Good Samaritan Hospital cuts 32 LPNs

Good Samaritan Hospital cuts 32 LPNs

There are 287 comments on the Lebanon Daily News story from Sep 18, 2009, titled Good Samaritan Hospital cuts 32 LPNs. In it, Lebanon Daily News reports that:

Thirty-two licensed practical nurses at Good Samaritan Hospital learned Friday their jobs were eliminated in a move that hospital officials said was driven by economics and changes in how health-care is provided.

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Hightstown, NJ

#81 Sep 21, 2009
Wow, this discussion has gone far and wide.:)

I have to agree with the fact that management has to be scrutinized. I have been on the receiving end of the manager's bad behavior as well as having witnessed it. On one occasion, the manager came up to me and asked me about something going on in another employees personal life. Like I would divulge anything personal. I believe that confidentiality extends not only to the patients but to the staff as well. I told the manager to ask that employer because it was not my right to say anything. But that is the way that the manager is. There were no boundaries and I often wondered if she went around asking about my personal life from friends that I had made on the unit.

Tabby and I would have our run-ins but I respected Tabby as she was the best darn LPN for starting IVs and putting in foley catheters. Helene and Brenda were fantastic LPNs and had good report with the patients. That is the one thing that I will miss - watching the LPNs interacting with the patients. I don't know if it is just because RNs feel that they need to be stuffy, nose-in-the-air professionals or what but many of the RNs don't create a report with the patients and that is really sad because many of the patients are very, very interesting. They like to smile and joke around, just like anyone else, and the LPNs seemed to be able to get along with them very well.

I have to agree, also, that J. Gould is trying to make a small town hospital into a big city hospital. Some things are just not practical when it comes to hospitals. One of the things that was brought up in meetings is that the Press Ganey scores are low. I would not call 80 and 90 percent too low. Yes, 14% is low, but I already mentioned how 4 East would be stripped of staff in order to bring other floors to full staffing while leaving 4 East short staffed. Patient care suffered when that occurred and I am told that this happened again over the weekend even though census was going up on the floor. Some things never change.

J. Gould thinks that changing the uniforms and switching to all RNs will change the Press Ganey scores. I don't think it will. One thing that patients and family always have mentioned to me is the neat tops that the staff wear. Patients often identified their nurse or aide by the pattern of the top. "Oh, my nurse is the one in the Betty Boop top" or "My aide is the one with the cat top" was something I often heard patients tell their family members. With the marker boards and the different patterned tops, the patients were able to name the different staff members. When uniform uniforms go into effect in January, that will no longer be possible. A real loss to the patients.

The happiness is gone from the floors now. It just seems that the spirit of nursing went when the LPNs were released. Nurses are now wondering how secure their positions are and whether they want to stay at GSH. So far, I know of five nurses that are looking for positions elsewhere.

The administrators failed to understand the simple anthropological concept of community unity. The members of the community may not know the LPNs that were fired personally but they identify with the fact that GSH has been a long standing fixture in the community for a long time. They also realize that many of those LPNs were at GSH for a very long time. This is why the Lebanon community feels hurt in regards to the LPNs that were let go. The administrators did it without compassion and for something that may not come to fruition and I fear that they will pay a price for their folly.

South Ozone Park, NY

#82 Sep 21, 2009
The current administration and management are running the hospital into the ground, they can blame it on the economy all they want but it all comes back to poor decisions and practices from the top. The hospital wants the public to have a favorable opinion of it and doesn't fully see how their recent decisions will set them up for an even poorer image, nurse to patient ratios are even worse, wait times will be crazy and admitted patients will end up staying in the ER where staff will be limited in their ability to care for inpatients and patients that continue to seek care, patient care will suffer and patient satisfaction will be come worse. The morale at the hospital is horrible and it didn't just start with these most recent decisions, management and administration expects so much from the staff yet continues to treat them in a way that shows no appreciation, no loyalty, things will come to a head, what goes around comes around, it won't be long now with the way things are going.

