what? you guys are saying larry murphy sucks or is stupid and that THEY SHOULD GET RID OF ALL OF THEM HE HAS LIKE 4 STANLEY CUP RINGS so just do 2 things stfu and people say abdelkader sucks he got a damn hat trick just like my granpd said you cant just get a really good team like that give the players some time oh yeah and everybody talking crap about franzen hes the one who made the awesome passes to abdelkader so just shut up and 1 MOE thing ken daniels is like the best every time he says OH WHAT A STOP BY HOWARD or like the Nashville goal datsyuk did but we lost that one but anywaYS HE WAS LIKE datsyuk skating through the defenders hes all alone SCORESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS WHAT A DATSYUKIAN DEKE THAT WAS!!!!!!!!!!