Jeff Hanjian Florida State University

As a boat owner at a marina on Lake Lanier, with many years of experience, I frequently boat at night. It is wonderful to be on the lake when it is quiet and peaceful. So many other boats I see however are going way too fast in the dark which it totally insane as there are many rocky shoals and unlighted markers that you can not see easily and avoid in time. The only way to safely boat in the dark is GO SLOW! enjoy the clam and USE proper lights, Carry a SPOT LIGHT and flash at other near by boats to acknowledge each others locations. In addition, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER boat under the influence of anything. This recent accident is not the first example of how some people become complete idiots in boats. Over the years there have been similar accidents where one boat has hit another from speed, lack of proper lighting, and BUI. Boating requires a serious responsibily and should require a license just like a car and the right to boat can be revoked for serious infractions just like with cars. Remember boats have no breaks and weight sometimes more than your car. Please take the irresponsible and dangerous boaters not only off the lake but also straight to jail before they kill more people.