Thousands Protest Roe V. Wade Decision

Thousands Protest Roe V. Wade Decision

There are 333881 comments on the Newsday story from Jan 22, 2008, titled Thousands Protest Roe V. Wade Decision. In it, Newsday reports that:

Thousands of abortion opponents marched from the National Mall to the Supreme Court on Tuesday in their annual remembrance of the court's Roe v. Wade decision.

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“2014 TDF”

Since: Mar 09

Boca Raton, FL.

#280882 Jan 30, 2013
Guppy wrote:
<quoted text>
Yes, I am everything you say. I had no idea I was so transparent.
Bimbos usually are.
feces for jesus

Brooklyn, NY

#280883 Jan 30, 2013
Gtown71 wrote:
<quoted text>
Yes I did have an affair, which lead to her getting pregnant. You seem to believe me when I say this. Good.
Perhaps you believe me when I say adultry is wrong?
I was 27 when the affair started with a 38 year old woman.
I was 29 and her 40 when she got pregnant.
That is when I could no longer live a lie.
Sure I could've went along, got an abortion, and keep life as it was.
Believe it or not I was sick of life as usual.
I wanted something real in my life, and I wanted to be real.
I didn't believe in God, but started asking myself what if I was wrong.
I told a friend of mine what was happening.
He was the last guy I thought would say anything about sin. He was a ladies man. He slept with any woman that would. Being a real good looking dude -He slept with many. We lost count at 160 one night.
Yet when I told him my deal -he replied wow John, that's like a real big sin.
I said -what do you mean, and he replied something about the bible.
At home the next day, I took my wifes bible and looked up the word. I Did Not like what it said. At all!
I remember throwing it across the bed, only to return and look it up in another place. It mentioned only.bad news for me.
Not to mention all the lies and other that goes with adultry.
When I truly wanted something REAL in my life, that is when I was woken up.
His message was clear and never changed.
After I agreed, He saved me. It was much later, as I read the bible, when I realized what had happened, so if you so easily believe me on the bad stuff, just maybe you will consider what I say happened to me that night to be true as well?
OMG, like I care about your stupid story. Why wouldn't I believe you... unless you're a liar, which is very possible. I guess since you're "saved", you can do everything and anything you desire since you think you're one of God's super special chosen people.

Spare us your personal experience, spare us your religious nonsense and stop being a hypocrite.

Jackson, NJ

#280884 Jan 30, 2013
Conservative Democrat wrote:
<quoted text>
Just like your posts under the screen name "SASSYLICCIOUS?"
Ah yeah, no. Nice try but that's not me. I know it's hard for you to stop thinking of me tho ;). I do have that affect.

Jackson, NJ

#280885 Jan 30, 2013
LiIrabbitfoofoo wrote:
<quoted text>
I'm directly involved in my community, by volunteering in women's shelters, and the women's jail.
Nice try at deflection. Answer the question.
Oh wait, you really can't, you're just trolling.
Carry on.
LOL sureeee you are involed in women's "shelters"and jails. I'm sure you make your rounds in the shelter(s).

@@ You blame women for their abuse.

Jackson, NJ

#280887 Jan 30, 2013
LiIrabbitfoofoo wrote:
<quoted text>
Nope, Sue and I certainly aren't saints. We're just two people that actually WANT to do what so many profess to want - to find a middle ground to work out from to help our communities and the women that need help in them.
What are YOU actively doing to help YOUR community? Besides acting like a jerk on a messageboard that is?
Abortion, according to you, is nothing but a medical procedure...with nothing wrong with it. Not your uterus, not your business.

Which brings me to ask ; why do YOU want to find a middle ground?

So far, like over seven years later exactly what have you done to help your community and its women facing unplanned pregnancies other than escort her to have her baby executed?.

Nothing. That's what. You're fooling nobody but yourself. You REFUSE to help a woman keep her baby. You're as proabort as ever.


