Beware of another 911 attack on to Ne...

Beware of another 911 attack on to New York

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#1 Mar 27, 2011

It was not a coincidence that on 12/20 British security force arrested 12 terror suspects. It was one action of the plot.

[quote],“British Police Arrest 12 Terror Suspects
Jennifer Glasse | London 20 December 2010 “[/quote]

The plot likely was a dirty bomb attack which would justify war on Iran. The targets were London and New York. For this the Feds created a severe weather situation – unusual big snow storm.

[quote],“Snow, ice storm brings travel chaos to Britain

By Associated Press - Athens Banner-Herald
December 21, 2010

LONDON - The Christmas travel season turned angry and chaotic Monday ….. “[/quote]

[quote]“Christmas Blizzard of 2010 creates havoc for air travelers; commuters across NYC trapped by snow
Monday, December 27, 2010 “[/quote]
You could see the traffic reduced to the least both in London and New York. People, if they originally planned to go to the two cities, would cancel their plan. The severe cold temperature also kept the residents stay at home. That would reduce the casualty to the minimum if a nuclear attack or a dirty bomb attack taking place.

Were the perpetrators kind people? No, they did so to save money and to avoid the trouble caused by terror attack. US government paid three million dollars to the family of each victim of 911. They also have to deal with the blame, doubt and suspicion from victim’s family. To justify a war, the Feds have to make the attack a big one. To consider the cost, they must make the casualty as less as possible. Then they use the high tech. weapon – manipulation of the climate. The snow storm fits their purpose perfectly.

Though it’s still a secret to the public, climate manipulation is a skilled technique. As long as 14 years ago, Secretary of Defense Cohen has talked about this technique already.

[quote]DoD News Briefing: Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen

April 28, 1997
Others are engaging even in an eco- type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.

So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations. It's real, and that's the reason why we have to intensify our efforts, and that's why this is so important. [/quote]

For 2010 Christmas plot, the Feds prepared two snow storms for their nuclear terror attack plan. In this later February, when the news reports there will be a snow in San Francisco, what can I expect for?

[quote] Bay area wonders: How low can it snow?

Next storm has ’50 – 50’ chance of dropping flakes at sea level for first time since 1976.
By Joe Rodriquez, [email protected]
2/23/2011 [/quote]

It’s not a right comparison. The snow of 1976 fell on February 5. Now is later February, I’m afraid they could hardly find the snow record in this area at this time in recent years. The article is at the top of the first page of the Mercury News. It is obvious an advice to residents to stay at home in this week-end when the storm comes.

Based on this unusual phenomenon, I think the Feds have planned another plot in coming week-end. They set up a drug case, and distract public attention by the terror attacks in San Francisco, New York and London, followed with the war on Iran. I think the Iran’s warships are allowed to pass through Suez Canal is a trap. Egyptian military works for US. It is maintained by the US aid – 1.3 billion each year.

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#2 Mar 28, 2011
Holy c*! A snow attack!!! Run Forrest, run!!!

Bronx, NY

#3 Mar 28, 2011
Love what you've done with your hat. Reynolds Wrap?

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#4 Mar 28, 2011
Holy Howell,New Jersey.

“Rockin' in the Free World”

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#5 Mar 28, 2011
plottmasteram wrote:
Holy Howell,New Jersey.
I guess Alex Munyan is at it again
Keep Laughing

White Plains, NY

#6 Mar 28, 2011
Keep laughing. But it's not another 9/11 attack. It is another TERRORIST attack. AND it's on it's way. It is going to make 9/11 look like a picnic. IF you think the worst is over, the worst was 9/11, you need to get your head OUT of your butt. They are plotting and schemeing BIG time while our liberal Americans are sleeping, defending Islamic Extremists and calling anyone who IS paying attention, "Racists" or "Islamaphobes"

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#7 Mar 28, 2011

I found the Snow terrorist.

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#8 Mar 28, 2011
plottmasteram wrote: =yon2YuXssvoXX
I found the Snow terrorist.
Kind of sexy if you ask me:)

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#9 Mar 28, 2011
JustRightNow wrote:
<quoted text>Kind of sexy if you ask me:)
He does have that sexy islamaphobe racist look......Are you into that?

