OAKLAND / Boy, 15, dies after drive-b...

OAKLAND / Boy, 15, dies after drive-by shooting

There are 382 comments on the SF Gate story from Jan 17, 2006, titled OAKLAND / Boy, 15, dies after drive-by shooting. In it, SF Gate reports that:

A 15-year-old boy died this weekend after a drive-by shooting on a corner known for gang activity, but investigators do not know whether the boy was singled out by the gunman, police said Monday.

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United States

#405 May 8, 2009
and urk a FOB to haha
pinoy bkitches got lil tiny dicc gang cuh?

United States

#406 May 8, 2009
how old are you too nigguh

San Diego, CA

#407 May 10, 2009
what wrote:
all yall needa stop this hating and go cop that bambu cd.. listen to some real hip hop shit
thats wassup bambu is an ex-gang member and a social activist pushing for change for pinoys by pinoys... this is what we should be doing making movements and educating our youth who do not seem to know our history

Humble, TX

#409 May 17, 2009

Boulder, CO

#410 May 18, 2009
da thing is i was a norteno in hayward from dat a-street ima whiteboy.. i got outta it cuzz my cuzzn is locked up, my homiez is gettin locked up dyin. ill alwayz back dem up.. i uz to b like ery 1 else n where dat guna get chu dead or in jail most my homies family in san quentin right now fuck dat.. if u a wannab g fuck u if u a real g i gotts respect buh it'll catch up 2 u im da only 1 in my family dat gunna graduate im goin 2 college.
Little Joey

Green Valley Lake, CA

#411 Jun 4, 2009
Bahala Na Barkada gang all day cuhz, f*ck da bdb. BNB till I die.
Little joey BNB cuhz

Green Valley Lake, CA

#412 Jun 8, 2009
Young Play Boi 509 wrote:
wth u claiming BNB 4????? i thot Bahala Na Barkada was DEAD??? the hell??? yall the 2nd Filipino Gang to be in SD Paradise Hills yall kicked it with Paradise Hills Chicano Gang yall gay trooping up soldiers to fight Bdown Boyz yal btoh Filipino... BNB some busters man... thought Barkada was dead 6-7 years ago
F*ck you cuhz, bnb all day, f*ck where your frm, southeast san diego crips till we die cuhz

Fpo, AE

#413 Jun 10, 2009
All you studio Pinoy/Asian gangstaz claiming cuz this and blood that are ignorant hommie. Why you glorifying the brothaz? You know none of you all are real Bloodz or Cripz. Answer this question...who are you gonna roll with when youre locked up in the Pen? You get clowned for that shit forrealz. The closest asian gang to have ties to the Blue Rag is Asian Boyz from Strong Beach hommie and even they stopped using that "Cuh this and Cuh that" shit because they couldnt fit in with the brothaz in the pen. Gotta come up with something original because when youre locked up, you roll with "The Others," and thats it. Seriously...cut that shit out...shitz gay.

United States

#415 Jun 27, 2009
shut up lady. you wanna show sympathy show some to the ones dying in iraq and wars around the world. what do you think our united states is? one big ass gang. one of my friends from bng now says im from the biggest los angeles gang... the lapd.. which he joined. i heard a saying once "you kill one or two people your a murderer you kill a multitude your a conqueror".. the world is made up of gangs. depends on who's looking. and who says we're dumb i got a friends from bng that are doctors. one an actual surgeon. live your lives how you want to. i. chose my path. with kids and family and been to the pen and banged in los angeles and philippines and i' m a successful tattoo artist which is the profession i learned from doing time charging 100dollars an hour. and i'm still living the lifestyle and probably make more than u fools out there. bahala na til i die....!
sent from my iphone
The English Teacher

South Africa

#416 Jul 2, 2009
It appears not many folks that use this comment site are very well educated. Apparently, proper english is not anyone's strong attributes. Stay in school; get an education, and change the world to collective, good natured community organizing.
Say What

Montgomery, AL

#417 Jul 2, 2009
OMG!!!!! Are you people serious???? You are a bunch a very sad people. What a disgrace. I bet your mom's are so ashamed.....

Richmond, CA

#418 Jul 2, 2009
Chea wrote:
Them Pinoys from Bahala Na Gang had most fools scared in the 90's. Even All Brothers togehter was hard. Now its all wankstas in the bay area...
hahaha we Decoto head stoppers took abt out. Those putos ant nothing to the NF DHS X VGD 4 LDG est 1964 and going strong.