United States

#280888 Jan 30, 2013
feces for jesus wrote:
<quoted text>
OMG, like I care about your stupid story. Why wouldn't I believe you... unless you're a liar, which is very possible. I guess since you're "saved", you can do everything and anything you desire since you think you're one of God's super special chosen people.
Spare us your personal experience, spare us your religious nonsense and stop being a hypocrite.
Not sure who the "us " is you're refering to, but you're begining to catch on.
Yes I am now a child of God. Special? Only becouse of being saved -which is offered to EVERYONE.

Can I now do whatever I desire and still be a saved child of God? Yes I can.

Not only do I sin all I want to, but I sin far more then I want to.

The greatest thing about true salvation, is how "GOD " changes your hearts desire.

Which is key to salvation.

We were all born with a sinful heart, and at a certain time in life we cross over God.(Age of accountability) if you will.

This is why we must be born again. Not of coruptable seed, but Gods seed.

There are many things I can do, to break fellowship with my father, just like one can with an earthly father "if the earthly father don't do something to break it first ",but there is nothing I can do, to break Sonship with either.

No matter what one does, it will not erase them being their parents child. Same with God.

I ask forgiveness to keep fellowship "God knows our true heart on this ",but I was forgiven at salvation.
The first concerns sin (small s), but folks need forgiveness of Sin (big S)

This is my God honest opinion,and that of Gods Word.
Bitners husband

New York, NY

#280889 Jan 30, 2013
Bitner wrote:
Once again, the trolls cannot debate us, and so they make up crap to attack with. They have nothing of substance to say.
Debate what? your 56,000 posts or murdering over a million babies a year?

Do something useful and come over here and service me
Bitners husband

New York, NY

#280890 Jan 30, 2013
LiIrabbitfoofoo wrote:
<quoted text>
Catholic priests are notorious for porn and being pedophiles.
Funny how that works huh Knutter?
And the sterotype of you pro life gals is to be fat and not being married.
Bitners husband

New York, NY

#280891 Jan 30, 2013
LiIrabbitfoofoo wrote:
<quoted text>
First off, no he's not my "idol". The man can play some serious football, and I admire him for that.
Second, no, he is NOT a criminal. He was cleared of all charges back in 2000.
Even if he WAS, he's certainly redeemed himself for even having the charges brought against him to begin with. I believe in redemption. Clearly you do not. That's your pity, not mine.
Yeah and black is beautiful!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

Jackson, NJ

#280892 Jan 30, 2013
LiIrabbitfoofoo wrote:
<quoted text>
LOL Well said! Post of the week for sure! May I add to it a bit?
7) People's views have validity, even if only TO THEM. One can't expect everyone's views - PARTICULARLY RELIGIOUS VIEWS - to mean anything to everyone.
8) Working TOGETHER toward finding a more easily attainable common goal - in this case, to reduce the NEED for abortion via education for example, is a good starting point.
9) Putting aside preconceived notions if ONLY for the purposes of an INTELLECTUALLY HONEST discussion is a great starting point.
10) Goes back to #2 of your post. The FACT is that different faiths view abortion in different ways. In MY faith its a requirement under certain, strict circumstances. Trying to force a reigious or faith based view on those for whom that faith means nothing is completely useless and is in fact COUNTER PRODUCTIVE to ANY discussion on this issue.
Pfft...please, who are you kidding?

8. There is nothing erong with abortion remember? Why do you want to reduce the need for them?

What a BULLSH@T artist you are.

This is the year 2013 honeyfoofoo, so stop acting like women don't know how to abstain from sex during their fertile time. Then there ate those who believe in birth control which is not a new concept.

Prevention of pregnancy doesnt Prevent killing of your offspring while they are developing in the womb, respecting human life does.Now go ponder on that.

“Dan IS the Man”

Since: May 12

Location hidden

#280893 Jan 30, 2013
I AM Tondaleyo wrote:
<quoted text>wiccans are notorious for group sex and having sex with under aged children. I guess that's why Bhitler's hubby has such a huge tummy, he is an emotional eater. Bhit makes him frustrated.
You can actually say such a thing when your churches were filled with pedophile priests? Do you ever think before you spew?

