Controversial diagnoses splits up two...

Controversial diagnoses splits up two families -

There are 265 comments on the Newsday story from Nov 25, 2006, titled Controversial diagnoses splits up two families - In it, Newsday reports that:

That Saturday morning, Cindy Becvar was in the shower, getting ready to take her daughter to the Long Island Performing Arts Center to pose for dance recital pictures.

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Marietta, GA

#1 Nov 25, 2006
What I don't understand is that both mothers do appear to have legitimate health concerns for their children, and it appears Mrs. Becvar has autoimmune disorders which could be genetic and could be the cause of this childs illnesses. If the original peditricians stated that they were the ones that made the referrals, why was this crazy diagnoses even considered? Oh and I didn't know that pediatricians were qualified to diagnose psychiatric disorders in mothers.
Shirley Walker


#2 Nov 25, 2006
I just want to say that the idea that each person must have a bowel movement each day is a fallacy in itself. My grandmother was thoroughly convinced of this, and dosed herself with laxatives to ensure that result. The result was that as she aged, she could no longer go without that help. There are others in the family who have regular schedule for bm's, but they are not necessarily one a day. Bodies make their own schedules, and determine for themselves what is 'regular'!!
Sheila Shiel

Virginia Beach, VA

#3 Nov 25, 2006
I have had a similar experience. Perhaps the Child Protective Services would be more effective in following up real abuse in families instead of stupidity like this. That's why so many of our babies are dying, being left in dumpsters and more. I live in Virgiia Beach. I wonder why in NY so may babies die needlessly. Now I know. Because of such a miscarriage of justice, all of my children now adults, are disturbed.
Has the whole world gone crazy.
[email protected]
Sheila Shiel

Virginia Beach, VA

#4 Nov 25, 2006
A bowel movement every 3 days, according to my doctor, is appropriate. Instead of latching onto obvous nonsense, why don't they try investigating more appropriate evidences of child neglect and abuse. I didn't know that the Child Protective Society had gotten stupder as the years progresses instead of more capable of seeking out true cases of emotional and physical child abuse. These children will never be able to forget and their lives are now messed up forever.

Roanoke, VA

#5 Nov 26, 2006
Amazing--Dr. Esernio-Jenssen has the wonderous "gift" of seeing fairies, and of being able to convince her colleagues to see them, too.
I believe that's called, "Group Fairy Think."
Hope Trachtenberg-Fifer, RN, MS
Roanoke, VA
Dan Sullivan

Brooklyn, NY

#6 Nov 26, 2006
Regarding the originator of MSBP, Sir Roy Meadows,

On July 15, 2005, the BBC News posted,

"The General Medical Council has struck off paediatrician Professor Sir Roy Meadow after his "misleading" evidence in the Sally Clark case.
The GMC announced on Friday that Sir Roy had been found guilty of serious professional misconduct.

During the trial, Sir Roy said the probability of two natural unexplained cot deaths in the family was 73 million to one.

The figure was later disputed by the Royal Statistical Society and other experts said that once genetic and environmental factors were taken into consideration, the odds of a second cot death in the same family were closer to 200 to one.

Mrs Clark was convicted of murdering her two sons, but she was exonerated after an appeal in 2003."

And, "Meadow cases -

Sally Clark: Served three years after being wrongly convicted of killing her two sons

Angela Cannings: Served 18 months after being wrongly convicted of killing her two sons

Donna Anthony: Served six years after being wrongly convicted of killing her son and daughter

Trupti Patel: Cleared of killing three of her children"
Lisa Kelleher

Oakboro, NC

#7 Nov 26, 2006
I was wrongly accused of MSBP two years ago. While my child was being followed in a Hospice progam because of a neurogegenerative disorder, her doctor prescribed an excessive amount of Methadone for her pain. When this physician became aware of her error, she blamed me, called CPS, and told them I had intentionally tried to kill my child. She also made the accusation that large amounts of my child's narcotics were unaccounted for. Something she later dismissed as a "mistake in counting". Because of these accusations, I spent four days in a psychiatric ward for suicidal depression. CPS dismissed the case and the psychiatrists said they saw absolutely no signs of MSBP. The Hospice involved refuses to give me my child's record without payment of an exhorbitant fee. My family was torn apart. We will never fully recover from the trauma. There are thousands of other mothers in the US dealing with this. I am a professional person and this is the first time I have used my real name in a public forum about MSBP. It has been discredited in the UK. It is high time for the US to catch up!
newsday subscriber

