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There are 55 comments on the Carrollton Free Press Standard story from Feb 26, 2014, titled Carrollton Free Press Standard Letters to the Editor | Randy Miller. In it, Carrollton Free Press Standard reports that:

There are six million-plus businesses out there that want to create more jobs every day and fight all kinds of problems.

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Back Country

Marine City, MI

#1 Feb 26, 2014
Could not agree more.
Gary Ervin

New Philadelphia, OH

#2 Feb 26, 2014
Keep writing Randy. We are pushing back the frontiers of ignorance everytime the Truth is told!

Dover, OH

#3 Feb 26, 2014
That is all very true. It is Obama and his administrations' underhanded attempt to further erode and break our country. All the while looking like a hero to the poor.

Canton, OH

#4 Feb 26, 2014
The Democrats push to raise the minimum wage is a distraction from the failures of OBAMACARE. It's a "Let's change the conversation" tactic. The minimum wage will always go up in small amounts.(It's called inflation) If the Democrats REALLY wanted to raise the minimum wage and pass immigration reform they would have done it from 2008 - 2010 when they had a super majority in the house and senate, and the white house. The truth is that they really aren't interested in doing these things, they just want to focus on hot button political issues until the 2014 elections to give vulnerable Democrats cover from the VERY unpopular ACA.

Randy, I appreciate you shedding light on this topic but you are playing into their hand....
Randy Miller

Dover, OH

#5 Feb 26, 2014
That is why we have to debunk it to get off the news cycle and get back to the real problems like the ACA.
Bill Soplata

Dover, OH

#6 Feb 27, 2014
Randy it is refreshing to see that someone else understands what is really going on..... However I believe we are on the losing side of this battle..... After all they have to have some way of getting Votes, so they just Buy them.....
Randy Miller

Uhrichsville, OH

#7 Feb 27, 2014
Bill, it is hard to compete against Santa Clause.

Newark, OH

#8 Mar 1, 2014
I'm not poor and Obama is my hero. How do you boys explain that? All of you who hate Obama why don't you propose that no one gets health care insurance. No military, no government employees, no state or local employees. Pay for your own. Stop accepting this money. You accuse the poor of accepting money and many of you are reaping benefits. But of course everyone else is a "subhuman mongrel." Don't you see what you are getting. It's the government dollar--my dollar. Pay for your own health care; level the field.
Randy Miller

Dover, OH

#9 Mar 1, 2014
You're losing it Bob. President Obama may be a great guy but we don't like the direction he is taking the country. Health care can be run by a free market if left alone. The constitution is what we want our politicians to follow and they're not. You talk about the poor, well Obama is keeping them down by destroying the private sector and jobs. When there are no jobs, more poor dependent on the government, just what they want for more votes and power. Not too hard to figure out Bob.

Cleveland, OH

#10 Mar 1, 2014
Gary Ervin wrote:
Keep writing Randy. We are pushing back the frontiers of ignorance everytime the Truth is told!

Cleveland, OH

#11 Mar 2, 2014
Randy Miller wrote:
You're losing it Bob. President Obama may be a great guy but we don't like the direction he is taking the country. Health care can be run by a free market if left alone. The constitution is what we want our politicians to follow and they're not. You talk about the poor, well Obama is keeping them down by destroying the private sector and jobs. When there are no jobs, more poor dependent on the government, just what they want for more votes and power. Not too hard to figure out Bob.
NOW I've seen it all! RANDY, I thought MAYBE you graduated from K-Garten, but this post proves you must have FLUNKED! WHO (you brain-dead fool) moved the U.S. jobs to Mexico, China and other 3rd world countries? HUH? It wasn't "Joe and Jane Average", it was the richest people in our country----the very people who OWN the companies where the U.S. jobs used to be! HEY RANDY--do you live on this planet or are you typing on a computer on Mars? WALTONS = over $100 BILLION and they got it by paying their workers poverty wages! AND, there are just 6 Waltons! How about the Koch Brothers? Have over $70 Billion in their pockets and they got it by supporting politicians (just bought-off crooks) like Kasich, who push the Koch agenda of destroying the Middle-class. FREE MARKET? Hey, dummy, get out an economics book and see that even very conservative economists agree that NO COUNTRY can have Laissez-Faire Capitalism (no rules, no laws, no regulations.) CAN YOU READ? Get out a history book and see WHY the Colonists decided to have a WAR against George III----It was our Revolutionary War! The King and his Ultra-Rich buddies were sucking the life out of the 13 Colonies! Why do you suppose there was a "Tea Party" in Boston?"

"Why Did the Colonists Revolt against England?-
The colonists revolted against England because they were convinced that Britain had a plan to strip them of their property, and reduce them to slavery."

The bottom line is that a totally "Free Market" gets you the kind of world that existed in the the 1700's and resulted in the American Colonists having to go to war with the KING of ENGLAND! I'm really sick and tired of reading the amazingly STUPID crap you spew in these posts. DO YOU think American workers should be paid the same as Chinese workers? DO YOU? WHY, Hey, Randy, that would be "Free Market!" I guess it's OK with you that people are losing their homes in record numbers NOT SEEN since the Great Depression. Look at the huge number of foreclosures in the Canton Repository!!! Look at the hundreds of homes they are tearing down because they were abandoned after foreclosure. Where are the former owners?

AND, why do you suppose the greatest hero of WWII, GENERAL DWIGHT EISENHOWER, a Republican, said in his last speech as President, to our country, "Beware the Military-Industrial Complex?" Eisenhower knew what the Greedy Corporate owners were capable of AND we are seeing it Big Time now!

