YouView: Guns in Plain Sight? A Bad C...

YouView: Guns in Plain Sight? A Bad Choice for Texas

There are 12 comments on the NBC 5i Dallas/Fort Worth story from Oct 8, 2008, titled YouView: Guns in Plain Sight? A Bad Choice for Texas. In it, NBC 5i Dallas/Fort Worth reports that:

Some Texans, especially members of the Texas Citizens Defense League, are asking Gov.

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Sylvilagus Aquaticus

United States

#1 Oct 21, 2008
I prefer carrying concealed, myself.

Sherman, TX

#2 Oct 21, 2008
I PREFER carrying concealed as well. However I do not believe it is big brothers right to tell me I have to carry concealed.

Since: Dec 06

Arlington, TX

#3 Oct 21, 2008
good freaking g0d stephen. what bizarro world are you living in that you can actually believe the things you wrote?

you own two handguns but would never consider carrying them? I take it that you do not have the concealed handgun license that texas currently allows as the only way to carry a handgun for self protection? Can I also assume that you believe they should not be made available for the general public?
I have lots of friends of Mexican descent, most of whom live in southeast Fort Worth, the suburbs and along the old highway to Dallas. They're worried the right to carry firearms openly will inflame relations and tension between area gangs.
You do realize that as gang members, with or without criminal records, these people aren't legally allowed to own guns, much less carry them?
Does that mean we want open carry to allow them to carry as well? No, we do not, however, if you believe that because there are already laws that forbid them from owning and carrying guns means that they do not actually own and carry guns, then maybe discussing rights and public policy really isn't the place for you to be anyway as doing such requires a higher intellect than you appear to be showing with this article.

We do not print propaganda, we print facts and then base our opinions upon those facts.

Now, let me address your bullet points -
This petition is not necessary, nor will it be beneficial for anyone in Texas, for the following reasons:
1) It will re-enforce stereotypes about Texans as gun-slinging, Wild West people living in the past.
44 other states in this country already have open carry in some way, shape, or form. Are any of those states thought of as having stereotypes or wild west themes? States such as Vermont, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New Hampshire have open carry rights already and have experienced no problems such as you suggest in your article. What makes you think that Texans are less civilized than the above states?
2)It will inflame already high tensions between black and Latinos in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
The handful of people you speak of already break the law by carrying concealed weapons so nothing is going to get worse by affording the right to carry for protection to those that don't participate in the criminal activities you're talking about.
3)It will give rise to citizen-applied justice if problems along the border increase and illegal immigration continues to increase.
And you have some sort of certifiable proof that this will happen?
4)It will, in the end, reduce the rights of citizens to carry arms and to enjoy recreational target practice or hunting activities.
Pray tell how easing the restrictions currently in place will actually reduce the rights of those citizens?

Montgomery, AL

#4 Oct 21, 2008
"I've never had reason to remove them from locked storage. I would never consider carrying those weapons with me. It's just asking for trouble."

Ask Suzanna Gratia Hupp's parents if carrying a weapon would have been asking for trouble...Oh yeah, you can't, they're dead. Because Suzanna couln't carry her gun with her at the time. She changed the law in Texas. When she did that the opposition cried "There will be blood in the streets!" No blood in the streets, only safer citizens.

"They're worried the right to carry firearms openly will inflame relations and tension between area gangs."

Gang members will not open carry. Gang members don't want anyone to see that they have a gun until they pull it out. In the 44 States that allow some form of open carry, the law abiding citizens carry firearms hasn't inflamed relations or increased tension between area gangs. The gang members already carry guns, concealed.

"My friend Raphael was robbed two months ago, early in the morning, while walking home from a bar near the 2800 block of J street in Fort Worth. He thinks he'd be dead if the men who robbed him had guns. Nevertheless, he's now scraping together money to buy a handgun for protection."

Good for him, if the robber didn't have a gun, and Rafeal was open carrying, then he would not have been robbed. Open Carry is a deterent to criminal activity.

This petition is not necessary, nor will it be beneficial for anyone in Texas, for the following reasons:

"It will re-enforce stereotypes about Texans as gun-slinging, Wild West people living in the past."

They aren't saying that about the people of Arizona, or Virginia, or Colorado.

"It will inflame already high tensions between black and Latinos in the Dallas/Fort Worth area."

And just why is that? Don't minorities have just as much to fear from the criminal element as a white person? An armed society is a polite society.

"It will give rise to citizen-applied justice if problems along the border increase and illegal immigration continues to increase."

Again, this hasn't been the case in any of the States that already allow Open Carry. Texas is one of the very few States that don't allow the free exercise of the 2nd Amendment. If you have to request and pay for permission to bear arms, it is no longer a right, it is a priviledge.

"It will, in the end, reduce the rights of citizens to carry arms and to enjoy recreational target practice or hunting activities."

