Questions and answers about the pet f...

Questions and answers about the pet food recall

There are 830 comments on the Newsday story from Mar 19, 2007, titled Questions and answers about the pet food recall. In it, Newsday reports that:

Q: What brands and types of pet food are being recalled? A: The recall involves Ontario-based Menu Foods' "cuts and gravy" style cat and dog food packaged from Dec.

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Redmond, WA

#435 Aug 21, 2007
This is so disturbing AGAIN that our pet food treats are being recalled from China. Our country better wake up and stop importing this garbage from China.
I'm sick and tired of the FDA doing nothing about the continual problems. I won't buy anything from that country.
Dave R

Kaneohe, HI

#436 Aug 21, 2007
My dog (Briard 100 lbs) has had problems over the last two weeks, we have been feeding him a couple of Waggin Train Jerky Tenders per day which we purchased at COSTCO in Hawaii. Now I'm wondering if the treats are the culprit they are lot 94649
g dodge

Seattle, WA

#437 Aug 21, 2007
prema in IN wrote:
I give my dog Wagging Trail chicken strips. He didn't have a problem so far. I got a new bag yesterday and I am worried now. I looked at the Waggin Train one and it says it is produced in California. Does anybody know for sure what brand is bad?
For regular diet I feed him Innova nad never had a problem. I was so relieved when they recalled several brands a while ago to find that Innova is not among them.
my last bag from Costco is Kingdom Pets Original. Labeling Prominently states that they are in Los Angeles, but if you check the small print below the UPC label it states "made in China". Into the garbage for me. I refuse to buy ANY chinese product for ingestion whether for me or my pets.
g dodge

Seattle, WA

#438 Aug 21, 2007
my last bag from Costco is Kingdom Pets Original. Labeling prominently states that they are based in Los Angeles, but if you check the small print below the UPC label it states "made in China". Into the garbage for me. I refuse to buy ANY chinese product for ingestion whether for me or my pets. After all this is a country where they eat dogs.


#439 Aug 22, 2007
I also called the FDA as it seems odd that since my dogs have been eating the waggin train chicken jerky treats they have been sick. my dog vomited violently yesterday after eating them and they both have had severe diarrhea. We went to Costco today and saw that they also carry the treats and when we looked at them, several of the bags were loaded with mold on the inside....


#440 Aug 22, 2007
brenda wrote:
to answer your question Kate, she was 13 years old, and never a sick day in her life until about a week and half ago, when she died at the vets my husband requested her blood be tested for toxins,
we should be hearing back sometime next week.
The last bag of Waggin Tails we purchase looked
funny, it was after she became ill that we realized these where made in China, all, so much
for chicken breast meat and seasons. I have a
beautiful Silver Sable Shepard who is mourning her older sister. She has an appointment with the doctor on Thursday, I am having her tested.
I just could not take losing her too.
thank you for asking
Brenda, I am very sorry for your loss. Our dogs love these chicken strips as well, but both have been ill all summer with horrible diarrhea. Our maltese has liver damage and the vet cannot figure out why. Today we went to costco and saw the waggin tail chicken tenders and when we looked at them we noticed that two or three bags were loaded with mold on the inside. Some of the other bags looked really off as well. I contacted the FDA and they are checking with other FDA branches to see if there have been other complaints. They asked me to keep the remaining chicken tenders - I am wondering if they want to check them out. I hope your other baby is ok.....

