The Jacksonville Jaguars have remained the worse team in NFL History. We blamed players, quarterbacks, coaches for reasons that the team has never even made the playoffs for many years. We can't blame Tom Coughlin because he now has 2 Superbowl Championship Rings as head coach for the Giants. We can't blame players because they can be cut or traded. We can't blame quarterbacks because they are sacked so often many are required to play with concussions. Wayne Weaver even passed (& snubbed) on the phenomenally successful Tim Tebow (Tebow loves Florida). Shahid Khan is seeing current players who sacrificed their bodies and are now wanting surgeries to repair em before Khan cuts em. Jags Owner has history of quickly cutting and booting players because of costs, salaries, playing hurt, but mainly because there is no TRUST. Honestly, the team needs to quit being there for the first quarter & last quarter.(Comeback team???). Why can't Jags figure out how to play all 4 quarters and stop coasting for the 2 middle quarters. I believe Khan will move the team in less then 4 years because the fans are no longer behind the team since Jags can't fix themselves (should've-could've-would've)a nd only have become good at silly excuses. Have Jags (that's whole team & employees) Team & coaches & owner & scouts,if the team doesn't perform then they should not be paid.Quit talking the talk, but WALK THE WALK:WIN!!!!!!!!!!