People want Bill Maher fired, again

People want Bill Maher fired, again

There are 1315 comments on the Newsday story from Apr 21, 2008, titled People want Bill Maher fired, again. In it, Newsday reports that:

While most of the media attention focused on Pope Benedict XVI's trip to the United States was overwhelmingly positive, one television show host's choice words for the pope and the Catholic Church landed him in ...

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Bronx, NY

#549 Apr 21, 2008
Kevin Quail wrote:
"I have recently been examining all the known superstitions of the world, and do not find in our particular superstition [Christianity] one redeeming feature. They are all alike, founded on fables and mythology."--Thomas Jefferson, letter to William Short
"Millions of innocent men, women, and children, since the introduction of Christianity, have been burnt, tortured, fined, imprisoned, yet we have not advanced one inch towards uniformity [of opinion]. What has been the effect of coercion? To make one half the world fools, and the other half hypocrites."--Thomas Jefferson,
Great stuff. Just think of how politicians (mostly republicans) speak of the founding our "christian nation" perhaps putting a spin on "faith based", but faith, not in some imaginary super being, but faith in each of us to strive, think, work and grow together to build a free nation. What happened??
I guess no one remembers or brings up the fact that "In God We Trust" and " nation under God..etc" where added to our currency and the Pledge of Allegiance respectively in or around the McCarthy era.
There are many who do not see that from the outside looking in, we appear to be another fundamentalist religious state. The downfall of the great American Empire??!! Let's hope we can turn it around.
Back to Bill- he is anti all religion, not necessarily faith. He only speaks of issues that entice his target demographic. He has the right to do that. I find him to be entertaining and thought provoking. I also find Ann Coulter to be entertaining and thought provoking. They both focus on politics and current events. They both make a living as entertainers, riling-up those who oppose to their viewpoints. On one hand good for them (they do not have to work real jobs), on the other hand its really inconsequential.
United we stand, divided we fall. I guess we forgot why we are supposed to be united in the first place.

Chicago, IL

#550 Apr 21, 2008
The Pope was in the Nazi Youth Corps, that's not a lie. The joke made by Maher merely made fun of the obvious since we all know that the Youth Corps doesn't necessarily reveal an allegiance to the policies of the Nazi party and the then elected German Chancellor Adolf Hitler. While it may be offensive to some people to hear anyone speak of, or make fun of, this historic fact, that doesn't mean that anyone has the right to prohibit others from talking about it.

Maher's criticism of the Pope and the Catholic church for their failure to report many known cases of pedophilia to the US authorities is a valid concern. Priests known to have molested children were simply moved to different parishes - as was a priest in my own parish in Winnetka in the 70's, but NONE were reported to the police. The monsignor and other priests in Winnetka and cardinal spoke to the parents, telling them that it was their duty as Catholics not to embarrass the church by going to the police and that they should allow the church to handle the actions of the priest without making a public spectacle of it. These were crimes and any other organization would be held accountable to our laws for concealing the crimes, whereas the Catholic church and the Pope have not, nor have most of these priests been prosecuted and sentenced to prison terms as would any other, non-catholic offenders.

Free speech does not mean that anyone has to provide a megaphone to anyone who asks for it, but to call for someone to be FIRED for poking fun at something on a comedy news program or talking about a sensitive issues is very much something that Hitler would have done. Haven't we learned anything? Let's strive to be better than this and applaud Maher's ability to say what many, many people are thinking and about which we ALL should be talking more openly.

Denver, CO

#551 Apr 21, 2008
Burt wrote:
<quoted text>
As I asked: NAME THREE.
Teachings of: Forgiveness, Tolerance, and Faith...I'd call those pretty good things...but judging by this society and the sad comments by many here, those things really don't matter to you...but I assure you, there will come a day when they do.

United States

#552 Apr 21, 2008
For those people that believe Maher was telling the truth I suggest you examine his words very carefully and then find out how Cardinal Ratzinger really handled the homosexual rapist scandal. No, Maher will keep his job. The only way he could be fired is if he slipped up and used the word "nappy" in his attacks on Catholics and the Pope. It never ceases to amaze me that people don't know the difference between freedom and license. I have freedom to drive down a road but not license to speed in the wrong lane without a seatbelt. Maher's lies are also libel and he would lose his case if this were an attack on a non-celebrity tried in civil court.
Jim Hippo

United States

#554 Apr 21, 2008
Mary wrote:
If anyone said 1/2 of the hateful things that this man said against Jews, Blacks or Muslims they would have been fired after the first comment and not even afforded the opportunity to apologize. Why is it Roman Catholics are fair game for hateful attacks?
In the words of the Rev. Al Sharpton, "HEEE SHOOUUULD BE FIRRRREEEED!"
Jeff from Flushing

East Hampton, NY

#555 Apr 21, 2008
Bill Maher is not, and has never been, funny or smart. It is his lack of understanding as to what passes for comedy that has kept him from anything other than his meager following on HBO which has to replay his show over and over. If Dennis Miller still did his show on HBO, Maher would be on some cable access channel only shown in Provincetown RI.

Teaneck, NJ

#556 Apr 21, 2008
Look how much money the church has paid to victims, either as direct restitution or as hush money. Maher might have questionable taste, but he's hit that nail right on the head.
Glen Cove Lady

Milford, CT

#557 Apr 21, 2008
Don Imus said nothing worse than what Maher said. Why the different reaction?

