Purple Faithful wrote:
<quoted text>no. Not on ponder's part. It shows that receiver needs to go, though. One drop per game more than the best team on a subjective stat? No. It is an excuse. Spielman was a coward not to get RG3 and every sportscaster here in Minn is an idiot. Getting all the sheep_el to cry kalil. We needed boldness & got safety which insures mediocrity. For that we skipped a once in a generation talent. Wow
Who was a once in a generation talent? By the way that is a trick question as there is really no such thing as a once in a generation talent in football. Every couple years there is someone who comes along and wows everybody.

If you'r claiming Fletcher Cox as the once in a generation talent then 1) you either smoking premium Colorado week or 2) Avant in disguise.