Border Agents Make Zero-Tolerance Zone

Border Agents Make Zero-Tolerance Zone

There are 66 comments on the The Associated Press story from Aug 24, 2006, titled Border Agents Make Zero-Tolerance Zone . In it, The Associated Press reports that:

Standing in a cramped federal courtroom last month, illegal immigrant Walter Oscar Portillo-Machado pleaded with a judge for mercy.

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Vista, CA

#42 Sep 22, 2006
Joe wrote:
SickaU and Sheesh. As an American, I feel embarrased reading your replies. It looks like you don't have the minimum clue as what the immigration debate is about and you want to lump all latinos as illegal. For your information, there are about 30 million hispanics living LEGALLY in the US and only a fraction are illegal. Don't insult the rest of the latinos living here. Your reactions are typical white folks that are paranoid about latinos changing your "lifestyles". No wonder the rest of the world hates americans, it is people like you that give us that bad reputation.
The estimates range from 12 - 20 million. No one has any idea how many there really are.
What part of illegal don't people understand.
I live in S. CA, Believe me there are a lot and it hurts this country in many ways. I was working as a roofer and was replaced by an illegal that would work for half the money that I need to support my family. Turned the company in, that was 6 months ago. What has the government done about it, NADA?
He lives in a camp in one of the canyons and is paid under the table. No taxes there!!!
Since you seem to think that it is alright for someone to come here and live off of us, give me your address and I will move my family into your home. You can feed and clothe us.
I am a native born US Citizen, there is no one that is more of a citizen than I but there are a lot that are not citizens and they have no right to sponge off of me.
In the battle of life styles the natives lost to a more efficient way of life, get over it and move on.

San Dimas, CA

#43 Sep 23, 2006
Ok for one Im sick of hearing "Our country was founded by immigrants so its ok for mexicans to come here."
Our country was founded by men and women who wanted freedom and justice so to achive that created laws to which people were to obey. Yes immigrants founded the US but to make it what it is today they created LAWS which gave us rights and freedoms.
Those laws are what make out country great, while the immigrants who are crossing the border now are breaking the law PERIOD.
If THEIR goverment cant support or provide jobs for them THEY need to make a change to their goverment, not cross the border illegally, cost our goverment money and demand rights and freedoms reserved for CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES
not jose from across the border

Morristown, NJ

#44 Oct 8, 2006

North Melbourne, Australia

#46 Oct 9, 2006
so tell me do these guys get passed the so called "customs" that you americans have anyways? I mean if USA can keep me out cause i have 1 lousy theft charge to my name how the hell do these illegal immigrants get in anyways? Maybe you should stop blaming them and blame the country who let them in first...then look at it from their point of view...who wants to live a good life, a life style like no other?? everyone does so of course these guys want in.

United States

#47 Aug 5, 2014
you have a point
William K

Chicago, IL

#48 Aug 19, 2014
Make then serve a few years in our armed forces if they want to apply for citizenship. What ever happened to that idea?

New Baltimore, MI

#49 Aug 19, 2014
RE: Illegals.....

Land mines.

United States

#50 Aug 20, 2014
Sheesh wrote:
<quoted text>and your so smart........go back to the reservation!!!! you hit me on a bad day...Why do you want to pay for people who have no respect for your country? Why do you want to pay for people who have a way to become legal? and can get help to become legal? Why? They march in the streets threatening us, waving another countrys flag, gang members shooting into crowds of white people, why do you stand up for them? I know not all illegals are like that, but California and Arizona are having a really hard time with this type. So, why?
You people are such evil racists!


#51 Sep 5, 2014
Lakotawoman wrote:
Go back to the RESERVATION???? I would like to see some white man make me go back to the reservation. Put me through the hell my relations have gone through, I would like to see that. Cut my hair, make me forget my native language, my culture, to learn your stinking christianity bogis lies. Buddy there would be a fight till the death, Guess what there are thousands and thousands of my native brothers and sisters from all tribes that are right there with me. So I will go where I please because this whole COUNTRY belongs to the INDIAN NATIONS.Who are you to tell me,""""Why do you want to pay for people who have no respect for your country?""" Hell, we have been living with that for hundreds of years, now you know how it feels. The foreignors had and have no respect for my country. They slaughtered the animals for trophys to put up on their walls. ""Oh look at me I'm a real man I killed an animal and put his head on my wall"" Did they use any other part of the animal???? NO....oh maybe some of the meat.... what have they done to our land????? Slaughtered it...... What has become of the So called Treatys that were made, and still have not been honored??? Nothing!!!! We live this hell everyday, because most of the non-indians are nothing but greedy people. PROGRESS PROGRESS PROGRESS.....for who??? The rich to get rich????? Not to get off base, but do you know what makes my day???? To know that the white man thought they could go into Mexico thinking they could do the same thing to their land as they did to ours???? The only difference is This time they bought the land, they didn't steal it, and had these big beautiful homes built on it... Do you know what makes me laugh?? Is to know that the homes and their land were taken away from them by the Government. That my friend makes me a very Happy Person when I think about it.
You said...
""""They march in the streets threatening us, waving another countrys flag, gang members shooting into crowds of white people, why do you stand up for them?""""
Oh gosh and they marched how manys days??? After years of being quiet putting up with shit. Oh you were scared???Waving another country's flag???? You shouldn't have been staring and gocking.....Ah duh there has been other country flags waving in the wind....
Every time I turn around I see the White supremist saying something stupid like they always do. But does anyone say anything about that??? Hell no....
You know I'm not totally anti-white, I have a few friends that are white, but if the day came on who I would stand next to, to fight it would be my native brothers and sisters, and yes I would stand next to the mexicans, as well. They have had passage through our country way before the whites knew our country even existed. So I will stand behind them all the way. OSIYO
>>>>>><qu oted text>
Aren't you living in the past too? You totally lack feelings for six million Jews who were slaughtered
but complain about what the the White Man did to Indians nearly 200 years ago? Up until now I have known nothing but nice Native Americans. I have a lot of Spanish friends too. I liked your attitude until you started bashing the Jews. Doesn't add up.

