Rams sign Cook

Rams sign Cook

There are 9 comments on the CBS Sports story from Mar 12, 2013, titled Rams sign Cook. In it, CBS Sports reports that:

The Dolphins wanted to add one more member to the budding #dreamteam in South Florida, but just like with Jeff Fisher they lost out to the Rams when it came to tight end Jared Cook , who signed with the Rams on Tuesday, CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora reports.

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#1 Mar 12, 2013
Good start now let's get our wr situation straight.
Sur 13 Beat

Babylon, NY

#2 Dec 8, 2014
The Rams players hate the police. This particular individual might not which would make him incompatible with the team.
Abe Addision

Houston, TX

#3 Dec 8, 2014
I am better than anyone on the Rams...even though I am invisible...
Diarrhea Dave

Houston, TX

#4 Dec 8, 2014
Why were those protesters yelling..... "Pants up, dont poop"....


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“Romans 13: 8-10”

Since: Feb 08

Oklahoma City, OK

#5 Dec 8, 2014
Sur 13 Beat wrote:
The Rams players hate the police. This particular individual might not which would make him incompatible with the team.
That's idiocy, of course, opposing brutality and racism and "hating the police" aren't remotely close to being the same thing.
Diarrhea Dave

Houston, TX

#6 Dec 8, 2014

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Sur 13 Beat

Babylon, NY

#7 Dec 9, 2014
OkieDarren wrote:
<quoted text>
That's idiocy, of course, opposing brutality and racism and "hating the police" aren't remotely close to being the same thing.
one of the reasons people want to watch football games as an escape from the stresses of life and focus on the game to relax. Then you have these ridiculous players on the Rams who make it into some type of political statement for a bogus issue. Those guys are racist fools who strongly dislike the police and anyone who doesn't agree with their ridiculous nonsense. The Grand jury got it right on the Brown shooting.
Who Cares

Houston, TX

#8 Dec 9, 2014
We need the amazing fart police....

Flatulence Fred

Houston, TX

#9 Dec 9, 2014

Cassette Tapes are Good for Recording Your Farts

After reading Oz’s article on the demise of the Compact Disc, it evoked memories of the almighty Cassette Tape and made me wonder if anyone was still purchasing them. After doing a quick search on Google, I found some really weird stuff...

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