Questions and answers about the pet f...

Questions and answers about the pet food recall

There are 830 comments on the Newsday story from Mar 19, 2007, titled Questions and answers about the pet food recall. In it, Newsday reports that:

Q: What brands and types of pet food are being recalled? A: The recall involves Ontario-based Menu Foods' "cuts and gravy" style cat and dog food packaged from Dec.

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#561 Aug 26, 2007
Many of the posts have noted the UPC Code and the Vendor Item Number on the Waggin Train Brand Chicken Jerky Treats, what is most important is the LOT No. located on the front of the bag below the NetWT on a stick on white label. Our dogs have not gotten sick and we have gone through about half of Lot No 94478 and have an unopened bag with Lot No 94638. So check your lot numbers report any problems to the FDA, Adi, Sam's Club, Walmart etc.


#562 Aug 26, 2007
We will not be feeding
these Jerky tender treats anymore and will not purchase any pet items made in China, or any items made in China at all, I do not care how inconvient it may be.

Springfield, TN

#563 Aug 26, 2007
Our dog didn't get sick right away. According to our vet, whatever toxins he has ingested occured over time to cause his liver to atrophy. I don't know what the long term ramifications are for him now that his liver has been affected.
Thank you Annette, I will be contacting the local press as well as our local elected officials. I agree with you, they are living, breathing and feeling creatures just like us. A society is judged by how we treat the voiceless.

Springfield, TN

#564 Aug 26, 2007
By the way, will someone please post a link to the side effects of these toxins? My friend found one that indicates seizures, but she doesn't remember where. I need to take it to my vet. Thanks.
Nanette M

Newark, DE

#565 Aug 26, 2007
We recently bought a bag of Waggin Train Jerky Tenders from Sam's Club for our 55lb German Shepard. The lot # on the bag is #946721. My dog started to get sick after eating these jerky tenders. She has been vomiting and having diarrhea and has not been eating or drinking. We stopped giving them to her. She is now feeling better. However, on the safe side, I will be taking her to the vet to have her checked out and will be reporting this to the FDA. I recommend to stop feeding your dog this product until the FDA finds out why this product is making a lot of dogs sick.
Melissa from Pittsburgh

New Kensington, PA

#566 Aug 26, 2007
I write this with so much guilt and a heavy heart. I just want other pet owners to hear our story so they can be on alert.
In the last eight months, our family lost our three dogs, a mother (age 12 at the time of death) and her two "puppies" (age 10 & 11 at their times of death). The first dog to pass away in November 2006 was Bear, at the age of 10. He had lost weight, was lethargic, and after several trips to the vet trying to stop dehydration and what was apparently internal bleeding, he passed away. Our wonderful vet opined that he more than likely had a tumor which was the cause of death. In the end, he would only eat hand-fed boiled chicken, rice and his Waggin' Train dog treats.
Then came all the warnings about the tainted dog food in Spring 2007, and we were very diligent about what our two remaining dogs ate. Then in April, the mother, Chilly, began exhibiting the same symptoms as Bear. She died not too long after and our last surviving dog, Screamer, died on July 10th. We did not have autopsies performed on any of our dogs, chalking up their deaths to heredity, old age and loneliness. We remain devastated to have lost them all in such a short period of time, but we were convinced at the time that they were a pack all their lives and the loss of one was unbearable for the others.
Then, on 8/22, my husband saw the report on CNN about Bestro treats, which we never purchased. After getting online and seeing other complaints, both he and I are absolutely convinced that the Waggin' Train treats killed our dogs. The dogs started eating them approx. last summer and prior to that our dogs were all relatively healthy, save one tumor removal from Chilly's leg in 2006 and one tumor removal from Screamer's ear in 2007.
Thank you for posting all of this information here. I will be making a complaint to the FDA, ADI and Wal-mart and my husband and I have vowed to never shop at Wal-mart again. I can only hope that other pet owners don't have to suffer what we've endured, burying three members of our family in less than a year.

Springfield, TN

#567 Aug 26, 2007
I am so devasted to hear of your loss! My heart goes out to you! Please call Walmart right away. When I called they told me that the Waggin Treats were not under suspicion. Obviously they are when looking at all of these postings!

