Arrest ends probe into teen's overdose

Arrest ends probe into teen's overdose

There are 187 comments on the Newsday story from Mar 7, 2007, titled Arrest ends probe into teen's overdose. In it, Newsday reports that:

When Joseph Devine died after ingesting a combination of Xanax, heroin and alcohol, he left behind two devastated parents and five siblings who struggled to comprehend how the quiet, good-humored honor student ...

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Brooklyn, NY

#171 Mar 10, 2007
Hey CT Devine Cousin.. why dont you come to terms with reality.. NOBODY KILLED JOE DEVINE. He killed himself because he did drugs. Joe Tesoriero has just as much a right to life, love, respect and happiness as your cousin did. Blame JOE DEVINE for HIS OWN errors in judgement. My boyfriend didnt kill anybody. Take your issues up with God, not with Joe Tes.
n O d

Mastic, NY

#172 Mar 10, 2007

Budd Lake, NJ

#173 Mar 11, 2007
carl mattson wrote:
It is time for us to make drugs legal and stop arresting people for selling them.
You're a SICK individual!!!

San Diego, CA

#174 Mar 11, 2007
its unfortunate that instead of this posting forum being about readers reactions and feelings about the article, it has turned into a bickering forum between strangers
this investigation and article wasnt meant to start fights between friends and families of these two Joes
lets not taint Joseph's memory, but rather use this opportunity to express our condoloences to the Devine family, our fond memories of him, and our hope that something as tragic as this doesn't have to happen to another loved one before the drug issue is brought to a halt in Port Jeff
And lets not celebrate and praise the issue of Joe Tess possibly serving time in jail, he is another kid who fell into the trap of living a life dictated by the sale and use of drugs, hopefully sooner than later he can get out of that life, and learn from his mistakes, jail time should not serve as a way to blame him for anything but rather to serve as time for him to learn and change his ways
Erica Kutzing

Brooklyn, NY

#175 Mar 11, 2007
Why are we harping on liberals and government? If it were your son or friend that died, you would try to prevent others from facing that fate. All of his friends are aware that Joe Tess didn't feed the drugs to Joe Devine, but like Sam said, if it weren't available to him he would still be with us. He had more life to live and now because this dirt bag had these drugs in his pockets Joe won’t be able to get married nor have children. I think the people that did not know Joseph need to stick to the problems in their own community. This can happen anywhere so instead of sitting in front of your computer and writing about whose fault it was that a youth was ripped out of its family’s life, try to prevent this from happening in your town. Learn from the grief we have experienced and safe yourselves the heartache.
Not a day goes by that I wish none of this happened. I wish that I learned from other articles about drugs overdoses so possibly I could have prevented this from happening but I had the mentality of “this won’t happen.” Well it happened and we are all left with regrets. So please take from this what we didn’t take from other communities that wish they could go back in time. Learn from Josephs mistakes and help protect your family by cleaning up your communities streets.
Erica Kutzing

Brooklyn, NY

#176 Mar 11, 2007
john wrote:
you played beer pong with him the night he died?
Great friend you were, with friends like you its a wonder your all not dead.
<quoted text>
Beer pong doesn't kill unless it's abused. It doesn't make Chris a bad friend for playing beer pong with Joe, it makes him a good friend for spending time with Joe before he died. I'm sure they had fun. The cups weren't filled with heroin.
Erica Kutzing

Brooklyn, NY

#177 Mar 11, 2007
joeys HOMEEY 139 wrote:
<quoted text>
ahaha.. we got sum computer thugs on the forumm.. u c im jusz sayin facts n u jusz want attention.. so beat it wiT ur lil kid threats.. ah hmmm.. now bak to the story line.. i aint hear to pik sides or kause drama.. but if my manz joey didnt supply joe d with the drugs.. im 100% sure he wud haev gotten it from sum1 else... kmon now. YALL GOTZ TO FEEL ME.. n BIGUPS TO john.. he nows da deal.. n disz iz my last post unless i hear sum1 disreppeKKin me or my dude,,, R.i.P joe..
139 :)
Is this kid for real? I think our next forum should be about how public school failed this poor young man. It looks like you typed that with your forehead. Moron.
Jessica B

Stony Brook, NY

#178 Mar 11, 2007
the fighting in this forum is getting a little out of hand. as sam has repeated constantly joe tess is not being blamed for joseph's death. joseph made some extremely poor decisions that night and though we wish we could blame, they were made on his own accord. as a friend and someone who has been affected greatly from what happened i think i can speak for many port jefferson's residents when i say that we are just greatful to finally see some action being taken upon the drug problem that is still very much alive in our town. let's try and keep the peace. people are going to say what they want even if it hurts. all i know is that joseph was a remarkable person and what happened to him was untimely and unfortunate. what's most important is that we tackle the existing problem with drugs in our town and hope that noone else will have to fall victim to it. this article was meant to show a little justice, not start a virtual free for all.
a question for sydney

Stony Brook, NY

#182 Mar 12, 2007
hey sydney, if joe tess is such a great guy, why on earth did your father (A JUDGE) put an order of protection against him LONG BEFORE joseph died? go ahead and fly to his defense you asshole, everyone knows the truth now. don't go slamming joseph, thats really cruel and low. at least your friend is still alive, this could possibly turn around his life. our friend is gone, don't try and tarnish his memory with your ignorance.