Egg Harbor Township, NJ

#83 Sep 21, 2009
Seriously! What happend sucks. It breaks my heart and makes me sick. I think of these co workers like family and cannot believe this has happened to them. But in all fairness, why is it the RNs fault that the LPNs were fired?!? Stop bashing good nurses. There are some that suck, but it is not because they are RNs, it is because they are lazy RNs.
There were many great LPNs and there were many not so great. There are many great RNs and there are many not so great. But let's not lose focus of who we are angry at. Administration is who we blame for this very very POOR decision. Don't blame those of us who were left, we are still great nurses who do care a lot for our patients.
I have cried with my patient's families as the patient has passed away, I have helped save lives, I have cleaned up shit, I have fed my patients when they were unable to do it themselves, I have walked my patients, and I have answered my call bells. And I am a RN, don't lump us all into a category that most of us do not belong in. It seems that all that ever sticks out is bad nursing and bad experiences.
Being good at your job comes with experience. There are many nurses (RN, LPN and even aides) who can teach doctors a thing or two, it doesn't make them a bad doctor, it means that the RN LPN or aide and have seen more.
I hope that the LPNs find employment soon. I have no doubt that many will. I am sorry for what happened to you and if I could have done anything to change it,I definitely would have gone to bat for 98% of you!
Male CNA at the GSH

Willis, MI

#84 Sep 21, 2009
It should be interesting to note that earlier this year, an RN that I work with on the 4th floor and I got pulled into a meeting to be introduced to a new consultant group, designed to supposedly help, among other things, the hospital be the BEST place to receive care, as well as the BEST place for people to work.

This group costing close to one million dollars (hired AFTER the first round of 50 lay-offs in January), and coming from their previous client hospital that closed, started a "Journey to Excellence" which has began to take on Orwellian stature. If something is said that is not to administration's approval, you are told that you are "Off the Journey."

"Off the Journey," "Big Brother is watching you," where is the line drawn? I believe that it was already said in the comments, GSH has become a dictatorship.

And while talking about dictators, lets discuss Bob Longo, CEO of GSHS. The man, who it is believed, makes more than the CEO of John Hopkins. Mr. Longo sits in his office with a marble fireplace, and brass fittings in his bathroom, making poor decisions for 82 people in the past year, under the name of the economy and poor revenues from decreased patient needs in the community. All while his salary sits firm, and he loses no sleep over his demands. One of the new systems that the Journey to Excellence has provided us, is the Bright Idea. Employees can submit an idea they feel would among other things, increase profit. My bright idea? Every member of the board, including Mr. Longo, take just a $60,000 a year pay cut. More than enough to cover for the LPNs laid off under the name of lack of profit.
But yet a lie, for depending on which source you talk to, the reason for laying off 32 damn good nurses differs. The LPNs themselves were told the economy is the sole reason. However if one reads this article right, mention of money is severely limited. Instead moving to the “RN model of nursing care for the medical/surgical floors,” is stated repetitively. So what is the real reason here? It seems pretty sad to me that they can’t even keep the reason for ruining 32 people’s lives the same.

Also in the article, it is mentioned that an observation/extended recovery unit was created. Created giving the implication that it came out of nowhere. It did not. My floor, a formerly 40-bed medical/surgical unit, has been reduced to the 15-bed observation/extended recovery unit. Coming from a staff that was meant for 30-40 patients, the remaining RNs, NAs, and Unit Secretaries (US) are being asked one by one if they would like to take a position elsewhere in the hospital. Today it was stated by my boss that since all of the US wish to stay on the 4th floor, one of them will be mandated to another floor permanently. Same goes for a selected number of RNs and NAs. The reason why this is important to note is because of the loss of our unit as a medical/surgical floor. The remaining medical/surgical floor only has the capacity to hold 37 patients. What happens to the remaining patients in the Emergancy Department? They lie there in holding, with the already stretched-thin staff in the ED, due to the lack of LPNs, not receiving the proper care. Either that or my floor gets abused along with a patients insurance, by having an elderly woman with a hip fracture admitted as an observation. Either way, someone is losing in this situation.

I am ashamed to say that I work for the GSH. I’ve handed my resignation in today to take a full time position at my 2nd part-time job. While I am leaving, I’m still embarrassed to say that I even was an employee for the most greedy, selfish, Hippocrates I have ever met that run the GSH. And as for the Journey to Excellence? It seems that the this hospital is doomed to repeat the history of the hospital that it was implemented before us.

Hightstown, NJ

#85 Sep 22, 2009
I had heard about the consultant group a while back and this just shows that GSH is not really interested in allowing their nurses to have a say in anything regarding the hospital. It was the consultant group that brought up the change in uniforms. Hershey Med Center and Pinnacle nurses are allowed to wear whatever they want and they still do well. Their patients recognize the difference between staff without a problem. The change could have been very simple and nurses wouldn't have been crying foul. I buy uniform pants about once every four months so changing the pants only to a set color while allowing the staff to wear their patterned shirts would have been a reasonable request under present recession conditions. But to ask nurses to make a whole new wardrobe change without an allowance for doing so is just intolerable.