Oakland, CA

#568 Aug 26, 2007
I just wanted to say that I bought a bag of the Kingdom Pets Jerky at Costco too in late May early June and after 3 days of giving my almost 1 year old Cockapoo these treats she had the exact same things happen to her. She stopped eating, became lethargic and was vomiting and had severe diarrhea with blood and mucus. I took her to the vets and they kept her for 2 days as she was very ill and dehydrated. My vet bill was $1350.00 which I am still paying off. I am willing to bet it was these chicken jerkys. She had no problems prior to it and I had given her them beforw. The previous bag I purchased at Costco was the brand Benni&Penni. We had no problems with that bag but the new bag purchased in late May early June was when the trouble began. The vet ran many tests and the results from parasites, ghardia the clostridium tests were negative. They took an xray to see if there was blockage causing the symptoms and that too was negative. All blood tests were fine. She was given an IV to replenish the lost fluids and they witheld her food for a day to rest her tummy and then started giving her frequent small meals. She was put on antibiotics and pepcid AD or AC ? I continued to feed her for 10 days rice and skinless boneless chicken breasts just boiled. We increased the amount given and decreased the frequencies until she was eating 2 meals a day. We are just now adding her INOVIA kibble back into her diet. I for sure will not give her anything made in China ever again nor buy her any toys made in China... I hope this helps others
I am going to call the vet now to report what I have read here.
Gail - PA


#569 Aug 26, 2007
Our pet is our baby. Ever since Waggin' Train came out with their chicken jerky at Sam's Club he has loved them and never refused one, except for the bag I bought in June. He would sniff it and turn away rather then get excited and run with it. I told my husband that the bag didn't smell the same. Usually when you opened it it would make my mouth water! Something was different. I sent an email asking if Waggin Train changed their process of the product. I never heard back from them, but in the meantime my dog started throwing up blood and had a bloody stool. He hadn't been himself for the last couple of weeks, but when he vomited I took him to the vet immediately. The blood work came back negative. The vet gave him a shot and put him on medication along with hamburger and rice for 2 to 5 days. The vomiting has stopped and he is getting an appetite back. Thanks to all of you for making me aware of the symptoms so I could catch it in time.


#570 Aug 26, 2007
It would be helpful to know what lot numbers are contaminated. My dog loves Chicken Jerky and
has had no ill effects - so far. I would keep giving them to him if I knew the ones we have were safe. I have pretty much lost all faith in anything made in China.

Springfield, TN

#571 Aug 27, 2007
Don't trust any of those treats. My dog has been eating them for years and just now developed the seizures. My vet his liver has suffered from long term toxin exposure and it is just now showing up.
Darlene Duffy

Dallas, TX

#572 Aug 27, 2007
Walmart has pulled Waggin Train Chicken Jerky from the shelves here in Plano, TX. I took back both the open and unopened bags to Walmart yesterday along with a print out of this site, so they could see the damage this product they sell has had on our beloved pets. They asked to keep the print out. We went back to the pet dept, and all Waggin Train Chicken Jerky was pulled off the shelves. However, there were other Waggin Train products still being sold. We stood there for some time and stopped as many people as we could from buying this brand. I will never buy my puppies anything else that comes from China. I made my own Chicken Jerky last night for my puppies. I baked chicken in strips until it was hard and dry, put it in the fridge. I gave some to them this morning, they love it. I will have to make it every 2 or 3 days or so, but that is fine, it only took a few hours to dry out and get hard. Just chicken, no salt, no sugar.
Joe Brakke

Loveland, CO

#573 Aug 27, 2007
At a local AKC Hunt Test event this week end a good training partner and friend of mine just paid a hefty vet bill for their wonderful Lab Saddy. This product was given to this poor dog; she still had the IV mark on her leg. Her symptoms were vomiting blood and diarrhea. They almost lost her! Many owners, including myself used this product. I have a bag sitting two feet from me at my desk that is resealed, labeled hazardous and will be kept for testing. We are all pissed off at WalMart, Sams, ADI and China. We all are no longer buying product that is labeled MADE IN CHINA and will switch to USA made products. There will be a small wave of china boycotts happening here shortly. Jennifer, be a leader and do not protect your sales volume, make a decision to investigate and inform the general public! Or we will, through word of mouth, which will take longer. This is going to expose more dogs to this product and many deaths will follow. The quicker you act the lower the death rate will be. Again, be a leader! We are fortunate to be part of a large club that can compare notes and put two and two together quicker than the general public. From there, unfortunately for you, we can inform the general public of these concerns through our professional practices.

