Interesting how much value is given to a guy who was the GM that made selections that put the Browns where they are today. Best thing to do is listen carefully to him then do the opposite. With Watt and Clowney practicing every day against their own QB, my choice is Pats backup Mallet for a second round trade, the QB will have to speed up his decision making in practice which will only assist him come game time. Imagine Houston who was a contenter a year ago now having an upgrade on the defensive line which only makes the CBs better, and a QB who has learned to avoid the opponents defense because he has to avoid an even better one everyday in practice, and possessing a rocket arm in addition. With Clowney and Mallet alone, Texans could be back in the mix. Although they could skip on both Clowney and Mallet to remain in the running for the first overall pick again next year. A selection of any of this years QBs will only set the Texans back. Mallet, Kousins and McCowan however could improve a majority of the poor teams chances of competing. Interesting to see if the Texans go for the hype of the draft or the conservative and more likely successful route, by picking up one of the better backups with proven experience.