Suit accuses lender of harassment

Suit accuses lender of harassment

There are 71 comments on the The State - South Carolina story from Nov 11, 2006, titled Suit accuses lender of harassment. In it, The State - South Carolina reports that:

Horry County residents have filed two class-action lawsuits against Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc., accusing one of the nation's largest manufactured-home lenders of making harassing telephone calls to ...

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Pleasant Hall, PA

#1 Feb 26, 2007
I myself am being forced to sue Vanderbilt in civil court in Virginia after being severly harrassed, recieving no less than several loan accelration notes demanding the amount in full, and now they are attemtping to foreclose on my property that has been paid for each and every month. It is about time that something is done to stop this company from operating the way that it does!


#2 May 31, 2007
21st mortgage owned by the same company does the same thing to me. Phone calls have started as early as 7:30am several times a day during our grace period also. Harrassed our neighbors relatives manager of the mobile home park we live in. Threatened our minor son telling him we better find a new home (not even late yet) constant threats. Called my neighbors untilthey got my private cell phone numberand my name isn;t on the mortgage at all. Now they call that number several times a day. The calls start the first day the mortgage is due and has been going on for almost 5 years now. Though I have never fallen over my grace period in the entire time. They still continually harrass my husband our neighbors relatives etc. They found my 78 year old mother in law in Virginia and we live in NY and they have called her several times. Unknown how they found her. Complained to supervisors they just laugh at you and call you a liar. If the lawyers for these people read this try to contact me

Horseheads, NY

#3 Jul 3, 2007
my wife and i just bought a new home in december and have been in the process of selling our home financed through vanderbilt we have a buyer now and expected to close this month so i held of the payment for the month of june now thirty days late had many phone calls about the payment and i told them what was going on and last night i had a nock at my door it was the neighbor with a number to call vanderbilt it was urgent ,talk about embarassing they told me that they had called the neigbor on the other side of us also -this is harassment can we do anything

Knoxville, TN

#4 Jul 28, 2007
I had to file bankruptcy 2 years ago, and reaffirmed my mortgage with Vanderbilt. It was recently brought to my attention that they did not file the correct paperwork with the courts! Now they will not send me the paperwork that I signed with them to reaffirm, instead they tell me that I am renting to own, like they do that! The harassing phone calls are outrageous...what do you do about this?

United States

#5 Mar 21, 2008
I think I know why they are so eager to Forclose....They sale them for profitt... Here is what I ran into:

I found a property in NC...the Property sold for 105,000 November of 2007 (yes they have already forclosed on it.)
They have the property advertised for 149,000. I've made a couple of offers to buy (I have my own financing) and they won't budge...and I offered more money than the selling price,.....

Thats their game plan. Not only are they making money from the intrest, they are also making money from selling the forclosures....They harras the crap out of folks, Hoping they will default on their loans, and sale the property for large profits.
Teresa Walker

United States

#6 Apr 15, 2008
My husband has a loan with 21st mortgage and had it before we got married. 21st mortgage has harrassed threatened and been pure abusive to me even though I have told them not to call me my name is not on the contract.
I even went so far as to contact the sheriff about it.
They laughed about it even the mamager.
My husband is always late but he has paid for years. They will not give us a printout on anything ie how much our payoff would be so we can refinance and get rid of this company.
He does not even know his interest rate.
I hope these people do sue 21st mortgage because I know from experience what they say is true 21st mortgage harrasses my husbands family neighbors and even me.
April Mixon MS

Memphis, TN

#7 Sep 18, 2008
I have the same problem with Vanderbilt Morage company. They call up till 12:00am in the morning and start at 6:00am. The house is in my husband's name since we were not married when he bought it. I have repetadly told them not to contact me and they do. They call his mother, his aunt and once even call my mother! One lady told me that my kids and I should start looking for a card board box to say in! They are a horrable company. I hope you win just to close there doors for good! If there is a suit in Mississippi I would love to know about it!
Miller Ridgeland


#8 Feb 22, 2009
south carolia official needs to stop clayton home/ Vanderbilt mortgage. i was to pay 889. per month that is now 1,089.per month. how is only nine months and having so many trouble with the home and getting it repair.
Miller Ridgeland


#9 Feb 22, 2009
south carolina Goverment offical office, need better laws in letting compamies in to our state. some one must be some one board for kick back. the resendial of south carolina isn't.
Miller Ridgeland


#10 Feb 22, 2009
Vanderbilt have taken so much for families all over the states. I just got my home on 3/2008, and i have a short in my wiring, rooms are cold and so many other things, carpet needed to be replaces. I'am doing a report to turn in the compamy. so please call me so we all can be heard.
Terra SC

Lodi, CA

#11 Feb 28, 2009
I have had my house since 1997.bought through oakwood.Vanderbilt now has the mortgage. They call from the 2nd of the month till payment is made.They have sent someone out to winterize the home and lock me out.I was just 1 month late.Never had any papers sent to me.Now I want to modify the loan but can't get a response from them.Maybe we should all start calling them all day every day.See how they like it.
Lisa - NC

