Famed Feminist Faces Medical Tragedie...

Famed Feminist Faces Medical Tragedies, Bankruptcy, Despite Insurance

There are 193 comments on the www.npr.org story from Apr 18, 2009, titled Famed Feminist Faces Medical Tragedies, Bankruptcy, Despite Insurance. In it, www.npr.org reports that:

Kate Michelman is one of America's leading feminists. She ran NARAL, the national abortion rights group, for two decades. But today, she is near bankruptcy — because of a double medical tragedy in her family.

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United States

#194 Apr 20, 2009
As a pro life supporter, it would be so easy to say that she is getting her just rewards, but as a Christian, I am to realize that I should not judge her. What she is experiencing is a walk through a valley...I hope she finds God. She could turn her life around and be an instrument for peace and for life. This is a perfect time for Christians to walk the walk.
lifes a beach

Indianapolis, IN

#195 Apr 20, 2009
Marty wrote:
I certainly don't wish such travails upon anyone. But you reap what you sow...
Can that be said to you when God forbid similiar happens? Keep the irony of the statement you just posted in mind when it does.

Indianapolis, IN

#196 Apr 21, 2009
_Cerberus_ wrote:
<quoted text>
See, you can dish it out buy you can't take it!
Republicians = Democrats, Democrats = Republicians, same results different timing. I just find it ironic that liberals think they are the only ones that think for themselves.

Altoona, PA

#197 Apr 21, 2009
AAA wrote:
Maybe she can join Andrea Dworkin, another male hating feminist.

She is married to a man. Has a daughter. I doubt she hates.
You Wish

United States

#198 Apr 21, 2009
Oh boo hoo. This story must rank up there with the Obama dog story. I'm sorry, I have other things to worry about like I don't have health insurance yet, the sinking economy, pirates, and the wars. I'm not too worried about a baby killer going broke.

I am a female

“Pareidolia can be humorous ”

Since: Nov 08

D.C. / No.Va.

#199 Apr 21, 2009
blackymcnignig wrote:
<quoted text>
Doubtful. She probably got knocked up by Leroy Bling Bling, and was trying to con him into making her an honest woman (lol). Only when it was too late did she realize that ole Leroy was a playa with 14 other kids by 12 other women.
Either that, or you helped to up the welfare check.
Come again. I'm not following the story of your daddy Leroy. Could you be a little more clear?

“Pareidolia can be humorous ”

Since: Nov 08

D.C. / No.Va.

#200 Apr 21, 2009
auroranorth wrote:
<quoted text>
thats why the usa does not go to the racism conference all the animals are equal some are more equal its ok the destroy White America but hands off the perfect ones
Huh? What are you babbling about?

Tonawanda, NY

#202 Apr 21, 2009
Shady Lady wrote:
...You have no idea where it goes, so you obviously don't know how much the Doctor gets. sober up and get back to me.
Isn't that the point I've been trying to hammer through your thick skull? Very few people know exactly where the money goes! If you think the entire $70,000 goes to the doctor, you're a moron.

Anybody who tries to question the money trail in the health care industry will be tarred and feathered. You are in for a BIG fight. It doesn't matter. There is a health care bubble. It WILL pop. Nobody can stop it.

“Pareidolia can be humorous ”

Since: Nov 08

D.C. / No.Va.

#203 Apr 21, 2009
xplode wrote:
<quoted text>This is easy. A black stud knocks up a white liberal. She thinks she is his "world" until she finds he has 12 other "baby mama's" in the projects. She decides to keep the baby because she realizes that our government will give her more of my taxpayer dollars to keep her in crystal meth and malt liquor till she dies. Any more questions?
Yeh, just one.

Have you always been a bigot?
Southern Farmer

Sweetwater, TX

#204 Apr 21, 2009
_Cerberus_ wrote:
<quoted text>
Yeh, just one.
Have you always been a bigot?
Didn't see anything bigotted about that. Just reality. Always got to play the race card don't you

Daniel P from Long Island

“Protestant, Gay, Libertarian”

Since: Apr 08

Long Island, NY

#205 Apr 21, 2009
_Cerberus_ wrote:
<quoted text>
Yeh, just one.
Have you always been a bigot?
Cerberus ???!!!

Are you a nut ?!

Houston, TX

#206 Apr 22, 2009
abortion clinics definitely serve a deserving populace in the innercity. never take that right away.
Just an MD

Statesboro, GA

#208 Oct 6, 2009
I wish I could place my real name...people being as they are, I don't need any rancor from my patients, it is enough to persuade them to change to a healthy lifestyle - against the ease of 'just living like their neighbors'.

I find narrow minded posts offensive. As a Christian, I believe in patterning my behavior after The Christ and after God - There is a concept called free will. I neither condemn nor condone abortion, I personnally want the birth of any of my wife's pregnancies, but I cannot suggest to patients that their free will be usurped by my arrogance.

First, I am a man, what do I know about carrying a child to term?

Second, Free Will implies that THERE ARE CHOICES, and I applaud women like Ms Michelman willing to buck the norm and to push for the legislative right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of their own Happiness in whatever manner they choose. I am aware that our society cannot define the actual beginnings of VIABLE LIFE, and all the religious zealots who think they know need to see the premies in pain in incubators, struggling for breath, retracting from new IV placement, and all the assorted hurdles they must endure just to have a chance at real life....some do, amazingly, but many don't. Where are the zealots on premie abuse? On causing a soul to endure physical pain for months, even years?

Third, I am well aware of the effects of "back-street abortions"....as easy as we make the choice, there are still women terrorized by zealots AND by their pregnancy, and some are resorting to rudimentary approaches to abortion. A major SHAME on ALL OF US in society!

Fourth, the biggest abuser of abortion is our Creator. It seems like 50-75% of all conceptions result in "miscarriage", or a non-procedural but many times just as traumatic an abortion for the woman as if forced to abort in a clinic against her will. Where are the zealots on this? I am religious, I have experienced the pain and anguish of the loss of a fetus - which in each and every case that I know of personally and anecdotally IS NOT VIABLE - yet zealots wish to define life as starting at conception, well prior to viability. I guess I should divorce my wife since she is a party in our Creator's abortion of our unborn, I should shun my mother for her 3 miscarriages (abortions), and I should condemn our Creator for the massive destructive behavior exhibited in the major abortions of the world.

Fifth - I believe life - VIABLE LIFE - is a miraculous and precious thing, I hate to see it wasted on pharisetic zealots and anti-abortionists....yet I bite my tongue and treat them as an equal, for I am a man of God and a Doctor.

Oh, Karma is a many incarnation thing, interesting seeing someone post that Ms. Michelman AND HER FAMILY are suffering from the effects of past lives uncorrected in this incarnation - esp. when they say they'll pray for her! That's funny. I wonder if a) they believe in reincarnation - as Jesus did - and if they consider how they will reincarnate in their next life....just sayin, you open the door, you have to look within! They obviously haven't GAPatriot65 - o great patriot of bigotry and hate. Please do pray - for yourself!

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