baby boomer

Hemet, CA

#1158 Aug 26, 2014
My Opinion wrote:
He should have been killed. 6 times was a bit excessive to shoot him, but oh well. If he just robbed a convenience store and was walking down the road and blocking traffic and refused to obey and got aggressive with the cops, then good riddance. Now the taxpayers won't have to pay to keep him up in jail. I have no sympathy for him. I would say exactly the same thing for white trash.
you are right, regardless of color, there was a bullet with his name on it coming sooner or later.
your a turd

Laguna Niguel, CA

#1159 Aug 26, 2014
Toby wrote:
*Burning down ones own community
so what they hate us anyway.there will be a time when they will try to k*ll all ]

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#1160 Aug 26, 2014
Toby wrote:
<quoted text>
So you think people should be traced and prosecuted for having an opinion? Individual freedom of expression is protected unless you disagree with the mainstream media? Get real
unless you are not very intelligent, Who cares if I'm being traced. You become " traced" every time you enter a keyword into a computer. I strongly dis agree with the censored main stream media, There are more keywords than one could imagine, Having a registered account where one can message etc. Doesn't expose any more info then typing through google, firefox, etc. I also think that there should be a way to ban trolls because every internet thread is full of them.

United States

#1161 Aug 26, 2014
The people off course! There is so much police brutality in this country. They dont even show a % of it. We all definitely know Rolla has crooked police and 97% of them are racist.
Justice for All

United States

#1162 Aug 26, 2014
your a turd wrote:
<quoted text> that cop belongs in jail.
Using what evidence? The eye witness accounts do not agree with the forensics. What about the toxicology results. What about the mental attitude of Brown at the time?
see the light

Fords, NJ

#1164 Aug 26, 2014
THIS forum have nothing to do with the guy who was killed, this is a 'racist forum" and its not worth being on, didnt you guys figure it out yet??? folks who hate any other race, or the color of their skin,[are simply very unintelligent people] any one who cant see pass a race, or a skin, color is simply sick,[why feed into this type of crap,] and loose your very precious energy like that on 'childish" "folks" who are only out to [berate] you? and call you all kinds of racist names???.[INTELLIGENT folks] don't do this type of bs. didn't you no that you are simple dealing with very unintelligent folks??? the ones who sit around spewing,worthless garbage, and venom, like the ones on this hate forum, and others like it, they would never like to have a decent conversation, I wont say everybody on here, but yes most of them,the race haters on here are just very miserable, very lonely, very unhappy folks, and the hate that they carry around will very soon destroy their health, if you don't believe me? just read up on hate, and the things that [hatred] does to the body,hate does more damage in the body in which it is stored, than in the bodys of those in which the hate is poured, and that's a very true fact.I am off of here, I don't have time for bigoted BS.....
Fo real

Georgetown, KY

#1165 Aug 26, 2014
peachy wrote:
The people off course! There is so much police brutality in this country. They dont even show a % of it. We all definitely know Rolla has crooked police and 97% of them are racist.
Well I'm 51 yrs old and have never had a cop say a rude word to me, much less be brutal! Then again, I have never robbed a store to test your theory out....

Leesville, LA

#1166 Aug 26, 2014
Justice for All wrote:
<quoted text>
Using what evidence? The eye witness accounts do not agree with the forensics. What about the toxicology results. What about the mental attitude of Brown at the time?
The eye witness account are very similar to the shooting on the recorder, pop pop pop pop pop pop, pause, pop, 1/2 rest pop pop pop. We know the Kid was at the patrol car. We know the kid ran. The first 6 shots came while the kid was running. When the kid was possibly grazed, he stopped, turned around with hands up. Facing this officer he was a sitting target. That's where the officer training came in. He couldn't hit a moving target because that was not how he was trained. Had the kid continue to run with his back to Wilson, he would be alive today.