This makes no sense at all, how can allowing someone to legally carry a firearm reduce someone elses rights to carry a firearm. The founding fathers didn't write the 2nd Amendment in order to protect their right to hunt. They wrote it to protect their right to defend themselves, any place they happened to be, at any time they happened to be there.

"This is a terrible time for me to start thinking about selling my home and moving elsewhere, but, believe me, I'm considering it. I hope and pray Gov. Perry will not allow this petition to see the light of day."

If you don't like the laws of the State you are in, then either change them, or move to a State whose laws you like. Maybe New Jersey, or New York, where you pretty much can't even own a gun.
Sonora Rebel

Homer, NE

#5 Oct 21, 2008
Geez... Your Neighbors in New Mexico 'n Arizona have no problem with OC. Talk about BS propaganda... What's your 'agenda'? Self defense is a Right... Openly bearing Arms is a Right!'Got not a thing to do with 'hunting' or any sports. The only turbulance is between your ears.

Dallas, TX

#6 Oct 21, 2008
The only real problem with open carry is that now you get even more stringent laws on who can and cannot carry period. Those that could not carry a firearm before, those that were convicted of any felony crime would be unable to carry and thus make it easier for people to take advantage of them. I am not talking about bank robbers either here folks, I am talking about someone with felony embezzlement, or other non-violent crimes.

The only thing I see is that you might have more police shootings of innocent motorists/citizens if they didn't see a weapon until the last minute, or if they didn't 'like' the way someone was surrendering their weapon if stopped for questioning. Other than that, it would be great.

To be able to walk into my front yard and shoot vandals that are painting my fence, or someone that is attempting to lift my lawn mower.. that makes me feel good!

Phoenix, AZ

#7 Oct 21, 2008
Wow, I don't think I've ever seen so much BS in one article. DKSuddeth and Decoligny pretty much hit all the points. I open carry all the time here in Phoenix and never have an issue. What makes Arizona citizens so much more responsible than Texas citizens. Come on Texas, join the freedom movement, it's so liberating. Isn't that what Texas is supposed to be known for?

Dallas, TX

#8 Oct 21, 2008
No, since Perry took office, we have been practicing our civil rights are violated pose...

Austin, TX

#9 Oct 21, 2008
Emotional rhetoric over substance. This is exactly why I no longer watch NBC5.

Dallas, TX

#10 Oct 22, 2008
I am consistently amazed at the relative idiocy of some people. How difficult could it be to check the facts of the 44 other states that already allow open carry to try and validate these claims? This is the same fear mongering propaganda that was spewed 10+ years ago when concealed carry was approved. Remember the comments: Wild West shootouts! Every argument a blood bath! Freeways jammed with dead bodies from road rage. NONE of this hysteria materialized; nor will any of your ludicrous comments.

I will be happy to help you pack for your move. However, choose carefully because there are only 6 States that outlaw open carry and most, like Texas, have petitions underway to remove this unnecessary restriction.
FreedomJoyAdvent ure

Round Rock, TX

#11 Oct 22, 2008
I am a certified firearms instructor and range safety officer.
I have a concealed carry permit, but I almost never carry concealed because it isn't convenient, comfortable, or even particularly safe - I don't want to be tussling with layers of clothing to get at my firearm if I'm attacked.
The police and military carry openly because that's what works.
Stephen Dudley, it seems to me you have about as much understanding of the Second Amendment as Jim Zumbo or Joaquin Jackson do, which is to say very little. You definitely do not speak for me.
Open Carry would be the best thing for personal self defense.
Just because YOU don't like it, that doesn't mean it isn't appropriate for others.
If you're seriously thinking about leaving Texas over this, please, by all means do so. I'll also volunteer to help you pack. You might find New York City more to your liking.
Everyone else: please sign the Texas Open Carry Petition ASAP if you support open carry, and let your state senator and congressman and Rick Perry know.
Jim K

Sachse, TX

#12 Oct 22, 2008
DKSuddeth hit some of the most important points.

You sound like many uninformed fear mongers that are only supported by those that don't and won't stop and think for themselves.

Open carry does not give a criminal the right to open carry; if a criminal is carrying his stolen or otherwise illegally obtained firearm, he's carrying it concealed....and it's still illegal. Take that gun off the street.

Most people, such as myself that do carry concealed 90% of the time, would not carry open for the simple reason that it draws undue attention. But I'd like to know that I can if I feel the occasion is fitting.

You need to learn current laws and understand how they affect us now. Most of what people like you really want is already a law. Making new laws won't help if laws can't or aren't being enforced as it is. I'm all for taking illegal guns off the streets and out of the hands of those otherwise prohibited from buying and possessing guns. The problem is, 99% of the effort of those like yourself, only effect responsible citizens legally buying, owning and carrying; the ones you don't have to worry about; the ones that are criminals.

Put your energy towards finding a way to get guns out of criminals hands. It's not an easy solution but needs all the energy and support it can get from us all.

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