Osama bin laden not biden wrote:
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Hey you idiot Osama bin laden, I guess you have been to drunk at all the republican conventions that you have been to to remember that you paid good money to all the prostitutes that know that the place to be is at a republican convention because all you finger pointers are a bunch of hypocrites, having sex with prostitutes (male & female) while your spouces are taking care of the kids, so who are you to be saying that john edwards behavior is typical of democrats when you and your fellow republigangters take the cake at deviant behaviors.
Hey you liberal idiot.
Funny how you can't come up with ONE story isn't it?

What a joke. One of YOUR favorite has beens gets caught and by the National Inquirer no less and you have a fit about it.

Typical Democrat.
Unable to face the facts that your party is full of losers!!!!