Roy, UT

#441 Aug 22, 2007
I too feed my two dogs Waggin Train Chicken Strips quite a bit a day. Both dogs are big in size (105lbs. and 70lbs). They haven't had any problems yet, but i will be returning both bags of jerky that I have bought today! My heart goes out to all of you that have experience the loss or illness of your pets. Thank God, I came across this forum.
Waggin Train Tenders

Los Angeles, CA

#442 Aug 22, 2007
We have been feeding Waggin' Train brand chicken jerky strips from COSTCO to our two white toy poodles Barbie and Bailey.
Well that explains it, the health problems off and on over the years after feeding them these strips. The dogs would on occasion get sick, cry to go out, be anxious, want to eat grass after feeding this product. And we would only feed them one per day - thank god only a few times a week but still! In the past they have had bloody stools, diarrhea, vomiting and the Vets could not figure it out.
I looked on the package and its made in China. It says "Sterilized by Irradiation for Freshness & Health"
My theory is that there is bacteria mixed in the product intermittently. God only knows what conditions these are manufactured under. Others think it has to do with the radiation process they supposedly use to supposedly kill harmful bacteria.
One has to wonder why for decades we never saw “Chicken Jerky” sold as human food and still don’t. You would only see beef jerky on the shelves. I wonder if it is because Chicken jerky is too risky. If raw chicken doesn’t get well cooked or cooked at all during the drying process. Then suddenly “Chicken Jerky” comes along, another “product from China” being marketed as “pet treats” Something set alarm bells off in the back of my mind when I saw this, but like others I assumed “they wouldn’t be marketed and sold if not perfectly safe”.
They don’t have to “irradiate” beef jerky during manufacture – why does “Chicken Jerky” require that extra step? Answer: Because raw chicken from an assembly line is a hazardous substance and thus all the cross contamination warnings when working with it in the kitchen.
Something is going to have to be done about these shameful Chinese products.
I bought a "memory foam" mouse pad, made in Taiwan (Taiwan is now part of/controlled by China, same thing) and when I opened the package the chemical fumes coming off the thing were alarming! I took it outside and if it doesn't improve I'm taking it back.
Nanette-Baltimor e MD

West Bloomfield, MI

#444 Aug 22, 2007
I have a 2 year old Welsh Terrier who was always very healthy (the only time I've ever seen him vomit was one time from eating grass months ago). I bought The Waggin' Train Chicken Jerky Treats from Walmart a few weeks ago. Since then, he has vomited at least 5 times and had diarrhea. Last night he threw up in his kennel (2nd time that happened). He is lethargic too. I'm very worried; they say that isn't on the recall list, but I threw those and another Waggin product in the trash. Now I'm concerned about his food (Maximum Brand). I think I'm going to trash that too and buy him some new food today. :(
Mad in New Mexico

United States

#445 Aug 22, 2007
Why throw them out? Walmart and others should be made accountable for what they sell. Maybe if they were they'd make a concious effort to buy and sell "safe" products. I'm bringing back my bag of Waggin'Trail jerky srtips back today.

United States

#446 Aug 22, 2007
Waggin Train Tenders wrote:
I bought a "memory foam" mouse pad, made in Taiwan (Taiwan is now part of/controlled by China, same thing) and when I opened the package the chemical fumes coming off the thing were alarming! I took it outside and if it doesn't improve I'm taking it back.
All memory foam products produce off-gassing, no matter where they are made. Some companies say that the fumes will be gone within 10 days, but I have never known a memory foam product to finish off-gassing in that short a time. Every memory foam product I've used (including those made in the USA) has taken months to finish off-gassing. Some people can deal with the off-gassing better than others. I have allergies, so I have to let it air out until the fumes are completely gone. Unfortunately that's just something we have to deal with when using memory foam. I don't think any company has figured out yet how to stop this from happening.

Boynton Beach, FL

#447 Aug 22, 2007
We recently purchased the Waggin'Train brand of chicken jerky for our dog from Costco. We give him 1-2 strips/day as a treat. Less than a week after giving him the jerky he has come down with diarrhea. Is there either an investigation into this product or is it being recalled?


United States

#448 Aug 22, 2007
Regarding the chicken jerky treats, I'm not giving my dog any more of these, but I will not be returning them to the store or throwing them out yet either. If something does come of all these reports, we may need to have them for testing and/or proof.