Upton, NY

#183 Mar 12, 2007
the cups had ALCOHOL and you dont MIX with Lethal drugs.
Erica wrote:
<quoted text>
Beer pong doesn't kill unless it's abused. It doesn't make Chris a bad friend for playing beer pong with Joe, it makes him a good friend for spending time with Joe before he died. I'm sure they had fun. The cups weren't filled with heroin.
Erica Kutzing

Brooklyn, NY

#184 Mar 12, 2007
john wrote:
the cups had ALCOHOL and you dont MIX with Lethal drugs.
<quoted text>
I highly doubt Chris had known that Joe was planning on mixing all of these things and I know he didn't know Joe would die later on that night. All I'm saying it that Chris is not at fault for playing a simple game of beer pong. I never said that mixing the drugs and alcohol was the right thing to do. You claim we need to learn how to read but perhaps it is you because you seem to mis-read everything we write on here...
Erica Kutzing

Brooklyn, NY

#188 Mar 12, 2007
joeys HOMEEY 139 wrote:
erika.. u shud jusz suk a fat diiK
Grow up. Stop typing on a forum that should be about the love everyone had for Joe Devine.
hook on phonics

White Plains, NY

#189 Mar 13, 2007
wow wrote:
joe tess was NOT on probation, i chilled wit my dude everysingle day for months an weeks an thru it all from days ago, my dudes never had to pee in a cup, he had a case pending, im seein 6 months in jail if that, an mos def 5 years of probation an ah ha y'all didnt kno my dude was addicted to certain shit, sooooo NO JAIL TIME STRAIGHT HOPE HOUSE, an by the way joseph tess is loved, will always be loved, he was a great person on the wrong path wit nowhere to turn how would u feel if u walked into the crib an ya 'rents said OUT an thats that. So Joe Tess will be inna hope house for 6 months to a year an when he gets out he'll be on the right path, thats why my dude went to college too did y'all kno that?? An my dudes out there who got love for Joey Tess stop scream FREE JOE TESS....Cuz it's more like Joe Tess Is Finally Free (I hope you pull thru my dude)-DUBBZ- Oh an P.S. my dude dont sell yae's or D, the bag he was caught with was no bigger than the bag u gott stashed somewhere gettin ready to use. He was a user not a dealer on those drugs SORRY say what u want u dont kno my dude like i kno him.(oh an for everyone who's sayin joey sold this did this an that....YOUR ALL SNITCHES...
yo yo ightz sons. im from the hood of port jeff too yo. we straight hood over here and dats why i talk like dis... yeah your right joe was going to school and thats a great start, but maybe if he wasnt coked out everyday in class he would have been able to stay in school.. but going to class is a start. for the last time NO ONE BLAMED JOE TESS FOR DEVINES DEATH(which is clearly stated in the article).....HE GOT BAG UP SELLING SHIT TO UNDERCOVER COPS.. LOL SO FREE JOE TESS FOR SELLING DRUGS TO UNDERCOVER COPS..i think some of you shit talkers should spent less time chillin on the mean streets of port jeff and start learning proper english
yeah your right joe was going to school and thats a

Dumont, NJ

#190 Mar 13, 2007
Erica Kutzing wrote:
<quoted text>
Grow up. Stop typing on a forum that should be about the love everyone had for Joe Devine.
Yeah its all about the love! Gimme some love babee.

East Setauket, NY

#192 Mar 14, 2007

Brooklyn, NY

#194 Mar 15, 2007
no one forces someone to take drugs. by the time they are of the age of 19, they should know right from wrong. it is ashame that joe has passed away but he made the decision to take drugs that night and he lost his life and left many with pain and sorrow. you truly can't blame joe tesoriero for this, whether or not he sold him the drugs or not. it doesn't matter who he got them from. he wanted them and insisted on taking them and it killed him and it is horrible. everyone is their own person and makes decisions for themselves. he wasn't forced to take the drugs that night and if he was then it would have been a totally different situation.
so many of his friends are doing drugs themselves and would probably try with all their might to get joe locked up for this, but honestly, get a reality check.. why don't you stop doing the drugs yourself and then go and blame someone. its ridiculous and some of you have so many problems. dont you learn. it happened to someone so young, someone you all loved and i'm pretty sure everyone wouldn't want to see it happen to you, so stop already.

Brooklyn, NY

#195 Mar 15, 2007
everyone should just stop arguing over someones death. joe wouldn't want to see everyone acting like this. what happened to joe is ashame, but he made that decision.

Brooklyn, NY

#196 Mar 16, 2007
carl mattson wrote:
It is time for us to make drugs legal and stop arresting people for selling them.
that is disgraceful.

Yonkers, NY

#197 Mar 20, 2007
Hey Sydney.
It's Matt. Hope all is OK. Give me a call or shoot me an email at [email protected] I wanted to see if Joe needs any help.


Port Washington, NY

#198 Mar 23, 2007
I also feel that Joseph Tesoriero should be held directly responsible for the death of Jose Devine. His selfish and irresponsible actions caused alot of devistation and he should be held accountable of his actions.....My deepest condolences to the Devine family.

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