Heads of Apple declared to the main production partner of Foxconn that toughening of standards is necessary to prevent shortcoming distribution. Now quality control there pass less metal plates of which known smartphones are made so it is possible to hope that too subject to scratches см&#10 72;рф& #1090;он ы iPhone 5 remain in the past. A problem only that new requirements slow down production process a little, and, respectively, can affect satisfaction of demand. also see this forum http://the5iphone.com/mybb/

News about these improved quality standards coincide with the data which have extended earlier that workers of Foxconn left on a strike because of toughening of production standards at release of new smartphones of Apple. Foxconn quickly disproved hearings, but, seemingly, under them nevertheless there were certain bases. Employees of Bloomberg communicated with five employees of the assembly iPhone 5 line, and all of them specify that pressure upon them increased. Whether it will pour out in the improved indicators of stability of the case of the smartphone to scratches will show time.