Surfing New Zealand is the national body for competetive surfing in NZ. The last two AGMs have not been run in an acceptable manner and the most recent one in breach of both SNZ's Constitution and with disregard to the organisations own "Code of Conduct in regard to conflicts of interest.

The President and the Excutive Officer seem to have contracted a severe case of founders syndrome and firmly beleive that no one who does not meet their approval has anything to offer SNZ.

A look at the organisations financial reports tells it's own story, As a national body of a fast growing and popular spectator and televised sport their fund raising performance is abysmal. Regional sports Trusts often raise significantly more money annually.

This is especially surprising given the fact that surf accessory and clothing manufacturing and marketing is a multimillion industry in NZ and a billion dollar industry world wide.

Of particular concern is the lack of training and developement funding for young surfers, NZ's best young surfers are moving to Australia and moving upwards in their sport with no training or coaching input from SNZ.

Rumour has it that the President has indicated that "due to the potential legal cost of the forthcoming Sports Tribunal Hearing, SNZ will not be able to send the Juniors to the Worlds in France.

In fact last year and probably every other year the parents have paid for the kids attendance and then paid a management fee to SNZ so Bruce Scott can go for his world trip.

This suggestes an attempt to undermine support for genuine concerned surfers who are solely concerned in getting SNZ back on track and properly administered and funded.

If that happens I am sure we can look to having developement and training camps for up and coming juniors, SNZ funded coaching and a more realistic and professional management style.