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Atlanta, GA

#72 Jan 18, 2012
..and I forgot to mention that while the above is pending...they have collection agents calling my phone HOURLY trying to settle out of court. Hourly. So frustrating that they can do this, and aid companies that prey on the misforunate for profit (junk debt buyers).

Cedartown, GA

#73 Feb 17, 2012
I, too, am having a bout with Hanna. I became ill and had to go on a SS disability income..not any where near what I used to make in the construction business...I had to let go of several of my unsecured credit card debts. Now, most are nearing the statute of limitations..Hanna managed to get me served for a Citibank balance. I owed 12K and they are showing a balance of 25K..??!~! I want to file a bankruptcy but my house is paid for and was told that I couldn't do that.. unless my house was tied up in a mortgage. I actually went and applied, but, you guessed it, I was turned down because of my bad debt. Now what? I certainly don't want to lose my house. Should I try to negotiate with them, call Citibank, or go to court? I read somewhere that I could call Citibank and tell them about Hanna's rude tactics and constant harassment and possibly they would do a settlement with me. Has anyone ever done that? Someone also told me to get a reverse mortgage..that's another option I am not sure about. Can anyone help? Thank you! ps/I am 62 and live in Georgia..not far from Hanna!

Since: Dec 11

Owensboro, KY

#74 Feb 17, 2012

go to . answer the summons and complaint and buy yourself some time.

Reston, VA

#77 May 5, 2012
is there an attorney in gwinnett county that has been used against hannah
Lady N Paulding

Atlanta, GA

#78 Jul 17, 2012
My sister just received a letter in the mail stating that Frederick J Hanna and Associates had won a default judgment against her in 2008.

First -the judgment was almost four years ago, and she was never served with a court date to defend herself. My sister and her family moved, but not until late 2010 - so Hanna could not use the excuse they could not locate her. How is this legal?

United States

#79 Jul 17, 2012
I received a phone call from Fred Hanna in late 2010 informing me that Citi had hired him to collect on a bad debt. I calmly talked to the man on the phone and after an hour he offered me a buyout of 25% of the original debt. I took the deal and paid him the money. I never received a confirmation from them but I figured it was settled because I never heard anything from them again. Fast forward to 2 days ago. I received a phone call from a different debt collection company saying that I still owe the original amount. I want to know what I can do?? I am soooo pissed off that I can't see straight. I have been able to keep this new collection comapny at bay while I go through all of my papers...but I don't think I can do this for long. At my witts end. Help!!

Athens, GA

#80 Jul 30, 2012
Do you know of any law firms that have gone up against Frederick Hanna and won? Any law firms you could recommend. I would like to at least talk to law firms that have defeated Hanna in court.
Rick G

Harrisburg, PA

#81 Nov 24, 2012
I have received a threatening letter from Hanna & Associates claiming that I owe a $21,000 debt. This is simply not true. Even Checking through the credit agencies (eg: Experian, EQuifax, Transunion) shows no debt against me from the company that they claim I owe to. My credit rating is excellent and we only have a mortgage & a car loan. I wrote them a letter and explained this but they immediately wrote back and asked for a settlement of $15,000. I am hesitant to give them any further information. I will be speaking with an attorney this coming week but assuming that they just want to get additional information. We keep close tabs on our credit through the credit bureaus due to the identity theft issues. This is the second agency that has contacted us about this debt.
ready for battle

Kennesaw, GA

#83 Mar 31, 2013
Frank Hannah is not without an arch enemy. I will find out who has won cases against him, then talk with that lawyer. I have been out of work for 3years and have no money to pay credit cards. I can only pay utilities to keep me and my children from being without electricity. They dont care and neither do i. I will find a way to turn the tables on him.

Fitzgerald, GA

#84 Apr 30, 2013
I am nervous because I have been reading on here not to give them my bank acct and they have it -- they have lied to me about my balance-- one day they say I owe this -- the next day they say I owe something else-- they say they haven't received all of my payments but yet I know that I have paid every single one and I think they lost them on purpose so that they do not need to hold up their end of the agreement -- I don't know what to do -- can someone please offer me some advice -- I want to sue the crap out of them
ready for battle wrote:
Frank Hannah is not without an arch enemy. I will find out who has won cases against him, then talk with that lawyer. I have been out of work for 3years and have no money to pay credit cards. I can only pay utilities to keep me and my children from being without electricity. They dont care and neither do i. I will find a way to turn the tables on him.

