Suffolk police shuffled in wake of se...

Suffolk police shuffled in wake of sex predator sting

There are 103 comments on the Newsday story from May 25, 2007, titled Suffolk police shuffled in wake of sex predator sting. In it, Newsday reports that:

Seven high ranking Suffolk police officials were reshuffled Friday, just weeks after the district attorney expressed concerns about a sex predator sting involving Miss America and an arrest policy that raised ...

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Mike Smithtown

Bronxville, NY

#23 May 26, 2007
The publicity worked, People are aware of these scumbags in our midst. The brass are hidebound and frozen in the " Cover your ass " syndrome! The old men in the top positions wouldn't know a new idea if it knocked the brass hat off their heads! Get the hell out and let someone do the job without looking over his shoulder!


#25 May 26, 2007
These moves are interesting. It seems as though Dormer has taken control of the most powerful police unit in the police department, the Major Crimes Bureau, or DA detectives. There are observors that will tell you the SCPD homicide squad ruled the PD and the County. I did say County. It is now obvious the power has shifted to the Major Crimes Bureau under the command of Inspector James C. Burke. And we all know by now where Mr.Burke made his 'bones' in the Suffolk County political system back in 1979 when he was a teenager growing up in a neighborhood of teenage burglars and drug dealers.

I picture Tom Spota when I hear Vito Corleone telling his son: " Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer". At least the ones who can hurt you.

I noticed in this article that police officers are mentioned as being active members of political campaigns. THAT IS JUST PLAIN WRONG!

Army generals don't go endorsing presidential candidates, and police officers of any rank should NOT be allowed to actively participate in a political campaign. that is what they have unions for.

You just can't put a windbreaker over your uniform while you are working and go door to door making collections for political candidates. First it is for Catterson, then it is for Spota. Whichever way the wind blows. I have had police officials who have actually witnessed that with their own eyes and told the offending officer to stop forthwith.

It is bad Mo-Jo to have cops and poltics mix. It is even worse Mo-Jo for a DA to have them mix as the DA may someday have to go after his own friends in the PD.


#26 May 26, 2007
The question of Dormer having Spota's detectives answer directly to him are questions of: 1. Is he taking direct control of these detectives to keep them out of some pesky chief of detectives who may make them accountable and keep them from being annoyed? 2. Is he trying to send a message to Spota that he still has some respect for himself and this isn't yet Spota's PD ( which it really is anyway) and has put Spota's detectives under his control so he can pester them if he needs to be.

If you have been reading my constant non stop barrage on Spota you would have seen me say that in the police steroid investigation of 2001-2002, I claimed that IAB took a case of corruption from a federal informant and kept it from Spota intentionally. They may have kept it from Dormer himself. That PD is out of control.

When IAB got the complaint of a cop going off the rails they would have soon realized that the cop was a campaign worker for Tom Spota. That his two best friends were James Burke and David Tricamo. The latter two are as close to Spota as stink on sh!t. Those lieutenants in IAB may have been so frustrated that every effort they took against Burke and Tricamo were being stymied by politics. It appears from all indications that IAB kept this case for 5 months before letting Spota know they had one of his boys in their trap. They knew he would kill the case as it led back to his campaign and his two best pals in the PD. One his best pal since the 1979 John Pius homicide.

Spota was not about to lose control after that. He planted his flags in the PD and rained down terror on anyone who would make an end run around him.

While it appears that the DA had no control of the steroid case that IAB held, it is in direct contrast to the 'investigation' of my son in law's case. An informant gives detectives information that my son in law, a cop, did a burglary with them during a 11/13/03 interview, there is NOT one mention of it being in his IAB files. No, my friends, Spota is not going to be out of control as he was forced into in the steroid case; this time he would keep the alleged corruption case out of the grasp of IAB because he knows he can't control them when they set a frame in motion.

You people better wake up fast. You have a tyrant that will eventually bring disgrace down upon Suffolk County. Leopards don't change their spots.


#27 May 26, 2007
When I went to IAB on 9/7/06, I called them and told them who and what I wanted to tell them about. I was invited in for a personal visit. I knew it was a farce, but what the hell - let's run it up the pole and see who salutes it.

I go in there about 4 10PM and spend more than an hour 20 in there. Non-stop barrage. I mention that there is nothing new about my charges as I post them on Message Boards, and mention .