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#10 Mar 28, 2011
plottmasteram wrote:
<quoted text>He does have that sexy islamaphobe racist look......Are you into that?
No, only his nose was impressing me (*-0)

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#11 Mar 29, 2011
JustRightNow wrote:
<quoted text>No, only his nose was impressing me (*-0) ews/article/guinness-picks-wor lds-longest-nose/19637934
Would that be considered a probiscus fetish?

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#12 Mar 29, 2011

“she may be a murderer, but....”

Since: Dec 07

she'll ensure U cant prove it

#13 Mar 29, 2011
as soon as the knish sales stop, hit the deck

Denver, CO

#14 Mar 29, 2011
the good old hurricane katrina conspiracy.

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#15 Mar 29, 2011
Guinness Drinker wrote:
as soon as the knish sales stop, hit the deck
But there weren't any Knishes at 7/11

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#19 Apr 2, 2011

Evidence that the Feds had prepared another nuclear terror attack (or dirty bomb attack) on 2/26 on New York and San Francisco.

The snow fell in night between 2/25 and 2/26 in San Francisco and Bay Area. Mer cury News on 2/26 wrote,“No kidding. The last time it snowed here, in the winter of 1976.”

And this one.“Brief News (New York) Mercury News 2/26

Severe winter storm hits Northeast, one killed

Another severe storm walloped the East on Friday(2/25), delaying flights, closing scores of schools…..

The National Weather Service issued winter storm warnings for much of upstate New York. Forecasters said areas outside Albany could get 12 to 16 inches.“

Watch how accurately they led two snow storms to San Francisco and New York on 2/25 for the 2/26 plot.

Also watch this Brief News.“ Texas (Mercury News 2/26)

Terror plot suspect appears in federal court

Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari appeared in federal court in Lubbock on Friday (2/25). He has been charged with attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction after federal authorities said he bought explosive materials online.“

The tactic is similar to that “British police arrested 12 terror suspects on 12/20” for the 2010 Christmas plot. They used to push out a “terror case” as a psychological pre-plant to the public to hint the coming attack was done by Islamic terrorists.

One thing interesting was that on Thursday (2/24) there was an ads in Chinese newspaper “World Journal”. The size was 6”*12”.

“Recently the price of gold rises rapidly, we buy your gold with the highest price

Our company is a reliable company, you may have seen us in TV and radio station,

The Best Place in San Francisco to sell your Gold (big font size)

*.*. B***** Jewelers, Inc.(Address)

One Day Only
February 26 Saturday “

Although it could be a coincidence, I believe it was a trap to loot treasure from victims. Big heads made big money in stock speculation, option contract.(We know they made money in stock market on 911 attack) The oil price and gold price always go up with the plot.(I said for many times that Iran war was planned to distract the framed drug case) Local operation team set up its own trap to collect money. After “terror attack”, there would be martial law. The looters, or another name – security force, could do whatever they want to the victims. Dead people can never complain.

As Feds hurries to finish the case, killing follows. My mother is in Shanghai now. She stays with her brother. Five days ago, I was told my uncle passed away and my mother would have a fun trip. I think that was arranged. Chinese traditionally won’t go travel in funeral time. I worry about my mother’s life.

Once again, when the 2/26 plot failed under my revelation, they quickly revived their puppet N. Korea.

Quote, "SEOUL, South Korea – North Korea threatened Sunday(2/27) to enlarge its nuclear arsenal and mercilessly attack South Korea and the United States, as the allies prepared to start annual joint military drills which the North says are a rehearsal for an invasion.


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#20 Apr 2, 2011
"Dead people can never complain". Really?...I can´t believe it...

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#21 Apr 10, 2011
651. Terror case around 10/27 (11/2/2010)

My wife was arranged an unusual Chinese trip from 10/17 to 10/27. If a framed drug case broke out at this time, big events would be created to distract public attention. Either there would be natural disasters (artificial), or terror attacks, or the war on Iran, or all of them. A typical one was the plot of April 8, 2009. My wife, severely sickened with flu, returned from her China trip on that day. Around 4/8/2010, there was a pandemic took place in Mexico that killed 168 people in that month. Later, government said that was a new flu and gave it a new name - Swine flu. I had accurately predicted that event in "596. Bio-attack in the name of pandemic (3/30/09)".