Centereach, NY

#8 Nov 26, 2006
Very interesting story...quite pleased to know that the children seem to be doing better following the changes. Given the judge's understanding of the facts (and the inconsistancies in the information provided by the mothers), it is not hard to understand why these (temporary?)changes seemed appropriate. The Newsday article does not cast a favorable light upon the mothers.
newsday subscriber

Centereach, NY

#9 Nov 26, 2006
From what i can tell, the story indicates that a judge made the decisions in both cases, not the Dr., her staff, or the hospital. How does one explain the improved health of the children reported by both family members (and not other fairies)?
i know you

Oakdale, NY

#10 Nov 26, 2006
they are all crazy i think they did it
Denae Ayers

United States

#12 Nov 26, 2006
This is a sickening trend in the US. I myself went through beaing accused of MSBP. My children were never removed from my care and after 6 months of heartache and worry CPS closed the case. It all stemmed from a conversation between my childrens father and I in the epilepsy monitoring unit that mentioned his serious dislike for a particular neurologist and how he should be sued for over medicating kids.

What people who havent "been there" fail to realize in many of these cases is that medical records have a way of getting changed, and even disappearing. When medical records go off to be reviewed most of the time only "key" records are submitted. Any of you could request your own, or your childrens records and find inconsitancies or even transcription errors. These very common human errors are used against you in MSBP. Doctors and social workers are human and have the ability to lie as well as anyone else.

I feel "lucky" if that is the right word to use, that it was obvious that there were misrepresentations of the truth (and not made by myself) in the records and someone else (on a professional level) was able to see it. I thank God every time I recall our 6 month horror that we had my daughters physical and occupational therapist who stood up for the truth.

The part of this that rips my heart out is that for nearly 18 months my daughters issues went untreated and now they are worse and harder to deal with. After you have this in your records it is hard to feel like any concern you have is legitimate and you become terrified to take your child(ren) to the doctor at all, even regular check ups.
Denae Ayers

United States

#13 Nov 26, 2006
newsday subscriber wrote:
From what i can tell, the story indicates that a judge made the decisions in both cases, not the Dr., her staff, or the hospital. How does one explain the improved health of the children reported by both family members (and not other fairies)?
Another case I know of the child appeared to do better, but in reality the child was gaining weight b/c the foster family was giving him an appetite stimulant and the little boy was terrified to tell anyone when his stomach hurt b/c he was old enough to think that it was his fault he couldn't live with his mom. now two years later he has been placed back into his mothers care and appropriate medical care is given he continues to gain weight (more than when he was in foster care) and has had to have two surgeries to repair the damage that was done by NOT treating his condition.

Judges can only make decisions based on the information presented to them. Who are they going to be more inclined to believe the doctor (who may have their own agenda such as avoiding a malpractice lawsuit or writing a book about the subject) or the mother who has been accused of being a liar? If I were a judge I would be less inclined to trust the woman accused of being a master manipluator and liar.

There are always to sides to every story and the full truth rarely is on just one of those sides. Both manipulate the facts to suit their case.
In the case of any MSBP questions I would suggest one to look long and hard at what is going on in the UK where all this started.

Where is Dr.Roy Meadows crediability now?
Broken hearted mom


#14 Nov 26, 2006
Hello, I am CIndy Becvar and I wanted to add a few comments that were not mentioned in the article.
First of all, I saw 2 of the top Forensic PSychologist in the World, Dr Eric Mart and Dr Loren Pankratz. They reviewed every single page of my sons medical history, they interviewed me and my husband. I flew all the way to Oregon from NY and met with Dr Pankratz for 2 1/2 days taking psychological tests and interviews. Phone calls were made to several people. What was the outcome... Cindy Becvar Does NOT HAVE MUNCHAUSEN SYNDROME BY PROXY !!!! Both Dr's flew into NY and testified that I DO NOT HAVE MSBP, the psychological disorder the peditrician Dr Jenssen diagnosed me having. The court discredited there opinion stating they are not peditricians and did not see my children. Even though they were not allowed to see them.
Although Schneiders and cps made statements that investigations are always done,, it is in the transcripts that in my case THEY WENT SOLEY ON DR JENSSENS REPORT, they did no investigation WHATSOEVER. Even the one other witness they had for the State actually said I never gave false information, and our intention was for Andrew to be well. There was no intention or even question of surgery, and RISKY was never in any accusation unless tubes in ears is now considered risky.
The other thing is Dr Jenssen played many many roles in this,, She was the accuser the "investigator" and then she became the treating pediatrician. SO did the court think she was going to say oh yeah he is still sick I made a mistake?
I think it is importatnt for people to also know that my son had 2 suregeries 1 when he was 10 months old in NC Chapel Hill, and the 2 nd was here in ny when he was 2 1/2 he had tubes in ears and adnoids removed. I was found guilty that these 2 suregeries were unnecessary, last I checked I was not holding the medical license and the dr's testified that it was medically necissary. Yet Dr Jenssen hold her ground even though she only met my son 2 times on 4/25 and 5/23, that when he was a baby he didnt need the procedures.
Then there are comments how they are doing.. well, THEY ARE NOT DOING WELL.. they are afraid, and want to come home. There is no real PROOF of how they are really doing. They dont even see their regular Peditrician anymore only DR Jenssen who now considers herself a "miracle worker".
Not to mention they stopped a drug he was taking that could have very well caused most of the problems he had this past year, and who can answer to that.
Bottom Line there are children being beaten and sexually abused and drug addicts that just dont care. Why are those parents allowed to have their children? The only ones paying the price here is our children, so what is the solution?