During the Menu Foods recall, many people whose pets died or became ill no longer had the cans and could not prove that they ever fed their pets this food, so their pets "didn't count". How many of us save empty cans for 3 months? Not many, I'm sure. Because of this, Menu Foods was able to keep the tally of affected pets fairly low, because many people no longer had the product or the proof that they had fed the product.

Once you return the product to the store, it's too easy for the evidence to be destroyed quickly if there were to be a problem with the product, therefore keeping the tally down.

Belton, SC

#449 Aug 22, 2007
Jo-Ann wrote:
Has their been any recall? I've fed both my dogs Waggin Train Chicken Jerky Tenders for months, not in excess, though. Just a strip or two a day as a snack. They regularly have check ups at the vet and are in good health and no problems or changes in bowel movements. That being said, I don't want to feed them anything that is bad for them. To Gary in IN, has there been any outcome on the FDA investigation since it has been about 6 weeks?
This is what I found on the Waggin' Train site this morning (8-22-07):

Waggin’ Train Brand Chicken Jerky Tenders
Proven SAFE over and over again.

Reno, NV – Waggin’ Train Brand Chicken Jerky Tenders is the largest selling chicken jerky brand and has an unblemished safety record and has NOT been recalled now or ever in the companies history .

ADI Pet, Inc., the makers of Waggin’ Train Chicken Jerky Tenders, wants to clarify news/ media reports that “chicken jerky” has been pulled from stores shelves without mention of the affected brand name (Bestro), thus confusing and alarming Waggin’ Train consumers unnecessarily .

Waggin’ Train Brand is completely safe and has never had a single positive laboratory test nor incident of bacterial contamination. This is a record to be proud of considering the fact that we make over 20 million pounds of Waggin Train Chicken Jerky Tenders annually with approximately 80 million pounds of fresh chicken tenderloins .“We take product safety very seriously and implement the appropriate steps to insure a continuation of this exemplary safety record” states Jerry Peters , President , ADI Pet Inc.

The brand pulled , Bestro and the manufacturers Shanghai Bestro Trading or Pingyang Pet Products which have been named in news articles surrounding “chicken jerky” pulled from store shelves are in no way associated with nor supply product for the Waggin’ Train Brand.

Peters further stated “We start production by selecting premium chicken tenderloins and then produce and package Waggin’ Train Chicken Jerky Tenders in a sanitary facility to human grade standards.
Our facilities are managed utilizing stringent safety and quality guidelines and are regularly inspected by our retailers and SGS, one of the world’s largest and most respected inspection companies.”

In addition to our strict handling we further sterilize every package of Waggin’ Train Brand Chicken Jerky , after it has been packaged and sealed, using Irradiation methods that meet USDA standards and follow the World Health Organization recommendation for sterilization of food for human consumption. While not required by law we feel this extra measure of safety, in addition to our human grade handling and processing, is essential in assuring safety for all of our beloved Pets.

For more information contact Waggin’ Train customer service at
miss dottie

Schaumburg, IL

#450 Aug 22, 2007
My 4 year old pekingese has been eating the Waggin' Train brand chicken jerky tenders for the past couple of years. She has suffered from unexplained seizures during those past two years. Now I am wondering if there may be a connection?
Has anyone else had this problem?

United States

#451 Aug 22, 2007
This is really interesting reading these comments. We started feeding our dog Kingdom's Pets original chicken jerky 2 months ago. 3 weeks ago he started getting sick, throwing up, diarrea, not eating. The DR sees high liver enzymes and high white count but can't figure what the problem is. This sounds like the problem. I agree I won't toss the treats, just keep them for proof, but my DR will be notified immediately.