Morgan Hill, CA

#420 Aug 23, 2009
ken wrote:
<quoted text>
the OPD has been stepping up the plate. thyve had a massive presence in my neighborhood. useless thugs: white or black i dont care...get 'em off the street
good job OPD
I hope the OPD keeps it up, and also gets some help. This gang crap has got to stop. Killing kids is worse that chicken s---.And i don't care what color they are either. Now there's another death, a 14 year old !!

United States

#421 Aug 31, 2009
kevin wrote:
violent viet boi
u chanks can't f*ck wit that big mighty norte that man got wacked by his enemy tryn to pump your bitch ass
click f*ck u
SDP Weaksauce

Kamuela, HI

#422 Sep 8, 2009
BiG BoY 5o9 wrote:
whut brackz with the niggaz from the hood...str8 up south east riderz back up to north side mira mesa...mecKa town bound my niggas...f*ck all dem fake ass brabz...acb some lame ass tricks...shout out to all them 5o9 playboys out there keep ya headz up
Ay man, seriously the way pinoys grew up in mira mesa wasn't even Ghetto. Their parents went to teach meetings and shit. Laos Pride homie.
SDP Weaksauce

Kamuela, HI

#423 Sep 8, 2009
Retty wrote:
<quoted text>
Gangbangers are dumb!!! Gook gangbangers are even dumber!! hahaha better?
Are you mad, because the gooks were just trying to go to school. You mexicans couldn't stand but to mess with us. Until you got smoked lolllll

Beaners got shot by like CBC,TRG and ABZ... literally shot to death like AK-47 and AR-15 shit.
Now all I see if like 15 mexicans or blacks walking together... got the gangster looks. It's like they all grow up not knowing that this is america and you can be whatever you want to be. But these guys want to be all the same. Generations of dumb fucks... keep laughing while us asians do it smooth with money, cars and all dat shit.. no wonder white people love pho.. If this world came down to a hole.. and china took over.. trust me homie... we would have a white wife slave for each asian fools.... you have #'s in america.... but you also lucky that not every asian is gang banging... but we would come together harder than you fools.. Lucky that most asian business people are legit and don't hand out guns and money to gangs..We have some respect for our culture unlike you guys... I forgot how decent mexican looks like.. because you guys fucked up you race making it look so Vato Loco. Gimme a break, get a job..

Gonzales, CA

#424 Sep 18, 2009
Thank you...who is spending more time on the computer? How many times have you posted. Sorry ass. Get a life
Gang Researcher

Vista, CA

#426 Oct 9, 2009
Damn, you guys need to get a life. First of all, SDP isn't swat. I remember Larry, Joey, Lil B, Lazy, Renz and other cats of SouthEast SDP, but other than that, they earned their respect. Northside SDP ain't nothing. StateSiders are just gaining more people and Asian Insane Boys, WOW. Nothing to say about AIB, because the lil cats of AIB nowadays killed it. Bahala Na Gang and the rest of them Eastside Family are non-active right now. SSI, EastSide Family, AIB, BDB, and BNB are the real filipino gangs in SD. SDP just ain't nothing. Just a bunch of wannabe special ed folks asking parents to buy them dickies, chucks, and a gun. Hahaha. You guys are spoiled. Come to the real hood which is Southeast. When we want something, we get it ourselves, not like you northsiders SDP asking parents for everything. I got respect for some of the older heads from north SDP, but the rest are just idiots. The original SOUTHEAST SDP don't bang no more, why? because they felt SDP is gay and didn't want anything to do with a special ed gang.
PS. f-u-c-k y-o-u to PLAYBOI , TRIPZ, LIL TIPSY, BIG BOI, AND THE REST of you lil cats that I didn't name. LOL.
kelly jammer

Vancouver, Canada

#429 Oct 21, 2009
y'all nothin but sheet holes

San Diego, CA

#430 Oct 23, 2009
playboy509 wrote:
<quoted text>
San Diegp Bahala is real the hell u talking bout u dumb ur ass dont even live heare u dessert rat.. BNG san diego is real i seen it for my own eyes and u dont anything how u gon call my OG's cowards and wanksters they made the ranks putting the set on the map till this day even the lil heads are holding it down... our OG's took out most of the older AC heads.. and we took out ABZ heads who were tryna go into our town... up in SD is all pinoy love man... SDP, BNG San Diego, Tru pinoy brothers...go to south east u see East Side Family most of the South East Filipino Gangs acting as one.... all yall talking all this smack about pinoy on pinoy man yall must be set trippen... 94 block sftu u sound s2upid with the stuff ur saying
SE?BNG? cHAPTER2 put Bahala on the map... fcK all bananaz

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