Chillicothe, OH

#574 Aug 27, 2007
I haven't not read all the postings but wondered if the smaller dogs are suffering more than the larger dogs. We have a black lab about 90 lbs and we noticed she would bloat up after eating the Wagon Train Chicken Jerkys from Sam's Club. Since we have heard the stories about dogs becoming ill and dying, we have stopped giving them to her and noticed the bloating has stopped. I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks. Marian Springfield, IL
Linda Testerman

Fredericksburg, VA

#575 Aug 27, 2007
READ THIS!! I like many of you have fed my Yorkie and Papillion the Jerky Tenders as treats because of the seemingly natural, safe contents. It harbors a much more deadly toxin than just the current recall scare. On the back of the bag there is a little white circle with a green flower that references irradiation. Please read up on this. Do a search on this on the internet with pet food. The jerky treats are made in China. This process alone has killed pets. Kidney failure, etc...Guess what else?? Our government uses it for our food too!

Saint Petersburg, FL

#576 Aug 27, 2007
then why are there so many dogs getting sick my 2 dogs got very sick.and you want to keep selling them. why not make in the u.s. so ALL DOGS CAN BE SAFE.COM PANY NOW MAKE TOO MUCH MONEY HAVE EVERY THINK MADE IN CHINA.WHAT HAPPEN TO THE U.S.A.MADE IN AMERICA.A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE GETTING VERY FED UP WITH ALL THESES COMPANY.S IT IS VERY HARD TO FINE MADE IN U.S.

Saint Petersburg, FL

#577 Aug 27, 2007
then why are there so many dogs getting sick my 2 dogs got very sick.and you want to keep selling them. why not make in the u.s. so ALL DOGS CAN BE SAFE.COM PANY NOW MAKE TOO MUCH MONEY HAVE EVERY THINK MADE IN CHINA.WHAT HAPPEN TO THE U.S.A.MADE IN AMERICA.A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE GETTING VERY FED UP WITH ALL THESES COMPANY.S IT IS VERY HARD TO FINE MADE IN U.S.

Since: Aug 07

Fredericksburg, VA

#578 Aug 27, 2007
Amen Helen. Guess what else?? One thing many people don't think about...All those plastic toys we buy our dogs to chew on...check the labels...they are almost all made in CHINA. If they have LEAD in the paint in the toys they are making for children, then guess what...guess where our dogs toys are rating??? My guess is, if we had them tested...they are probably loaded with lead. I went to the pet store the other day....90% of the toys in the store....BIG DEPT sote chain were made in CHINA.


#579 Aug 27, 2007
AFter reading all of your comments, I just had to tell my story too. My 7 year old healthy dog all of a sudden refused to eat or drink, he was vomitting and had bloody diarrhea. I immediately took him to the emergency vet who put him on extensive antibiotics. The only thing different that he had the day before was a new bag of Waggin train chicken jerky. He was in the hospital for 4 days, and is doing much better. If I hadn't caught it early I don't think he would have survived, but thank god he did. Please if you have waggin train chicken jerky from Costco DON'T feed it to your dog!

Springfield, TN

#580 Aug 27, 2007
I called Sams headquarters today and they were insistant that the Waggin Train was fine. I mentioned this site and the amount of complaints related to this treat and the person again insisted that there were NO PROBLEMS with the treats. I would urge all of you to call Sam's headquarters and register a complaint. Maybe they'll finally pull this stuff from the shelves.

By the way, I brought my dog home today and so far, no more seizures in a 48 hour period.

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