After the very UNWELCOME SNOW of last week; the good people of New Jersey are STILL waiting for that warm and sunny weather. Lets hope we have NO April snow or April Showers!!! I got a new poem: WITHOUT A DOUBT, WE WANT A SPRING DROUGHT!!!! It sure beats the heck out of that tired April Showers poem. Watching the Mets games from Florida has been wonderful therapy but I was sure 1000% jealous of the people that were down there enjoying the 80 plus degree sunny weather. When it snowed & sleeted last week; I was in tears but as my friend Laura put it in 2 perspectives: THINGS COULD BE WORSE, WE COULD BE LIVING IN JAPAN & THE FACT THAT IT'S 2 MONTHS UNTIL MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND WHICH MEANS BACKYARD BBQ'S AND BEAUTIFUL WOMEN IN THEIR BATHING SUITS LAYING IN THE SUN AT THE JERSEY SHORE, BY THE POOL OR IN THE LOCAL PARK.