When I get home I due the usual routine: check mail, visit about 1/2 sites I alawys go to, and there I find on LIPOLITICS my post of 6 months earlier recreated in a 'reply' mode at 5 29PM, or when I was still in the room giving testimony. At 5 35, another post, but this time they pretty much told me to go F--K myself with a "Yawn-Ho Hum" comment. Those posts came directly from a terminal in PHQ, or the building I was in, and they came while I was still in the building. They just couldn't wait to show off their arrogance and disdain.

What I believe happened here is that the SCPD was so terrorized by Spota that they didn't have the balls to take the information and pass it down the line later. They took no chances and gave him and his detectives the opportunity to listen in on the interview while I was there. The printed record should make that obvious to anyone who wants to take a look at it.

No, my friends, what happened in the steroid case by IAB witholding information from Spota and then forcing him to prosecute one of his own pals when the FEDS got involved was just too much for a power hungry freak like Spota to digest. He took measures to make the SCPD answerable to him and make sure NOTHING like the steroid case would never happen again unless he wanted it to.

That is why Spota kept the son in law's case out of IAB. He just couldn't trust them to play ball with a frame job. It really is as simple as that. And I am confident in that judgment.

Mount Vernon, NY

#28 May 26, 2007
Oh so, all you have written about Spota, and his pals make's what your parasite son in law DID! And make no mistake about it he is GUILTY!


#29 May 26, 2007
dirk pridenti wrote:
Dirk, please don't offer anything constructive to the conversation. Revert to what others who have nothing to say and keep up the name calling.

attack them with intelligent questions and answers, not insults. Your type is apparent to most and ignored to the extent it can be.

Brooklyn, NY

#30 May 26, 2007
If these transfers are really all equal then why even bother? This doesn't make any sense if thats the case. They want their people in the right places. This whole thing seems very fishy.


#31 May 26, 2007
Nancy, the question in your question is: THEY. who wants their people in the right places and for what reasons? The only person who should have a say in it is Dormer. But he is a stooge and an idiot who collects a police pension, a police commissioner's salary, and an occasional consultant's fee for his PI work. Hey, he is raking in the coins, what does he five a ______for?

And, just maybe he believes he is relevant.

It is a tug of war by Spota to seize control of the entire system through fear and intimidation.

If you have been reading my stuff on my son in law's trial u would have read that three innocent off duty cops came into the courtroom to 'see for themselves', as they said and what they saw and heard was their former boss lying to convict a retired police officer. No question about it. They would know the duties of a police officer for a burglary call. The jury is a collection of idiots. It was so gross, the testimony, that the supervisor chased them out into the hallway and screamed at them for being there. That was followed up by an order by the Idiot Dormer requiring the three cops to send him a letter explaining why they exercised their constitutional rights of visiting a trial to see how justice was administered in their court system.

Ironically, I believe from what I heard and observed that at least two of those officer came into the courtroom 60-40 for guilty and left 100% railroad. The other fellow was maybe 80 -20 for the defense. just a guess.

They rule by fear, intimidation, rewards, and criminal acts, nothing more and nothing less.

those so called 'corruption' scandals you see the card giving Spota giving out to cops for referrals when he was a private attorney are nothing but deflections and power messages given to the politicians to step in line.

Stalin had his Beria.
Hitler had his Himmler.
The Spanish King had his Torqueamada
Spota has the power to investigate by using persons of questionable credentials to do his bidding.

It is all about power, and nothing else.

What tommy boy has to realize that those three people I mentioned above are ALL DEAD. And it didn't make one bit of difference to the Most Powerful Being in the Universe.
FF Jack

Brentwood, NY

#32 May 26, 2007
Hi Pete

Is there anything substantial to indicate this is nothing more than management's right to assign personnel where they see fit? No one got demoted. This was just a bit of in-house seat switching. After the rank of captain, serving is at the will of the PC. It's not unusual in civil service to frequently adjust personnel to meet current or forecasted needs.

For those of us who've been around for awhile, support services sounds better to me than the DD bureau. I would gladly be the mon-fri nerd than being involved in headline news stories.