Portland, OR

#1168 Aug 26, 2014
Dillon Taylor, the white young white man who was unarmed and shot dead by a black officer, I hate to say it, was a thug also. He was already on probation for robbery and obstruction and had broken his probation by not reporting or meeting any of the conditions of his probation.
Taylor had said quote " Iíll die before I go do a lot of time in a cell. I feel like god [canít] even save me on this one.... this time [itís] me and the demons [Iím] fighting." He traded his life for a stolen case of beer at a 7-Eleven in which he threatened the store employee with a (supposed) gun in his waistband, and assisted in grabbing a tip jar at Betoís according to the news reports, that was his past offenses. Then on the day of his death the police got a call that he and some other thugs were waving around a gun at another 7-11.
your a turd

Laguna Niguel, CA

#1169 Aug 26, 2014
Why wont the police interview the black witnesses
Maple Resident

Maple Heights, OH

#1171 Aug 26, 2014
Brown broke into a store, roughed up the owner, stole some cigars, gave officer Wilson a hard time and punched him in the eye, breaking bones around the officer's eye, let's see, do I side with Brown or Wilson. Hmmm....let me think about this for a while!

Columbus, OH

#1173 Aug 26, 2014
trevor dirt wrote:
Obamas sons at there finest.. No both the cop and the drug addict kid who robbed the store. Obama is proud of them both for tearing america apart. As eric holder said - AS A BLACK MAN thats the only thought in there head. Divide this great nation and make ya self a king
How retarded are you?
455 Trans Am

Austin, TX

#1174 Aug 26, 2014
Luke wrote:
I think the cops are dirty and that it was a set up intend to take Brown out and make an example out of him. Too much going on in that place that don`t met the eye.
Two jackass met at the wrong time same as trevon and Jorge ... It been happening since the beginning of time. Murder is one dead and one alive. These days no one wants to get beat on so they either call the cops or pull a gun. The police treat everyone like they are charles Manson so people don't respect them. Everybody's gotta make some big changes. Police need to quit making crime the people need to respect the law . If they are going to arrest you just let them. You can bond out. Fighting them is going to get you killed or hurt and your still going to jail.

Hyden, KY

#1175 Aug 26, 2014
i might get lot flack for this but looks like what worked for the native Americans would work for the other races in the usa. give them their land let them govern and make their own laws like the Native American. and stay in their own land.then they wouldn't be all this racial violence .the whites and blacks and other asian races are no better than my people .the Native American's ..just saying my opinion..

Fort Worth, TX

#1177 Aug 26, 2014
guest wrote:
<quoted text>
Here is your answer...JUSTICE.....thats what happened
Im glad my God actually exists unlike the gods you are whites are worshiping (for the most part) lol

All your thoughts, actions and deeds are recorded friend. Thats why I want to leave you with the message that what GOES around COMES around. God hasnt forgotten the oppressed now matter how much you want his people to forget....

And theres a good reason no one is addressing Rosewood or Blackwallstreet. I know yall know how to use google lol Who's next?
White boy

Madison, TN

#1178 Aug 26, 2014
The facts are wherever there are black people there is also a higher crime rate

Fort Worth, TX

#1179 Aug 26, 2014
Toby wrote:
<quoted text>
Yea I keep leaving and returning, guess what,I don't live in this forum, and I'm not here to serve your stupidity and myopic observations, and guess what I will leave again because I have other things to do. LoL
Lol I hope repenting is one of those things you're doing. But then again....

Thats none of my business ;)

Utica, OH

#1181 Aug 26, 2014
black and not proud wrote:
<quoted text> i would really like to side with the police but i just cant bring my self to side with a bunch of out of control overpowerd doosh bags like most of our modern day cops are even though the blacks are acting like primates in ferguson.

Portland, OR

#1182 Aug 26, 2014
What's up with blunts, 7-11's and all this hood rat behavior anyway? Do they write down on their job application under aspirations " stealing , robbing, and becoming a more effective hood rat?" Dillion Taylor had the same mannerisms , the backwards cap, the gang signs, the stealing and intimidating people, then of course he is shot dead, it's causality at its best.

United States

#1183 Aug 26, 2014
I don't like criminal scum, so therefore I side with the Hero Police Officer.

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