Jackson, NJ

#280894 Jan 30, 2013
LiIrabbitfoofoo wrote:
<quoted text>
And I have to say the same to you as well. You directly allowed me to take the step to look into and find a really great CPC in Maryland that I could in good conscience direct women to when they wanted that kind of help. Before our discussions, I'd have never even CONSIDERED going that route with women. You absoutely opened my eyes in many ways in that respect, and for that and much more, I thank you for the gift of your friendship - when we're not wanting to kill each other that is LOL! <<grin>>
Thank you for all you do Sue.
Are you an actress? You're good. LMAO

NOW, you "directed women to CPC" while in Maryland? Since when? You've been bashing them since forever.

You're a diehard proabort and you're not interested in saving lives.


(Stay tuned for honeyfoofoos next adventure)


“Blessed Be”

Since: Jun 07

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#280895 Jan 30, 2013
Bitners husband wrote:
<quoted text>
Debate what? your 56,000 posts or murdering over a million babies a year?
Do something useful and come over here and service me
You're incapable of debating anything at all.

Go crawl back under your bridge, Troll. You command nothing and no one here.

Since: Jun 08

Location hidden

#280896 Jan 30, 2013
Two Angry Coots wrote:
<quoted text>
That's the point. You don't know either of them so you don't know Guppy does not know bitner personally. The stuff she writes is as plausible as bitner's tales. I mean, she claims she's not angry or bitter yet look at her posts. They make you look positively giddy.
Okay, so then, it's fine for me to say that you are Guppy and Guppy is Knit and Pray and Knit and Pray would give the Pope head if she could get under his robes. Now, don't get all hurt or offended. I'm just using your own "point."

You're not a smart person.

Jackson, NJ

#280897 Jan 30, 2013
-Michelle- wrote:
<quoted text>
I totally agree with you, Foo. As you know, I speak from personal experience on that. I would've loved for my parents to have stayed together, if that's what they truly wanted and if they truly loved each other. However, as the years have passed by, I totally see why they ended up getting divorced. They married young, mom was 18 and dad was 19, I was born a year later and my sister was born 4 years later. They really never got a chance to "grow up" and experience life. As time passed, I think they began to resent each other and perhaps they felt that the other was holding them back from finding their true selves as folks tend to do when they grow up. Once they separated, they began to experience life and do the things they should've done before getting married and having children (such as going to college and getting educated and traveling and seeing the world). Granted, it took them longer to do those things, as they had kids to raise and bring along on those trips, but I feel they were able to become the people they wanted to be and they became better people because of it. As I know my parents now, they're 2 totally different people and I can see why things didn't work out between them. I'm grateful that they discovered that early on instead of giving up on their dreams and settling for less and therefore living a miserable existence. I think that would've been way worse for everyone involved.
I'm also glad that they decided to part ways instead of sticking with each other for the sake of my sister and I. There was so much tension in the house you would've needed a chainsaw to slice through it, lol. They were miserable, we picked up on it and it made my sister and I miserable. It was sad to see my father leave but as time went by, there was peace in the house and I saw my parents in a different,*happy*, life.
I'm sorry but they could have ONLY experienced life if they were single? You can only go to college and travel if you are unmarried?.

They sound like two immature people and age was not their problem. Ive heard this same garbage coming out of the mouths of 40 year old who never want to grow up. Meanwhile, they bring children into the world and ruin their chances at a normal life. So very wrong.

Seattle, WA

#280898 Jan 30, 2013
elise in burque wrote:
<quoted text>That's when her compulsive disorder is apparent. She can't stop herself and she has to keep going, rationalizing and over-explaining. It's a vicious circle for these unfortunate folks.
Hope she gets the help she needs.
This place isn't it, obviously.

