Jenny and Bryan Masche star in 'Raisi...

Jenny and Bryan Masche star in 'Raising Sextuplets'

There are 60 comments on the Newsday story from Jun 10, 2009, titled Jenny and Bryan Masche star in 'Raising Sextuplets'. In it, Newsday reports that:

Jenny and Bryan Masche bring something welcome right now to TV's genre of extreme parenthood: their absence of theatrics.

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#42 Aug 7, 2010
I thought Bryan did'nt have a job. After moving his family and giving up his job this new job failed.I feel sorry for her as Bryan is very immature and short tempered.I don't think they will stay married.She will be able to take just so much.

Columbus, OH

#43 Aug 8, 2010
Jenny, have u SEEN what we see in the way Bryan picks up his children???? Hanks them up by the seat of their pants and by their little arms... I hold my breath and pray they dont come out of their sockets! That is ABUSE.. I thought u worked in a hospital... have u not trained your pathetic husband how to handle his children. I do believe he actually WOULD BAHTE them with a garden hose!
He is a big OAF aka: a clumsy stupid person; a simpleton; a dunce; blockhead; a mentally deficient child!
He has such major issues and since u have your hands full raising real children, prepare yourself and keep your eyes open for a "Real Man".

He complains he wants respect... does he not know, you must earn it and not demand it! He has done nothing out of the ordinary to earn it ... he did participate in the result of having 6 babies... and the way he NEVER SHUTS UP or pay attention long enuff to LISTEN to anyone else and the effect his brutality has on you and the grandparents... not to forget his own children!
He is just a total embarrasment! I cringe when he speaks to u! He is so insincere when he may say something half way decent. I just want SOMEONE to put him in his rightful place when he behaves in such a bullyish manner!

Its probably why u moved. Coz If I was your parent, I would have had some colorful words for him and to him by now! I can only see you surviving raising these babies in a "loving and healthy" environment is by moving back home where the real quality love is!
Dont waste your time putting up with Bryan... He needs a swift kick in his Big Sloppy Ass! Whats wrong with that Counselor? She needs to step up to the plate too and teach him how to become a loving KIND human being... That would be a Start!
Get a Man Counselor... Or is he threatened by a REAL MAN telling him what to do? What a LOSER!

Oconto, WI

#44 Aug 12, 2010
Bryan is such a JERK!!!!!! Jenny please take your six babies and move back home with your parents. Where you and the babies can get the love and support you deserve. Bryan is mean, disrespectful, bossy, and controlling. Jenny you have such wonderful parents that care about you and the babies. Moving to FL to help Bryan start his "new career" was a mistake from hell. He should have thought about his new career before starting a family. I pray you realize that Bryan doesn't deserve you and the babies before its too late. You should never let a man treat you less than nothing.

Frisco, TX

#45 Aug 12, 2010
I want to see a show called "Keeping Her Legs Shut".
Fancy Nancy

United States

#46 Aug 12, 2010
Watching this show makes me sick. Yes, relationships have struggles especially with six kids, but come on - this verbal abuse repeatedly. He is so sick and definitely struggling with major issues. I am definitely not watching this anymore and pray that they get help. Jenny leave this gay man to find himself and go back to your parents. Didn't you see the look on your parent's face when he was insulting you in front of everyone - you have no value in his mind. Outrageous! Please think about your babies and go back home - WITHOUT HIM....

Florissant, MO

#47 Aug 13, 2010
marla wrote:
I can not stand Bryan he is rude and treats Jenny like crap. He never listens to her and dictates like he owns her. He doesn't treat her with any respect.
I completely agree, he is disgusting. I told my husband that if he ever talks to me the way Brian talks to Jenny, I'm filing for divorce.

Iowa City, IA

#48 Aug 15, 2010
I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks Bryan is gay. I'm not kidding; I have openly-gay friends who haven't talked as gay as he does.

Germantown, TN

#49 Aug 16, 2010
DeeDee wrote:
Bryan was brought up in a good family although his father as well as his paternal grandfather and great-grandfather definitely had major anger issues. It's obvious Bryan has a way to go on managing his anger. Jenny is sweet but can be trying as well. As much as she loved that first house they looked at, the price tag was nearly double what they eventually purchased. It was a beautiful house but totally unrealistic for their current financial situation (as was evidenced by her stating later that they didn't have the money to pay some of their bills before she started work at her new job). Although I did not care for some of the other houses Bryan liked, he was right in acknowledging what they could truly afford. They both have their issues that they need to deal with.

By the way, here in the South, we can still have uneducated country bumpkins who think that "broughtups" is an actual word.
Haha! Good one. Except there are two problems (a) I have a B.S. from U.T. so I'm not THAT much of an uneducated country bumpkin and (b) I never said I thought broughtups was a real word. If you must know, I was just using a little southern flare with my post. As in, using "aint" and "raised in a barn" and "broughtups". Get my drift?
ally from nyc

Brooklyn, NY

#50 Aug 25, 2010
i have nothing to say about the mom, but the husband!? omg! from what he shows on t.v 1. hes a homo and 2. hes sooooo selfish and rudeeee to his wife!!!!!!!! ugh i wanna smack him. and shes too beautiful for his fat ass. and jenny needs to step up to him!! hes walking all over her

Brooklyn, NY

#51 Aug 25, 2010
Why do you say that the husband is gay? I think he acts like a big cry baby when he doesn't get his way and is way to abusive to his wife, but gay?