I worked 4 East once since the change over and they were being thrown people that were not observations, including OR patients and transfers from other units. It doesn't sound like an observation unit. Down to one aid and having 17 patients with 3 staff nurses is no fun and it only caused frazzled nerves. And the aids on the evening shift are expected to do baths for the patients that will go to PT in the morning. We only had 1 aid!!!!! To 18 patients!!!!! Another lie about staffing and I am not surprised.
tabitha witmans hubby

Harrisburg, PA

#86 Sep 22, 2009
i agree there is no reason to bash the nurses that still work at the gsh i know that alot of those nurses told my wife to use them for references its the higher ups that are the blame maybe they should do another round of billboards or tv spots to let u know how they are going to run our only hospital into the ground u exspand the hospital by building on at a cost to the tax payers then fire the staff oh well that site would make a good used car lot. for years my wife was discriminated against and wouldn't do anything about it then we find out that not all the lpns we let go because they were in school well my wife is in school to this time i will talk to a lawyer
tabitha witmans hubby

Harrisburg, PA

#87 Sep 22, 2009
isn't it funny that the hospital is having all these meetings now about the bad publicity that they are receiving from what they did? but not one of them has commented to justify their actions.
tabitha witman lpn

Harrisburg, PA

#88 Sep 22, 2009
the gsh after firing us, stripping us of our dignity and seniority turned to us and said you can go to human resources on monday and apply for jobs in peds and ob. first of all if an lpn is not good enough taking care of adults on a med surge floor on first shift, then why would you put us in peds and ob on nightshift when their is less staff on. okay if their are no children in peds then what? ha we'd get pulled to work a unit that we were fired from!!!!! absolutely ridiculous.

and yes i have had my share of discrimination by the hospital- did you know that they initially changed the dress code because -oh my god a female nurse with tattoos. i faithfully covered my tattoos with long sleeves even though staff in other departments did not. and for the first few months of this "new" dress code, they checked specifically to see if i covered mine. this all stemmed because management saw me at the street fair with my tattoos exposed, yet i was not working. and the smoking policy by far is stupid. where are all your employees haha 500 feet away from the building, hmmm shouldnt they be closer to hear the intercom incase of a code situation? further more if you want your nurses to be a health role model then weight and metal health of your employees should also be factors. staff should not have to announce new policies to each other, or have to post new ideas implemented in the hospital. isn't that the managers job?
yes i am greatful to all of those who posted comments on here that support all of us who lost their jobs. its great to know that the employees of the gsh are a family reguardless of what crap management tries to feed you. girls and guys of gsh (excluding admin and management) i love you all and will miss you. ha always remember sept 18 as the day they took your souls away. by the way 4east i think i left my heart and humor in my locker- if you find it please return it to me
Enlighten Me

Wilmington, DE

#89 Sep 22, 2009
tabitha witmans hubby wrote:
isn't it funny that the hospital is having all these meetings now about the bad publicity that they are receiving from what they did? but not one of them has commented to justify their actions.
Has anyone else noticed Bob Longo's Houdini act? He seems to have disappeared during this whole travesty. He didn't even have the guts to talk to the press when this happened. Instead, he hid behind Jackie Gould's skirt and Bill Mulligan's shirt tails.
tabitha witman lpn

Harrisburg, PA

#90 Sep 22, 2009
one more good one. the gsh management new this was coming so why train the lpns in other units?
your loss cause now i have some more nice stuff for on a resume: i have some pediatric experience, oncology office experience, preprocedural endoscopy experience, and ambulatory care experience- peri and post operative. hmmmm that was stupid on your part, not only have i won awards, but i have a broad range of experience and yes i excel in areas such as ivs, urology stuff, etc. the list goes on. so thanks administration for giving me a killer resume and the want to get my rn even more. yes i do eventually want to work for the dept of health. but thats been said by me for the last few years. again i applaud your stupidity

United States

#91 Sep 22, 2009
I had surgery at GSH and the RN who took care of me Left my IV unhook I had to fix it.Also she put my medicine in her hands without gloves after cleaning another patient!!!!!!!!!! never use any golves.I rather go to hershey.