Fairfield, CA

#52 Sep 6, 2014
Tesenisis wrote:
Not only do they enter our country illegally, which is criminal, they come here to birth their children so their children can then have all the advantages of being US Citizens. They get health care for the time of the pregnancy and for the life of the child. We need to change more than just how we patrol our borders to change the problems that are caused by having illegal immigrants in our country. We need to make it much harder for them to survive here without documents, and their children should not be given automatic citizenship if the parents are illegal.
I agree with your evaluation of this serious issue 100%.
I work in a foreign owned factory where am the only white female, over 40, knowing I'm solely a number.
If I did not have the ability to understand most their conversation I would be at a loss of workplace instruction as those who do speak English refuse use it in the course of daily business! Also, blatantly state they are illegal with forged papers or an expired Visa.
"We the people" must demand action from our elected official's or the United State will soon cease to exist due to the ineffective elected President currently our Chief of Staff.
No Opportunity


#53 Sep 7, 2014
Joe wrote:
All of you that are blaming the immigramnts for every single problem that is wrong in the U.S. should be ashamed of yourselves. You are sorry human beings that doesn't understand or want to understand compasion. Sure the immigra=nts should come her by legal means, but the fact they are here doesn't make them less of a human than you arrogants. I understand now why a lot of countries hates Americans. They think they are the only ones that mean something in this world.
Show compassion to criminals? That is why I moved overseas. My family wanted to move to America but got denied! Criminal rights come first in America because of bleeding heart liberals like you .
Waking Up

Des Moines, IA

#54 Sep 10, 2014
What's wrong with the government except for EVERYTHING!? Obama had lied about everything else so I hope at least he's lying about about making 20 million illegals citizens. Otherwise this country will be destroyed.

Anchorage, AK

#55 Dec 4, 2014
Hope Congress will stop Obama from doing anything really drastic. They want citizenship? Make them join the military and pay some large fines for entering illegal. Then have them go through the same process immigrants from other countries go through. No special treatment!
guess at it

Houston, TX

#56 Dec 5, 2014
JCZ wrote:
How sad to note such utter bitterness. These people come to work. I'd like to see you in their position. Remember that Jesus Christ was a foreigner many times, would you classify him as an illegal, undesirable just for being poor and in need?
Jesus is a fairy tale. If you believe that shit, believe all the other fairy tales too.

Antioch, CA

#57 Dec 6, 2014
JCZ wrote:
How sad to note such utter bitterness. These people come to work. I'd like to see you in their position. Remember that Jesus Christ was a foreigner many times, would you classify him as an illegal, undesirable just for being poor and in need?
The fact that Obama will allow amnesty to those who have entered illegally is an injustice to all who have followed the immigration laws...plain & simple!!!

Del Rio, TX

#58 Jan 26, 2015
Lakotawoman wrote:
OUR COUNTRY...Illegal Immigrants....What is your heritage???<quoted text>
Please do go home. Grosera.

Del Rio, TX

#59 Jan 26, 2015
You poor uneducated person. Obviously you are a Mexican. So am I. Born there, live there. I pay my taxes. Do you? I have the privilege of being a united states of america citizen. I gladly pay taxes there also, do you? Do you understand it is not "free" the care that illegals receive at healthcare providers in the US? This is the first comment I have ever posted here, I was told to check it out that I wouldn't believe the level of intelligence on here. Well, it's kind of like comedy, thanks. Salud to you! You broke raggedy ass person.. Go get a job

Del Rio, TX

#60 Jan 26, 2015
Lakotawoman wrote:
OUR COUNTRY...Illegal Immigrants....What is your heritage???<quoted text>
I also employ people in mexico. They occasionally work, seasonally, in the us. They work in several states, and Canada. Their employers "pay" ss, they don't have a # or even know what it is. I support them and their families, and always will. Go read a book. Please. Its not my opinion, it's fact. The downfall of every civilization is lack of protecting its borders. FACT. Do you want to live in a country destined for failure? Enjoy it while you can if so.

Del Rio, TX

#61 Jan 27, 2015
Lakotawoman wrote:
OUR COUNTRY...Illegal Immigrants....What is your heritage???<quoted text>
Yes smart person you are correct, and I agree with you. About the fact that you got screwed. So did I. Its kinda hard to get over. But you need to. Kinda cool to hear somebody as fiesty as you. Let me know if I can help you.

San Jose, CA

#63 Jan 28, 2015
Sheesh wrote:
If they just wanted to work, that would be fine, after they became a citizen and while. But...they don't, they jack up our prices while they get free medical, schooling, etc. And don't even have the courtesy to learn our language, and act like we owe them something. Just want to come here and work. Yeah, Right, more like, come here, for a hand out!!

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