The people crying "censorship!" now, were awfully quiet when Imus was raked over the coals.

That says something.

Westbury, NY

#558 Apr 21, 2008
Rob wrote:
Shaaron, you make some decent points, but when does it end? This is likely not what our forefathers meant by freedom of speech and expression. When does it end. I go to ballgames and listen to vil language all night...Why? Why are sports fans cursing, throwing things at others, etc.? What happened to civility. Shaaron, as a black woman, I think you may have a better understanding of this. If some talkie came out and homed in on Dr. King being a philanderer, a Marxist (close to Communist), a drug user, etc. some would be in an uproar, right? I think most would. It's just that everything we hear today is negative, in a time when we need cohesiveness and peace. Does anyone say anything nice anymore?
<quoted text>
So you want freedom of speech as long as nobody gets offended? That pretty much eliminates freedom of speech, because somewhere there is someone that will not like what you say, so by your standard, you should not be allowed to say it. Our forefathers did not want people to fear for their life, liberty & pursuit of happiness because someone didn't like our words. There are plenty of things that I'm sure they would see today that may not fit in to their standards when they set this system up. The right to bear arms for instance. We've gone from muskets to semi-automatic weapons, do you think that is what they had in mind? I'm sure they didn't envision corporate America holding the reigns of our country influencing and controlling the decisions of the people that are supposed to represent everyone. And I'm certain they would be appalled to know that people can lose their livelyhood because they made a joke. You are right, this is probably not the America they hoped it would become.

Westbury, NY

#559 Apr 21, 2008
Jmg wrote:
speaking of freedom of speech, my last post recieved a bunch of asterisks just because I typed the word n, a, p, p, y.
don't feel bad, you can't type brown either

Westbury, NY

#560 Apr 21, 2008
that would be B R O W N, it's on crayolas for pete's sake

Mishawaka, IN

#564 Apr 21, 2008
This guy is just another Michael Richards. His career is toast


#565 Apr 21, 2008
Who cares if Bill Maher keeps his job on Real Time. All these posts he doesn't care about your
world, only his. All the freedom of speech posters
make me laugh. Live in the real world, do you have
freedom of speech where you work?
No one forces anyone to watch anything, turn the
channel. This is a job for him, which he probably
won't have much longer.
norepublicanshil ls

Deerfield Beach, FL

#566 Apr 21, 2008
Just another case of religion stifling freedom of speech through its sheep. Bill Maher was not really trying to be funny - he was stating a fact. If, in fact that freak of nature known as the pope was the CEO of a company and did the same protective maneuvers concerning the child molesting priests he would be in prison. Period. Put your head back in the sand if you don't like it.
Taylor F

Bronx, NY

#567 Apr 21, 2008
Who cares what this guy says or think? The only people watching him think it already anyway.

Richmond, VA

#568 Apr 21, 2008
I am so offended at his ignorant, insulting, and cold-hearted statements. He has a right to express his opinion, but we have th right to call for his termination from that show. I am not Catholic. I am equally appalled at his response (pathetic apology) too. His comments are reek. Get him off the air already.

Wheaton, IL

#569 Apr 21, 2008
If Maher had any balls, after this he should show the cartoons that got all the Muslims up in arms. But he is too chicken...... to that probably.
norepublicanshil ls

Deerfield Beach, FL

#570 Apr 21, 2008
Hurtful wrote:
I am so offended at his ignorant, insulting, and cold-hearted statements. He has a right to express his opinion, but we have th right to call for his termination from that show. I am not Catholic. I am equally appalled at his response (pathetic apology) too. His comments are reek. Get him off the air already.
Yea, he should not have to apologize for stating his opinion. We are the only country with a "Freedom of Speech" amendment, yet we are one of the few that doesn't actually have it. If you don't like him or what he says, turn the bloody channel!
Conservative Watchdog

Lake Worth, FL

#571 Apr 21, 2008
More and more "recovering Republicans" are watching Maher's show "religiously" every week! Until the Bishops and Cardinals responsible for "relocating" (rather than exposing and rebuking) offending church personnel are publicly reprimanded, the disingenuous of the Pope's PR tour will overshadow the good works of selfless Catholics. Maher doesn't pretend to know it all but he doesn't swallow any crap from those who do! Keep it up, Bill!

Wheaton, IL

#572 Apr 21, 2008
Seems like a lot of people here lack an understanding of the meaning of free speech. The 1st amendment simply guarantees that the GOVERNMENT cannot limit your freedom of speech and expression. In other words, you can't get arrested and/or detained for what you say.
I haven't seen anyone claim Maher should be thrown in jail for what he said (although I'm sure some probably wish), and his free speech rights have not been violated. HBO is free to decide whether to give him a forum or not - that's their right. If they choose to fire him, it's again NOT limiting Bill's Constitutional right to free speech.
"Free speech" does not mean you are guaranteed an audience. You're free to start a blog and say whatever you want. You're NOT free to force others to read it. Same applies to comments on this board - it belongs to the Tribune and they can censor it as they see fit. If you don't like it, you're free to start your own.
That said, I'm generally a Maher fan and would not like to see him fired, essentially for expressing a point of view HBO knew they were getting, a point of view that does have some factual truths in it.

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