AskShareGive is a new not-for-profit website that allows people to share their time, skills, transport and old or unwanted goods. The website is the brain child of an Auckland business man who runs a software company. He felt inspired by the ideology of a gift economy where goods and services flow through a community through sharing and without money changing hands. He felt that as a rule our homes are cluttered with an abundance of things and stuff and we have this trend of continuing to buy more rather than spread what we have amongst each other.

Giving goods away that are no longer needed to someone who really appreciates them, not only extends the life of the goods but keeps them out of the landfill. Broken appliances, old timber, goods that we might consider rubbish may be very useful to someone else along with items that simply serve no purpose in our lives anymore. With the recession biting deep into our pockets, purchasing new items may no longer be a consideration for many New Zealanders and sites like AskShareGive give us the option of finding what we need without the need to dig deep or go without.

Volunteering time is another function of AskShareGive. Currently on the site people are offering dog walking, business advice, befriending, budget advice and Reiki healing to name a few. Giving makes people feel good and volunteering often creates win win situations.

The site itself is well thought out, slick, simple to use and incorporates some interesting features. The feedback and rating system allows people to choose who they wish to share with. The site also has a Coordinator, an Auckland person, with a social services background, who works diligently behind the scenes to sort out issues and problems and write interesting forum posts, with the intention that the site does not take on the face of so many other websites just another website with no human element.
In the short time AskShareGive has been in operation, there has been strong interest in many areas. Community organisations are listing their needs and many individuals are enjoying asking, sharing and giving to each other.
To join up or to learn more about the site go to or email the Coordinator at