Burlington, NJ

#92 Sep 22, 2009
I have worked at the GSH for over 10 years. I have seen many changes over time, but am still blown away by the firing of loyal employees. I am an RN and I have the highest respect and admiration for the LPN’s who worked in my department. There care was excellent and they were highly committed to their patients. So the argument of a higher level care is suspect at best and at worst downright false. As far as the economics, at present the open holes in the schedule left by the LPN’s are being filled in with RN overtime, yes that is right, overtime. How is that cost effective? And to train a new employee is also very costly. And did administration consider the hidden cost? What potential RN wants to work for an institution where you may come to work one day, after giving the hospital years of service and be asked to leave without even being allowed to say good-bye to colleagues and friends? What is the cost of that? And what about the way the community now views the hospital, what is the cost of that? I hope the number crunchers calculated that in the bottom line.
The way the GSH treated these wonderful nurses was awful and whoever made this decision should be absolutely ashamed. They have tarred the GSH and will never achieve magnet status if they continue down the path they have chosen. If there were other ways to achieve an all RN staff (as someone mentioned earlier) if that was what they wanted.

Egg Harbor Township, NJ

#93 Sep 22, 2009
lebanon wrote:
I had surgery at GSH and the RN who took care of me Left my IV unhook I had to fix it.Also she put my medicine in her hands without gloves after cleaning another patient!!!!!!!!!! never use any golves.I rather go to hershey.
Like I said, one horrible experience by one horrible nurse. That type of care is not the norm at the good sam. There are some damn good nurses left there who are being pulled through the mud because of their degree. Not one staff RN has said anything bad about the LPNs. We looked to them as coworkers, as family, and as friends. We are fighting for them too.
You can find horror stories about any hospital. I have plenty about Hershey and Lancaster. It has nothing to do with the facility but with the people I came into contact with during care there. The best thing to do if you are not happy is speak up to the proper people, not run around on a public forum bad mouthing all of us. It is offensive and can't be corrected if the problem isn't addressed. As a patient you have a job to. It is to be proactive in your care while it's happening, not bitch about how horrible it was after the fact. If it were I would for sure be telling that nurse I wanted new medicine and that she needs to wash her hands.

Langhorne, PA

#94 Sep 22, 2009
I went to the hospital for a tonsilectomy and the nurse that came in told me he had to check my prostate to see if I had any inflamtaion. He left after about twenty minutes and a nurse came in when I asked for the results of the previous test they told me there had been no such test prescribed and the guy I was descirbing sounded like the Janitor. :'-( Still Hurts.
Offer Training

Harrisburg, PA

#95 Sep 22, 2009
"GSH should have stepped up to the plate and offered those nurses education options to become RN's." - I agree!! The Lebanon Campus of HACC, Central Pennsylvania's Community College, has an LPN to RN program.
Know the facts

Egg Harbor Township, NJ

#96 Sep 22, 2009
Offer Training wrote:
"GSH should have stepped up to the plate and offered those nurses education options to become RN's." - I agree!! The Lebanon Campus of HACC, Central Pennsylvania's Community College, has an LPN to RN program.
They did offer such a program. In 2005 they launched the LPN to RN program through HACC which is why the Lebanon Campus has their program. The LPNs that entered the program (which were very few) worked part time but were paid full time and kept their full time benefits. They received 100% tution and book reimbursement and the only money they were out were for uniforms for clinicals. The only stipulations were a four year work contract through GSH and that they had to go through HACC to receive their degree. The first of the group graduated May '08.
Know the facts

Egg Harbor Township, NJ

#97 Sep 22, 2009
Why is my location NJ? I'm in PA.

Langhorne, PA

#98 Sep 22, 2009
Know the facts wrote:
Why is my location NJ? I'm in PA.
You all Piss me off, It's called a is where your internet connection gets routed through. Even if you have local comcast it might still show up in Philly like mine does. I am in Lebanon PA.
pissed of f in leb

Harrisburg, PA

#99 Sep 22, 2009
honk your horn as you drive passed the gsh showing your disgust for what they did to the lpns. its cruel and unjust. did you see the news last night. a whole one minute segment and no one in administration had the balls to talk on camera.
pissed of f in leb

Harrisburg, PA

#100 Sep 22, 2009
Awakening wrote:
<quoted text>
You all Piss me off, It's called a is where your internet connection gets routed through. Even if you have local comcast it might still show up in Philly like mine does. I am in Lebanon PA.
i think you are getting off the path as to what this forum is about. we are morning the jobs lost of some of the best damn care givers in the area.

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