There was a murder in Huntington Village yesterday. The perp was quickly identified, located, and arrested. Year after year SCPD does a responsibe job, despite being considerably undermanned. In my town of West Babylon they shutdown cars on the midnights, because there's no one to drive them. You seem obsessed over a perceived injustice that's already decided by a jury. Is it possible IAB dismissed your allegations for another reason? I'm not talking of you being persistant or annoying to them, but did they dismiss you thinking you weren't rational? With such outrageous allegations, how come there's no one else speaking up? Or are they all devious criminals too?
FF Jack

Brentwood, NY

#33 May 26, 2007
I see you indicate SCPD is a department "out of control". The PC makes administrative changes for accountablility and you're still shaking your fist with volumes of nonsense.

If hundreds of people are employed within the various PD and DA agencies, wouldn't someone in the ranks expose these grand schemes you've mentioned? What about defense and appeals lawyers, or they're involved too? I think the spies down in Langley, Va, have covertly infiltrated the water where you live. It's making you wacky.

You would amuze the ACLU or CCRB with your investigative conclusions, but you wouldn't be taken seriously.


#34 May 26, 2007
I am sorry you see it that way Jack. You are totally out of your element, with all due respect. BTW, are you in Florida yet?

My friend, when I went to IAB the Lieutenant was struck with my testimony. It is all on tape.

Yes, they tried to dissuade me of my allegations offering explanations. It is nothing more than I expected. I also expected them to tell the people I was talking about. What I didn't expect was they would allow them to 'sit in' on the interview via an open mike. That is pretty much a matter of record.

The Liuetenant didn't really know what to say. Amazingly, he said I should bring this to the attention of the federal people or state people. He must have gotten a big cigar for that one. It is on the record so it is not like I am giving him up.

Yes, the SCPD does do a very good job with good and great police officers, no doubt of that at all. Yes, most of them are honest hard working souls. But to say that the recent arrest of the Huntington slayer is outstanding police work is only your attempt to make them out to be supermen, which none of us are. It was a 'ground ball' investigation. The only thing that would have made it easier was to have the shooter kill himself and you would have two homicides solved for the price of one.

South Bound Brook, NJ

#35 May 26, 2007
Well, as I said when the miss entrapment fiasco first hit the press, there seemed to be a feud going on between the d.a.'s office and the scpd brass.I also wondered if the high ranking official who left the d.a. out of the loop still had a job?Now we know! This press release and shuffle conveniently comes at a time where all the high ranking screw ups are not available for comment and wont be for days!!The public is supposed to believe that the countys chief of detectives is moved to chief of patrol and this is not a demotion??We are also supposed to believe the guy who decided that illegals who have no i.d. should be allowed to recieve a traffic summons and be on their merry way, even though they could very well be a murderer or sexual predator because hispanics are being profiled???ARE WE THAT STUPID??I would like to know what the salaries of mr.RAU are and what the salary of the former chief of patrol are, since this was not a demotion, I BET SOMEONE GOT A RAISE AT THE TAXPAYERS EXPENSE!!,and the ones who screwed up didnt take a pay cut,so the taxpayer will take the hit for this PUBLICITY STUNT!!please guys, stop thinking the public is so dumb and take responsibility for this charade.RAU should be the fall guy here and loose his job, just like anyone would if they did something they Knew their boss would not approve of but hid it and did it anyway!!BUT THIS WONT HAPPEN BECAUSE OUR OVERPAID POLICE FORCE NEVER MAKES MISTAKES!! cute little LAUREN sure stirred up a stinky mess here, but she's not here to smell it!!


#36 May 26, 2007
..... Come on Jack, you were FD and a ranking officer for a long time. The PC ( with the permission of the PBA) can send almost anyone anywhere he chooses. But that isn't reality, and you know that.

PC Safir thought it was a good idea to transfer 25 black cops into the Louima precinct to give the black residents a sense of identificaion and security. I thought it was a SUPER IDEA. He was using his preogatives to place the right people in the right place for the good of the department. What he and NYC got was a lawsuit giving those 25 black cops $50,000.00 each because the PC did exactly what you are saying Dormer had the right to do.

BULLSH!T !, Jack, you know it and I know it.

I can only speculate as to Dormer's intentions for the recent transfers. Of course, I wouldn't know exactly why he did these transfers, but he has done it to satisfy some requirement that has been thrust upon him. Maybe he has done this because he wants to take control of his own police department.