Macon, GA

#88 Feb 24, 2014
Loretta wrote:
Bank of America has turned over two credit cards for a total of $50,000 debt to Fred Hanna & Associates. I have received one phone call from them offering to settle for $20,000 in three payments. I cannot afford this, yet they are threatening to sue. Can anyone give me any insight into this firm, their collection tactics, and how I should proceed in negotiating a reasonable payment. How far will they go in negotiating since they have the upper hand? Thanks!
My experience with these guys has been nothing short of atrocious. They truly are scum. Last year they sued me when I was unemployed for credit card debt that was at least 7 years old, that I had been trying to pay on with help from others. I went to a lawyer and even he said that the place they have up in Atlanta is nothing short of a sweat shop, and he's a crook, lording it over all of them.

And getting help or answers out of any of those people? Good luck. You will be placed on hold, you'll get lots of voice messaging machines, sometimes you'll be hung up on, people will be rude and audacious. You'll never get to speak to (for if you are in GA like I am), Terrence Green, who takes care of the majority of cases.

What I did is called my original debt collector, who shoveled the debt off to Frederick J Hanna. They were Midland Credit Management. After lots of shuffling around over $935, they transferred me to their "supervisor" who was none other than Terrence Green, at Frederick J Hanna (obviously they are the same company). Note to the your original debt collector FIRST. He was rude, cold, and completely oblivious to the fact that there was absolutely no way I could utilize any of his three "payment options".

Finally I told him I was in the midst of declaring bankruptcy, and he said that even if my lawyer faxed him a filing number and/or called him with a letter of representation, they would continue to garnish my wages (I received the letter on 2/20/2014) even when the bankruptcy discharged. He asked me about my refunds, getting a payday loan, help from family or friends, my pension (which I don't have), a 401k (which I don't have). He was ridiculous. Obviously wanted to scare me.

My lawyer says all of this is illegal and on Friday morning he will be calling up there and this will be taken care of, and any garnishment returned to me.

My advice? CALL A LAWYER immediately. Don't dance around with these guys, they will stoop to any level to get what they want to get results. These lighthouse credit guys? No. Call a lawyer. Its the only way.

Sacramento, CA

#89 Mar 4, 2014
I didn't even know BOFA had sold my account to fred. One day last year they call me, I told them I'm working with the bank. The lady in charge of my account told me BOFA had had the account to long and sold it to fred. Now reading all the posts, I'm inclined to do just what they say. I'm going to let fred know I want my account back with BOFA. They are not willing to work with me and even threatened to seize money from my 401k. Also, Fred associate told me she didn't believe me that our bills added up to what I said they do. Fred will go to any length to retrieve money. Should I tell them I'm going to retain an attorney?

Virginia Beach, VA

#90 Mar 5, 2014
Fred Hanna sued me, took me to court in DeKalb County Georgia for $2500 credit card default when I lost my job. The judge ordered that I pay $75/per month which I have paid off but Hanna is charging me interest on that money so it seems I will never get this paid off. Can they charge me interest? I have contacted Capital One to no avail. Any suggestions?

London, UK

#91 Mar 26, 2014
This is the first time I had ever applied for a loan. I couldn't have asked for anything more from the staff that answered any of my questions to the application process. Once this had all been completed the money was transferred quickly into my account. I will definitely be recommending 911PDAY .COM ( ) too my friends and family.

Brunswick, GA

#92 Mar 31, 2014
I just received a notice of dismissal without prejudice from the attorney representing MIdland Funding, LLC. This came after a lengthy exchange of requests for admission, interrogatories and documents. Canned, generic responses were provided--nothing specific enough to win the case. Question--will the court allow a motion from me to amend the notice to a dismissal with prejudice?
Happy in Florida

Pompano Beach, FL

#93 May 16, 2014
In Florida we have a recent appellate case that says if a case is dismissed without prejudice the defendant can NOT reopen the case and ask(move) that the dismissal be amended, so I doubt you'll be successful. The question I have for you is, is the matter now beyond the Statute of Limitations ? having sued you

You ARE aware that you should be able to recover ALL of your expenses for their having sued you, aren't you ?