Your Republican-Tea party pals in Congress have been trying to reduce SS, Medicare, Medicaid AND VETERANS' BENEFITS! Veterans Benefits---OH, THAT'S YOU, RANDY and you had better wake up to what these RATPublican-Plutocratic-crimin als are doing or you may end up living in a shack in the woods and eating worms, weeds, rats and ants. Well, if that happens, at least we won't have to read your Internet crap because you won't have a computer or much of anything else. The Middle-class will be extinct, but it will be too late. Air-Heads like you will be going, "DUH! Wha' happened?"
Randy Miller

Dover, OH

#12 Mar 2, 2014
What moved our jobs overseas are the policies of our government. The U.S. has the highest corporate taxes in the world. Companies are out to make a profit, they have to or go out business. This country has dropped from the 3rd most economically free country in the world to 12th. Open your eyes guys the country is in decline and the current leadership has done nothing to improve it.

Now I think you have things wrong when you say the Republican Party is trying to reduce the programs you mentioned. President Bush wanted to restructured Social Security so it would not go broke and not deprive people of the benefits. Medicare and Medicaid were in the same fix. The ACA is taking 714 billion from Medicare or did you forget that. Veterans benefits were not targeted to be reduced by the Republicans, the Democrats are the ones still holding up removal of the cut in the cost of living increase to our military retired folks.

The Army for years have wanted to close down Ft. Dix, but the NJ Democrat politicians said no. Same with the Air force A-10. Same with the Navy shipyard in Brunswick ME. But if you noticed the Military is the only government entity being reduced. No other agency is experiencing that.

With our government bleeding red with debt cuts have to be made. Lifting government regulations off the backs of our businesses and lowering their taxes will bring prosperity back. It's worked before.

Come on guys, your grasping at straws. Admit the country is not in great shape. You're making excuses by blaming prior administrations, they're not here now. The country's economy is digressing meaning his policies are not working and he needs to change them. He won't due to his ideology and people like you supporting them. I'm for freedom not servitude.

Columbus, OH

#13 Mar 2, 2014
You are so narrow and Republican that you don't want to hear the truth. You're blaming corporate taxes on jobs leaving this country--so wrong. It's called greed. Bush and Cheney caused economic problems going to war for weak reasons and allowing Wall Street to do what they want. Can't you see that Obama is trying to make this country strong for all and not just the few. He had to clean up the economic mess which in the end hurt everyday people not the rich. You are so upset that people will have health insurance. How would you like going to bed each night in fear that you would lose your home, a child would become ill, and you had no insurance but went to work every day. Why do you care so much for the rich and not the everyday human being. Your life was made comfortable by the military; sure you put in your time and did your job but that's what you chose. You can retire after twenty years and start another career and make more money. You feel secure but that's not what happens to everyone. Do you think you're smarter in choices than everyone else? Do you think that people who need help are subhuman? Sure there is abuse, but that's life. Why don't you go on a crusade to eliminate all the economic abuse in government programs and start with the military, Cheney and Haliburton,...
Randy Miller

Dover, OH

#14 Mar 2, 2014
We make choices in life Bob and we live with those choices and blaming other people for our failures is a cop out. I made my choices and you made yours and if you're not where you want to be then maybe should look at yourself. Winners don't give up when they fail, losers do. I failed a lot of times but I didn't give up but worked hard to get where I am.
Randy Miller

Dover, OH

#15 Mar 2, 2014
Now for government controlled health care, that's where its headed. 85% liked their health care, 15% had none and of those some chose not to have it. Costs are different for everyone depending on their circumstanced and what policies they want. If we just open the free market and make insurance costs competitive prices would come down. Those out of work or special circumstances, as you stated, could be subsidized by the government. This would be a whole lot cheaper then what's happening. People are losing their jobs or going to part time because of the ACA, you can't deny it. Now people are losing their health care, or their costs have skyrocketed. They can't keep their insurance or their doctor and we were promised the cost would come down by $2500. 60% of the people didn't want it and it was jammed down our throats by your party. No debates or congressional hearings, the other side was shut out. We were told that to find out what was in the bill we had to pass it. That is not how it works.

Government run healthcare, it stinks. I saw it first hand in the Army and it cost my young daughters life.
Lake Mohawk

Minerva, OH

#16 Mar 3, 2014
Loving my new insurance! Thank you Pres. Obama!!
Randy Miller

Uhrichsville, OH

#17 Mar 3, 2014
Don't forget to thank the millions who's policies doubled to pay for yours.
a choice

Uhrichsville, OH

#18 Mar 3, 2014
Or the seniors who lost 714 billion from medicare to support ingrates like Lake Mohawk. Enjoy the decline. People who think like this will be the demise of our country. We were warned about people like this. They are so clueless they don't understand what they are doing, even when it is too late. They think Obama is Santa Clause, they are the lazy greedy ones.

Gloating over others pain, how a sick small person you are.

Howard, OH

#19 Mar 3, 2014
Lake Mohawk wrote:
Loving my new insurance! Thank you Pres. Obama!!
Did you get a new phone too??

United States

#20 Mar 3, 2014
Again, narrow minded. Lake Mohawk was probably self-employed and is happy with Obamacare. Now at least all the hard work will not be in jeopardy because of medical bankruptcy. Some seniors are abusing their Medicare benefits by running to the doctor or emergency room for minor scares. I've seen and heard many stories of abuse. No, Randy, I haven't made bad choices and am doing very, very well. You do not have any solid data about Obamacare. Why did it work in Governor Romney's state? Oh, yea, he's white, old, rich, and Republican. That's why is was ok and worked.

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