A very fine man named Bob Creighton took the job of PC, a dream job for someone of his background and he left in less than a year. Too much politics.

Ironically, he was the Chief Investigator for Tom Spota until last year when he retired. Who knows why. He is the type of guy who will NEVER give it up, even under torture. He is old school.

When Creighton left that post under Catterson, it was my old boss from the NYPD who replaced him and did so for a very good number of years. He was the first one fired when Spota took office. His photograph was placed in points of entry and in the squad room as not one to be allowed in the building under any circumstances. They guy was willing to revert to his civil service rank of investigator because he loved the job so much. He is a man of the highest integrity and one of the most honorable cops and human beings I have ever had the pleasure of working with in the 7 or so years I worked for him. And, Tom Spota got rid of him because he did the investigation into his pal the former under sheriff Mahoney.

You know better than that. You worked in the FD and you know how it goes. However, you were blessed to work in a department far less encumbered with political considerations than any police department. That is why the FD is the more honorable job that the PD.


#37 May 26, 2007
My guess is that Mr.Creighton took his paychecks without complaint and left.

It is well known that the once distinguished civilian investigator staff has since been marginalized by Spota and his police inspector James Burke. Indeed, it is Burke, his friend from the days of John Pius who wears both hats now: The police representative and commanding officer of Major Crimes Bureau, SCPD, and now his Chief Investigator.

No, my friend, Tom Spota is leaving nothing to chance, lest some honest civilian investigator learn of his duplicity in doing criminal investigations. I expect that those civilian members have been now 'whipped' into line by Burke.

The fact is that Spota has been introducing retired Suffolk County detectives into his office against all previous policy mandanted by Suffolk County and NYS laws.

You should be mindful that the 5 NYC counties are not so constrained by hiring retired NYPD cops. In Suffolk County and Nassau, the rules are different. Spota has obviated the policy and has said to hell with the laws, I AM THE LAW!

He is even so arrogant that he hired on a former detective named Palumbo, the same Palumbo who was criticized by the SIC for his improper handling of the Pius Case. It is the same Palumbo who had to have made the acquaintence of a teen ager named James Burke while he was investigating the Pius Case, the same Burke he chased down thru the streets, and now he TAKES ORDERS FROM THE SAME KID HE WAS INVOLVED WITH MORE THAN 28 YEARS IN ONE OF THE MOST CONTROVERSIAL CASES EVER IN SUFFOLK COUNTY'S HISTORY.

And who got the glory for the conviction that sent one young man to jail for 19 years: Thomas J. Spota, your unblemished DA who would NEVER think of prosecuting an innocent man for a crime he didn't commit.


#38 May 26, 2007
And who did Tom Spota hire on to do an 'impartial' investigation into the Mary Tankleff appeal for a new trial: Ex-Homicide detective and co detective of Det.James McCready. That is who he hired. Again, no chances of a mishap in that one.

He is the same 'impartial' detective who offered a report on the information Glenn Harris told the defense, and then the DA, that he surveyed the area of the Tankleff residence and said, "there are no beaches in Belle Terre". All he had to do was look out the back window of the Tankleff residence and he would have seen water and sand for has far as the eye could see. He is also the same 'impartial' detective who was trying to find a Tankleff witness named Bruce Demps. The same Demps who offered information to the defense team without any suggestion of reward or favor, in fact his coming forth could only hurt him and not help him. It was Warkentheim, the detective, now in the employ of your illustrious, and hard charging DA who is only interested in the pursuit of justice that said, " We were not able to locate Bruce Demps." BRUCE DEMPS WAS IN A NYS FU----G JAIL, FOR GOD'S SAKE! I found him only a few minutes after I read that remark entered into the brief by another compromised member of Spota's office, Leonard Lato.

Get real and see the light for a change and stop believing everything Spota's publicity machines are putting out there for you to suck up.


#39 May 26, 2007
The man is MORALLY corrupt protecting his own misdeeds throughout the years. I can trace them back to 1979 when he signed a pact with the Devil himself to gain fame for his prosecution of four young men who did nothing more than know John Pius, and do scores of burglaries in Smithtown.

Nobody wants to hear it because they don't want to admit they are at the mercy of a man so compromised with his own skeletons that clog up his 'walk in' closets.