What's the chance YOU could sue THEM for Malicious Prosecution and for violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the Fair Credit Billing Act and the Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices Act !!!

I, too, had a run-in with the Hannah folks. They threatened to sue me after first making it look like they already had. CRIMES, since they never had ANY intention of filing against me on my disputed BofA Line of Credit...which had a zero balance, as BofA wrote it off.

BofA ordered the file back and confirmed the Line is cloed ith a zero balance, BU WILL NOT RELEASE THEIR LIEN ON MY HOME (it was second mortgage Home Equity Line of Credit) Whn I sked them to, they REFERRED ME BACK TO HANNAH.

I've sued THEM...asking for treble the amount of the Line's maximum amount... a quarter of a million dollars. Jury Trial.

Because BofA allowed me to exceed my credit limit by one thousand dollars and declared I had a one thousand over the limit balance, and took $500 out of my checking account from my Social Security deposit to apply to their "costs", I'm going for an additional three million in exemplary an punitive damages.

Hanna routinely breaks the law - document it, file complains, and sue them for your STATUTORY DAMAGES. Fight aggression WITH legal a judge and regulators tell THEM how they are supposed to behave...they count on people NOT coming after THEM.

I also sued Wells Fargo and it cost them about $36,000 to fight me just in legal costs and wile the court granted them a dismissal it was with leave for me to re-file !!

A debt collector also had sued me on an old paid-off BofA credit card account and was given a default judgment they weren't entitled to, I appealed and lost the first time but stuck with it and had the judgment vacated -.the debt collector ate a lot of attorney fees for nothing, and wound up getting criminally investigated and the original judge 'voluntarily' retired.

Learn everyones mistakes,and go after THEM.

Two great websites:

research and file, research and fle !!!!
Happy in Florida

Pompano Beach, FL

#94 May 16, 2014
sorry, my puter is skipping letters,the first site above is

good luck everone...learn, learn, learn

and understand that a judge can order MEDIATION, and do it AT THE TIME OF TRIAL.

And even if you LOSE, ASK FOR SMALL MONTHLY PAYMENTS ORDERED THAT YOU CAN AFFORD...even after the judgment gets entered you can STILL negotiate and settle fr a much lessor amount...they'd rather you do THAT than file an Appeal.

There's LOTS you can do,if you know your opions !!
Happy in Florida

Pompano Beach, FL

#95 May 16, 2014
THIRD TIMES THE CHARM, is anyone else experiencing skipped letter as you type on here ?

TC in Atlanta

Atlanta, GA

#96 Jul 29, 2014
I found myself in trouble when I relocated and took a job making much less. Subsequently, I fell behind on my credit card debt. Eventually, I went to Credability Debt Management (non-profit co) who helped me by setting up monthly payments directly to them and they would disburse to the debtors. I'm happy to say that I have paid off nearly all of my debt, EXCEPT for Hannah. Hannah took over for another collection agency unbeknownst to me, in August. My payments had continued through the debt mgmt co, but Hannah said I hadn't paid since August and began calling incessantly in December. They had the gall to ask for my SS#! I immediately sent them a cease and desist letter (certified mail) and asked for proof that they took over the other collection company. They sent the debt mgmt co (not me, who had written the letter) a couple of unsigned, form letters stating when the account was opened and what was owed. Since then, after many phone calls and letters, along with credit report disputes -- B of A has repaired my credit report. Although, I am still waiting on a balance owed on the remaining account from Hannah. If they decide to take me to court, I have a file with numerous letters, receipts that prove delivery of those letters and 3+ years of statements from Credability. Keep accurate records, research the internet and send the cease & desist letters if you are being harassed. Find a debt management company and pay what you can. It can be done...I felt hopeless a few years back, but can now say I'm out of debt. You are not alone.

Since: Aug 15

Location hidden

#97 Aug 11, 2015
I'm in the same boat. I have a lawsuit against me with BoA with Frederick J Hanna. I deny the claim and have court on the 27th of this month. My first lawyer is only send letters and that's it. I'm looking at a second lawyer Chunk M Douglas from Wakhisi-Douglas, LLC. I have talk to him over the phone and by email. He said he had deals with them all the time. Can't find any reviews on here. Would like to know if he is be best or will settle this?

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