United States

#12 Mar 25, 2009
I know exactly what all of you are talking about. I have had some really hard times here lately and I have been almost 3 months late but I have gotten caught up. Needless to say 21st Mortgage calls my mothers house daily, my brothers, my uncles, and who knows who else they call. I have just stopped answering their calls because of the way they talk to you and treat you. They tell us to call them and they wouldn't treat us like that but I know that is a lie. The last time I talked to them I told them if they wanted me to stay in contact with them they were going to have to change the way they treat me and talk to me. I told them how my experience with Citifinancial is and how if you are late on a payment with Citi they actually are so nice to you and so willing to work with you that they make you feel bad when you are late and I told them they have been times Ive paid Citi instead of 21st just because of the way I am treated and 21st makes me not want to pay my payment on time. When me and my husband first got behind it was because our 5 year old son at the time had hit his head and fractured his skull. It caused a blood clot and some severe seizures and he was in ICU for a couple of days and in hospital for a week. He was out of school for a month because of it and this caused me and my husband both to be out of work for that month because he required so much care and attention. God really blessed us and took care of him and we are lucky he is alive today. We explained to 21st mortgage what had happened and they could care less. They were asking us what type of things we had that we could sell, telling us to sell our stuff, have a yard sale, and going on and on. I finally hung up on them and I just refuse to talk to them. I send them a payment when I can and I just don't answer the phone when they do call. I really wish I could sue them but I am not sure if I have any grounds to. I was also told that they can not foreclose on you unless you are at least 3 months behind but I don't know how true that is but I hope that is true cause for the past year I have been 2 months behind and they ain't foreclosed on me yet. I really hope they go out of business and I would be more then willing to help petition the government not to bail out this company because the world would be a whole lot better off if they were not in business.

Little Valley, NY

#13 May 28, 2009
I know exactly the nightmares that Vanderbilt can cause. I was on time with payments and then they came up with a payment that was not made 3 years prior but could never tell me the exact month and then had the nerve to send a 30 day default on a month that I made the payment. They constantly remind you that your home is personal property so after 30 days they can take your home even though mine is on a permanent foundation and I pay real estate taxes on the home not personal property taxes on it.
Horry County Resident

Myrtle Beach, SC

#14 May 28, 2009
Clayton Homes, Vanderbilt mortgage and 21 Century are ALL owned by Berkshire which is a Warren Buffet Company. Look into his portfolio and STOP spending money at his companies. Costco is also owned by Buffet or partially so.

The class action lawsuit is for all, make sure you contact the attorney who is handling the class action and then with YOUR WALLET speak volumes to the businesses that are owned by BUFFET and BERKSHIRE-HATHAWAY.
Valeri James

Avondale, AZ

#15 Jun 4, 2009
I used to be in the Manufactured Home (Mobile Home) business for 20 years and sell "Clayton Homes" (aka: Vanderbilt Mortgage subsidary). Their homes are a low end quality, crappy home! Their service is bad, and clients would complain about the poor quality and poor service. Jim Clayton used to own Clayton Homes but I believe his son now runs the company. Regardless, my suggestion is: Buyer Beware! Don't buy the cheapest crap of a mobile home - Clayton Homes, ever!!! The best quality, best price and best service mobile home is: Skyline Homes out of Hemet, California. They have dealerships all over the U.S. You will be very happy with this manufactured home! Google search: Skyline Homes. Need help with credit:

Hillsborough, NJ

#16 Jun 14, 2009
I have the same problem. They harass day and night. They sent me a notice of default and right to cure default date 5/26/09 giving me 31 days to correct it. The day before I got the notice this nasty supervisor was just looking for a fight. She was telling me how much I will have to live off of the rest of the week after I send the payment and she did not want to hear that I had other bills to pay and she knew the notice had gone out. So not knowing I sent $1,1148.77 and called me the next day and told me I did not send full amount and again she tried to pick a fight. The letter states I have 31 days and it expires on 6/27/09 and it is now paid, I just received 6 letters that are certified from them but I have not gotten to the post office to sign for them. My debt is paid in full and I only owe for June and I still get phones calls


Hillsborough, NJ

#17 Jun 14, 2009
Does anyone know if once they send out the default they have to go according to the letter before taking any action.


#18 Aug 21, 2009
They are really a bad company. I understand what the big fuss is. Back in 2003 I lost my home. I was 8 months pregant and was out of work. I tried to get them to hold off until the Jan of 2004 and I could catch my payments up and I would pay ahead out of income tax. That was a no go.. I don't understand why you get disabilty Insurance Through the company when they do nothing to help you.. The person hanlding my case told me and my 3 year old daughter that we had to be out on Christmas day and if we were not then they would come with the police and put us and our things out. How low can you go. When I fell behind on my payments they would call all day long every 20 to 30 min. You would talk to them and tell them when you could make the payment and they would still call. They have came out to my home. They have even went to my fathers home who had nothing to do with it what so ever. Then I had spoke with a guy That tried to tell me that it was people like me that caused 9/11. I told him just because I fell behind on my payment does not mean I'm a bad person. We Had some really words between us. I would never recommend them to a dog trying to buy a $5.00 dog house. Cause if the dog only had $4.99 he would be up the creek without a paddle if you all know what I mean... This company is really a BIG BIG RIP OFF.....
alan r

United States

#19 Aug 24, 2009
Terra SC wrote:
I have had my house since 1997.bought through oakwood.Vanderbilt now has the mortgage. They call from the 2nd of the month till payment is made.They have sent someone out to winterize the home and lock me out.I was just 1 month late.Never had any papers sent to me.Now I want to modify the loan but can't get a response from them.Maybe we should all start calling them all day every day.See how they like it.
terra i too was with oakwood,their handy man destroyed my master bed rm shower when he couldnt stop a water leak so he capped off water lines and put two shelves in and told me now u have a closet vanderbuilt became my lender how i dont know they repoed my home and sent me a bill for 29k i gave them 7500.oo to settle they put it on my credit any way i just got papers of a class action suit and am on board you need to as well

United States

#20 Sep 6, 2009
Does anybody have any information about filing a Class Action Lawsuit against Vanderbuilt. I'm having a bad time with them and I live in Kentucky. I've never been late on my payments but they say I owe them around $2500 from insurance premiums and other late charges, etc. I have been talking to a lawyer in Kentucky, but I would love to join in on a class action lawsuit because they cheat a lot of people .... and they're generally poor people who don't have the mean to fight them.

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