#40 May 26, 2007
HEY, PC DICKIE THE DUNCE DORMER. The entire SCPD reports to you. You only have to ask your Bureau Chiefs to keep you advised. That is what is called 'Chain of Command' and is instituted by every large organization, be it in law enforcment or private industry.

As you already know you had a direct chain of command with Criminal Intelligence in the name of it's Commadning Officer, Lt.James Hickey. He was the one who went to you and told you that three off duty cops heard him lying on the stand and had 'you ordered' to order them to write you an explanation why they innocently exercised their constitutional rights to witness a trial to see if the administered the courts in a propler manner.

This is the same LT Hickey who was charged by then Judge Stuart Namm for torturing a burglary suspect for knocking out his teeth and then hanging him backwards by his rear cuffed arms causing permanent nerve damage. All you have to do is read the article in Newsday, and you will see for yourself. You will also see that then PO Hickey and his partner amassed over 18 complaints in his then short career. You will also see that your police department did nothing to investigate these most serious charges by a sitting judge, who was by most accounts a hanging judge, and not a 'cut em loose bruce judge'.

You should also know that then private attorny and DEA shyster led the charge to have Judge Namm not to get his own party's nomination when he came up for re-election. The same DEA who now gives support for your actions. I wonder where that one came from. Nah, it couldn't be the unbiased District Attorney Tom Spota,could it?

You are a fraud and a misfit that belongs back in the Sports Authority, not as it's in house investigator receiving $10K in 'consultant fees' while you are the police commissioner. What you should be doing is selling sneakers for them. That is about your speed.

Sir, you are full of sh!t. and you don't fool me one bit.

I suggest you check with Hickey and Jimmy before you make your next move.

One thing I can tell you that I learned about Mr.Hickey is that when he was transferred out of his precinct of heavily populated minorities, the community relations problems went right along with him.

Hickey brings new meaning to the word: Intelligence.

He is so 'intelligent' to know where is bread is buttered that he would have the gall to state at trial that he knew something about the burglary of King Kullen's after he is documented in a detective's notebood FOUR MONTHS BEFORE THE PERJURY IN THE TRIAL: " I interviewd Lt Hickey and he has NO RECOLLECTON OF THE INCIDENT". You guys must have an overflowing supply of Ginka Baloka in your Quartemasters office that he could suddenly RECALL what he has previously denied knowing anything about.


#41 May 26, 2007
You IDIOT, if you wanted that kid's retired shield back you should have taken it from him while he was still a police officer. The information that he was a burglar came to your detectives as early as 11/13/03 from Jimmy's neighbor Joe Careccia that the cop did at least one burglary with him in 2000. What did you do? You let him retire with a 'good guy letter' and a pistol permit when he retired 4 MONTHS LATER.

Maybe you just didn't know he was being accused of being a burglar because nobody thought to tell you - ergo, Dickie The Dunce Dormer.

Funny isn't it how I read of six instances of IAB in the kid's file, with none of them concerning corruption, and one AFTER he was indicted, but NOT ONE instance of his being engaged in burglaries. NOT ONE! What's the problem, your Bosses Jimmy and Tom didn't think you needed to know, or some honest IAB cops didn't need to be meddling in their frame up?

Your own IAB probably kept you in the dark about the steroid investigation that netted a SCPD cop who worked on Spota's campaign, should you decide to deep-six that one for your bosses Spota and Jimmy.

You wear your corruption on your sleeve. It is only out of fear and the good work most of your cops have accumulated over the years that have kept your head above the sewer you try to make the public believe you preside over.


#42 May 26, 2007
Pete F get a life will you


#43 May 26, 2007
Oh, it is now almost 9 months since I spoke to Internal Affairs about what I believe to be serious corruption in Tom and Jimmy's Department that you hold the honorary title of Police Commissioner, and I yet to receive one phone call or letter advising me of your progress, or at least to tell me I am full of sh!t. I know you know how to send Certified Letters to people you want to harass. What's the matter you forgot where the Post Office is?

If I was in a happier mood I would wish you a Happy Memorial Day, instead I will wish you a Happy Haloween or a Happy Bastile Day. That would be more fitting for a triple dipper such as yourself. And thank you for your kind service as I know you aren't doing it for the money.

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