This time the big event was terror attack. On 10/29, media made it a big news that two mail bombs from Yemen were found on separate cargo planes. The information was delivered by Saudi-Arabia security to US on 10/28. I think if Feds had activated the framed drug case on 10/27, next day there would be a series of terror bombings in US and Europe. That could have developed to a nuclear attack. People could see it from their pre-psychological propaganda.

Re: "10/10/21 Clinton Lost Nuclear 'Biscuit'

Published October 21, 2010

At the time, Patterson described how Clinton misplaced the card for months, confessing the loss after being asked to provide the card so it could be replaced with an updated code.

ABC noted that a similar claim was made about former President Jimmy Carter, who was said to have left the card with the launch codes in a suit sent to the dry cleaner. "

Quote, "Oops! US Air Force loses 50 nukes

Published 28 October, 2010

US military lost track of 50 intercontinental ballistic missiles recently. The incident became public after a former Air Force officer tweeted about the loss of communication between the missiles and the control center. "

Clinton time is a decade away. Carter time is much older. Why would they beat a dead horse? It's similar to the recent attack on Roman Catholic with decades old sex abusing cases. There is a purpose behind it. Did other presidents of US have committed similar negligence? Why Clinton and Carter were picked up? It's because they are in same party with current president - Obama. To make it easy for people to believe Demo-controlled government is negligent in security. These events are used to justify a coming nuclear terror attack. The two news within a week is not a coincidence. It opens a passage of nuclear attack when the low end gate (operation) of air force and the high end gate (command) of President are both opening.

These bombing attack news and nuclear negligence news were all released at a time around 10/27.

Since: Mar 11

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#22 Apr 10, 2011
652. Another plot of nuclear attack (11/11/2010)

I allege Feds planned a nuclear attack on US in later October. If you remember, there was an attempt of similar attack on August 30, 2007 when a B-52 carried 6 loaded nuclear missile flied over US continent.
On August 28, 2007, media reported that Bush accepted the resignation of Attorney General Gonzales. His top adviser - Karl Rove also left his post on August 30. The news told us that the rat always is the first to learn the ship would sink. And this time, we got:

by arminius33 ? Mon Oct 11, 2010

What makes this latest development all the more ominous is that Emmanuel is not the only VIP within organized Zionist interests getting our of Dodge. Shortly after Emmanuel's announcement, the political world was rocked with the news literally within days of each others that Emmanuel's colleagues, namely David Axelrod (Obama's Chief Political Advisor) and Larry Summers (Chief Economic Advisor) announced they were leaving as well.

Emmanuel left for no convincible reason. He just cut off the relationship to a criminal nuclear attack like what Karl Rove and Gonzales had done.

Another man had predicted this terror attack.

Quote, "Alex Jones Predicts Staged Terror Attack in October-November 2010

We have Obama and Clinton advisers saying, "What Obama needs is a giant terror attack to win the mid term elections and to get a second term in 2012'.

&fe ature=player_embedded#!

It means the Obama administration approved the plot for the interest of their party. The plot went soured when they failed to frame me into a drug case.

On 11/2 I wrote "651. Terror case around 10/27 (11/2/2010)". Next day afternoon something strange happened while I logged into E-Bay's forum. I found I could post everything except #651. Then I was blocked to post in the internet. Next day (11/4) the problem continued. I went to library. There in Chinese newspaper "World Journal" there was an article about "Asian Carp". It said the authority changed their policy - they will kill and eat the Asian Carp instead of intercept them. It was obviously an intimidation.#651 revealed their plot. Feds are so angry that they decide to kill and eat me. How to kill and eat? I don't know. But it proves I am very correct on their mafia style communication. see "642. Next step, a Chinese spy ring?(8/2/2010) ".

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arguably garrulous

#24 Apr 10, 2011
I'll take two, with mustard. Thanks.

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