more laid back and relaxed, a plain fabric headband accented with coordinating flowers makes your smallest party member pretty and proper without being overdone. A light dusting of glittery eyeshadow and a dab of lip gloss round out a playful, elegant flower-girl ensemble.http://www.voguedress