We used to refer to Lynne D as the EverReady Bunny. She kept going and going and going. Like a skipped record.

Jackson, NJ

#280899 Jan 30, 2013
Ocean56 wrote:
<quoted text>
Yes, G, I responded to "Marianne's" post by saying that simply because SHE regretted having an abortion, it doesn't mean that all women "should" or "must" feel the same way. Obviously, you have a problem with that. Too bad.
The fact remains that there are women who DON'T regret having an abortion at all. They only regret GETTING pregnant in the first place.
Oceans mission in shout out to the world that there are women who claim not to regret abortion AND to let us know all the women who HATE being pregnant/having a child.


What a sad existence.

What a pessimist.

What a negative nellie


Since: Jun 08

Location hidden

#280900 Jan 30, 2013
Gtown71 wrote:
<quoted text>
Ok I see where he "they " come up with their theory. He stayed on the mental health issue. He also perhaps took what "could be " possible, and made it as the norm. I do still see where he is comming from "since he views abortion as murder "so he doesn't trust a doctor that performs abortion. His take is if they will do that, then they will accomodate a woman who wishes for a late term abortion.
I remember reading about a lady who's baby had died in her, but wouldn't come out. They said, that they couldn't take the baby becouse it would be considered abortion. She died.
Would this have been considered abortion?
That would be considered medical malpractice, big time. I would be skeptical of that story, if I were you. I haven't read it anywhere.

Since: Sep 08

Location hidden

#280901 Jan 30, 2013
Gtown71 wrote:
<quoted text>
Yes I agree with you. I do need to be slower to speak and longer to listen. May you and her forgive me.
Time will tell. You're fond of asking many questions, but ignoring the answers. Discussion is a two way street. As of now, you're getting exactly what you're giving to others.

Jackson, NJ

#280903 Jan 30, 2013
Ocean56 wrote:
<quoted text>
Yeah, G, I responded by telling such posters that NOT all women regret having an abortion. Why you have such an issue with that is beyond me.
I also think it's a good idea to challenge the anti-choice myth that "mothers never regret having their children." There are quite a few sad stories from women who REGRET becoming mothers as well. Stories like this one, for example.
wantmylifeback says:
January 12, 2012 at 6:46 am
I really never thought motherhood would be like this. I was always hesitant about having children because I know I can be on the selfish side. I dont think I would have regrets if I had a normal baby! I ended up having a child that had severe colic, and acid reflux, and is VERY high maintenance!
I decided to be a stay at home mom when the nanny I had lined up fell through and daycare wasn't something my husband and I wanted for our child. It has been 6 months and Iím beginning to regret becoming a mom. She doesn't sleep, she eats every 1.5-2 hours (breastfed). Sheís not gaining weight like she should. Some days I just feel like a total failure at life and being a mother!
My sister had a baby a couple months ago and he sleeps, and is happy overall. He has caught up to my daughter in weight also!! I know i shouldn't compare but its hard not to! Why did she luck out with a mellow happy baby?!
My mother in law has become a MONSTER IN LAW! Her true colors are shining through and she is overbearing, manipulative, boundary stomping bitch! She absolutely lived only for her two boys and has empty nest syndrome and is trying to transfer her CRAZY to my daughter! She acts like my daughter is HER daughter, and keeps buying baby furniture for her house piece by piece, like my daughter is going to live with her!!! Ugh I really hate her and hate that I have to see her more now that Iíve had a baby. I didn't like her before and definitely dont like her now!!!
I think if I could just take a vacation from being a mom every couple weeks I would feel a lot better about myself and my daughter!! I know its not my daughters fault and I feel so guilty sometimes for feeling this way. Its just nice to know Iím not alone!!
Sweetie, the woman is selfish and she admits it.


Anymore stories from whining selfish women who HATE Mothering their child? I mean, we just need MORE stories from them because we were unaware of selfish and self-centered exist in this world.

Mission accomplished Ocean. GREAT job.


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