Beacon, NY

#15 Nov 26, 2006
YOU'RE SICK!!!!!!!!!!
Neighbor of guardians

Beacon, NY

#16 Nov 26, 2006
I live on the block of the Becvar family that has custody of the children. These kids are happy, healthy children...and I don't see how the family with custody is doing anything wrong! You say that the kids are not doing do you know? You don't have visitation, so the children have been unable to tell you that they are "not doing fine."
The kids have not spent a day out of school or camp, and are always seen playing outside with friends. Don't blame your family for helping you.
Newsday subscriber


#17 Nov 26, 2006
My son has played with Andrew within the past few months quite a few times and he also goes to school with the two children in question. They are both beautiful, healthy children. I hope these parents get the help they need.
Penny Mellor


#18 Nov 26, 2006
For the ignorant DR Southall (he is no longer a Professor has the following things happening in his life at the moment in the UK. He is up before his professional body regarding his license as well as having various police forces looking into his activities.
Anyone doubting what I say please feel free to contact the British Police or the GMC.
South Wales Police Heddlu De Cymru
Working with the Community Cydweithio Gyda¡¦r Gymuned
Public Protection Unit
Central Police Station
King Edward VII Avenue
Cathays Park
CF10 3NN
Telephone ƒs (029) 20527272
10th August 2006
South Wales Police are currently investigating an allegation of assault on a young boy that may have occurred whilst undergoing treatment by Professor David Southall at the University Hospital of Wales.
I have been given your details by Mr William BACHE, Solicitor, who assures me that he has your authority for me to make contact with you.
I would be obliged if I could be provided with certain replies to the below questions. I must emphasise that South Wales Police are not carrying out an enquiry into Professor Southall, but are investigating one allegation of assault carried out in our force area. It may well transpire that further enquiries are carried out in the future if circumstances dictate that to be the appropriate course of action. Please reply via email if you wish or I have enclosed a S.A.E.for your convenience.
1. Has your child been treated directly or indirectly by Professor Southall.
2. If yes please outline the circumstances of that treatment.
3. Did your child suffer any injuries or adverse effects from that treatment.
4. Have you reported this matter to the Police or any other body such as the GMC (please specify).
5. If you reported the matter to the police
i) which force
ii) when
iii) have you details of an investigating officer or any other means of reference
iv) Result of the Police investigation
My apologies for being brief and to the point, but I am sure you appreciate the complexities of this enquiry.

Yours faithfully

Chris Mullane


[email protected]
Penny Mellor


#19 Nov 26, 2006
11 October 2006

In reply please quote: TC/55-900516

Registration number: 1491739

UPS Recorded Delivery

Dr David Southall
Academic Department of Paediatrics
City General Hospital
Stoke on Trent

Dear Dr Southall

Notice of Hearing

Notice is hereby given to you that in consequence of a complaint made against you to us a hearing is to be held into the following charge against you:-

The charge sheet can be obtained by emailing me at [email protected]

Wheaton, IL

#20 Nov 26, 2006
My prayers and support are being sent your way. It is very brave of you to go to the media with your story. There will be many who will attack you as their is much evil in our world. Stand by the truth and reach out to God for your strength.

Best Wishes from a mom who has been where you are.
Penny Mellor


#21 Nov 26, 2006
For the ignorant-you can NOT induce high fever of unknown origin-it is either caused by Malignant Hyperthermia-a reset osmostat-or Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome.

Please go and check and if Cindy's child is eating plenty of salt and drinking lots then she will appear "normal".

Do some research before you comment and please at least have the integrity to name yourself.

Before anyone asks-this is my track record-worked on Clark, Cannings, Gay and Williams all very high profile UK alleged child abuse cases-researched them and guess what proved the doctors wrong.

Genuine child abusers don't name themselves they run and hide-my qualifications for stating that-I work in child protection-I have put child abusers in prison.

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