United States

#452 Aug 22, 2007
I went to the Costco Web Site to see if they had posted any information, Links or at least acknowledged customers concerns. There was nothing.
So I sent them an inquiry to see if they were aware of possible problems and to advise that they pull the Chicken Strips of the sales floor and at least post an advisory. It would be the right thing to do. Why jeapordize one more helpless pet even though Waggin Train ( ADI Pets Inc ) states that they are a safe product. There are too many posts here to the contrary. So far all I got from Costco was an automated email stating they would be looking in to my "Order Status ". You all should shoot them a note too to voice concern. I'll be keeping my opened pack of these treats for study, But will return the new unopened pack back to my local Fredericksburg Va. store tonight. Guess I better make another expensive Vet visit for my 2 and have the blood checked. Wayne

West Palm Beach, FL

#453 Aug 22, 2007
To echo others, we bought a new bag of Kingdom Pets Chicken Jerky about a week ago and our dog (who we just adopted 20 days ago) has had a severe case of diarrhea for about 5 days now. We immediately stopped feeding him anything other than home cooked rice, eggs, etc., but it continues today with mild abatement. I am not going to jump to any conclusions yet, as it could be many things causing the diarrhea, but I'll be paying close attention to this story.
Kim aka petfoodtracker

Albuquerque, NM

#455 Aug 22, 2007
miss dottie, I've read several other reports of people whose dogs had seizures after eating these treats.
buddy - I've also heard a couple of other reports about Kingdom Pets treats.
I'm summarizing this info on my blog, trying to get these reports all in one place since they're spread out on multiple sites right now. Lots of links back to reports from this site of course...

United States

#456 Aug 22, 2007
Sorry the Link Broke. Here is the posting text.

I'd been feeding these snacks and Bestro's Chicken Strips to my dog for about a year. His name was Lucky. I assumed that irradiated dog snacks were safe. He paid the ultimate price for that assumption. He received two blood screenings a year. After the most recent procedure, I received a call from the Vet and he advised me that Lucky had kidney failure. I was in shock and started wondering how a dog that's only five years old could die from such a disease. I started investigating the chicken strip snacks that I was giving him. On the back label of the Waggin Train Brand Chicken Jerky Tenders, it read "Irradiated food, and the Bestro's brand says Irradiated, "Not for Human Consumption". I'd read this warning before and was puzzled but then it finally dawned on me. If a food product isn't safe for me to eat, then how can an animal tolerate it? Lucky was on a special diet. He only received a prescription dog food for his teeth from Banfield. It had none of the contaminated wheat gluten or melamine ingredients that caused so many of the other pet's illness’s. There are over 400 scientific studies submitted to the FDA linking irradiated foods to kidney failure, testicular cancer and a host of other diseases in animals. The FDA, under pressure from lobbyist of huge retailers and food processors ignored most of the studies and chose just four handpicked studies to approve introduction of irradiated food into the United States. Irradiated food is a slow and devious killer, you probably won't find out about the damage for over a year of feedings. What people are failing to consider is that these treats are irradiated with a leftover by-product of spent nuclear rods called "cesium 137" and are from China. How can people,(including myself) be so easily fooled into a false sense of security when buying these products? I guess the packaging has something to do with it. It looks like an all-American cartoon on the front. The Radura symbol on the back (which is a Federally mandated warning) is a green circle with a green flower in the center evoking feelings of green pastures, clean air and a sunny, happy day. If you see this symbol, then please place item back on shelf or remove from shopping cart. They contain new radiolytic toxic properties such as "2-dodecylcyclobutanone " which is a substance not found in any other food on earth and ironically is the marker used by laboratories to determine if a food has been irradiated. If you've been feeding your pet these snacks then I would strongly suggest you have their blood tested. If the test reveal higher levels of Creatine than normal, then your pet probably has kidney failure. Unless a mass number of people start complaining to the FDA then this needless disaster will continue. Lucky will be sorely missed. Waggin Train isn't the only company that sells irradiated animal meats. Bestro's Chicken Strips for Dogs is another. I noticed that Ebay and Amazon list every preservative in the other types of food products sold, but they surreptitiously omit or fail to mention that these foods have been irradiated even though the FDA has mandated that consumers be warned. If your pet has one of the diseases that was caused by eating the irradiated food then I've included a link to the FDA's complaint page which has every phone number listed for all regions of the United States.

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