Kearney, NE

#54 Sep 16, 2010
I found it quite shocking that when they were FINALLY on their own in Florida, they had no clue how to parent without their extended families! No wonder Jenny's parents were so worried. C'mon, your kids are 2 and you still haven't figured out the bedtime's that foreign to you?!! Good grief! On the other hand, her parents should have helped out occasionally, not ALL THE TIME.

Kearney, NE

#55 Sep 16, 2010
Also, for someone who is so worried about her physical appearance, has she not seen their own episodes? Does she not own a mirror? Her ears stick out and wearing your hair in a ponytail is NOT for her!

United States

#56 Sep 19, 2010
I agree the most with Nancy and LaLaLand's comments. Bryan may be gay and that's another issue, but regardless of his sexual orientation, he is a weak, unfulfilled person who takes his unhappiness out on Jenny and likes to blame his Dad, not the greatest model, for too many problems in his life. I came across some of his Tweets and what an ass as he throws around his MBA title. But, I don't understand Jen's lack of discipline with the kids. I have a hard time watching the show now that they are almost 3 and still unruly, lack in play techniques with each other and subjected to being bullied by one of the boys. Did anyone see the disaster on the "Today" show? As a family, their playtime often is to be piled on the parents' bed. Oh,and I just loved the time they took them all to a dog park so they could watch them play within a fenced area - on grass where dogs urinated daily. I was sick! Neither parent was prepared for the birth of multiples and although Jen has had to step up to the task, she hasn't assumed the responsibility of teaching them the discipline necessary. Bryan is a selfish cad who isn't prepared to give up his time for anyone and then somehow he manages to blame someone for any of his negative behavior. Being gay doesn't mean he has to be an inconsiderate bore who with his degree thinks the world now owes him a whole new career without the time spent building a client base. Both Bryan and Jen have major problems and the children are growing too fast for the parents not to step-up and make the changes necessary for the children's proper development. Play with them, keep them dressed, for God's sake, have quality family time, but do it in a way that the children will learn how to get along and be ready to be out with other children. Pre-school is just around the corner and bless the teachers who have to work with them. Finally, Kate and Jon had their problems and Kate is and always be a strong-willed and loud mouthed individual, but who else was there to raise the family they have today. Some comments are that the kids aren't smiling all the time - anyone have kids who are ALWAYS happy about everything. I'll take "Kate Plus Eight" anytime over the bedlam of "Raising Sextuplets."
Bryans Dad

Lake Havasu City, AZ

#57 Sep 19, 2010
Phedre wrote:
I came across some of his Tweets and what an ass as he throws around his MBA title.......... Being gay doesn't mean he has to be an inconsiderate bore who with his degree thinks the world now owes him a whole new career without the time spent building a client base. "
MBA my ars. It was Phoenix College for gosh sakes. If you can write a check you have a MBA.

Bakersfield, CA

#58 Sep 20, 2010
You can't polish a turd. Jenny, get out now.
Natiave American

Cottonwood, AZ

#59 Sep 21, 2010
First off I know the family of Jennifer! Her parents are millionaires and have lived in Camp Verde, for a while they owned the pharmacy there!

This Masche couple remind me of English Bulldogs: Have to get artificially impregnated, then have to get a c- section for delivering 6 babies!

Ha then get a t.v. show to pay for all of it and the kids!! Recipe for a great marriage!!

Then go live in Florida!! LOL

Very expensive lifestyle, makes a person want to go have sextuplets for a living!!

Did you hear Mr.Masche just got arrested while visiting his in laws? Yes arrested for a fight he and his wife were having, and someone dialed 911(could it have been the in laws? No not really??)!

So then Camp Verde's finest, came out and arrested him!
Because he was supposedly "resisting arrest"!!
He was upset! Having a verbal fight with his wife, that is just not right!
Ha! I have never seen C.V. officer arrest a person without physically attacking them in the process!
And I have seen them arrest many a person!!

That department shoots first, then asks questions literally! They have been sued many times!
It is on the cover of People magazine! SAD!

Stony Brook, NY

#60 Sep 21, 2010
tired of all of you wrote:
I know both of them and they are nothing like you say! Also Bryan did not pick his name in the womb! This women tried many times to have children and had to get help. She is already ashamed of her body since it will not produce children without help and now you freaks talk about abortion rights! Get a life all of you! She does not need money-she is a PA, owns there own buisness and Byran works for a well known company. They make more then all of you! They do this for people can see how real families with multiples live, not like Kate and John who stopped working all together. Again stop the hate, you all are Jealous and wish you could be on TV!
You are a kiss ass failure just like those two a-holes on the TV with their tard kids. Yeah they aren't doing it for the money it's just to show people how hard it is! Like anyone but a sped like you would believe that.

Stony Brook, NY

#61 Sep 21, 2010
Bryan is a huge Queer as well.

Jupiter, FL

#62 Sep 30, 2010
There isn't one episode where Bryan's bad/abusive behavior isn't demonstrated by him. He can't control it!...
From ripping two kids out of the grandma's arms, to locking one little girl in the bathroom, to yanking them by their the abusive tone everytime he opens his stupid mouth.....what was with the episode in the garage with one of the boys holding a large rifle....very necessary for a little boy to have a rifle...fake or any kind in his hands
QUESTION: Why hasn't social services been called by ANYONE? e.g.the tv production crew,.....
Everyone is worried about their own pocketbook....
I blame the network and the people who have been their filming for allowing this to continue....
Someone could have made an annonymous call and have him investigated....Oh's all on film....
I think the state should be investigating this lard ass..... on other blog that he just came off prozac...well, there's a surprise!

Saint John, Canada

#63 Nov 7, 2010
bryan is in the closet

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