Directv Sucks

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Denver, CO

#84 Dec 31, 2007
I am tired of Comcast . I am looking to go to a dish. Hmmm. What one to choose ?

Atlanta, GA

#85 Jan 10, 2008
DIRECTV extended my service agreement without my knowledge and now they say I owe them for an early cancellation. They made me send my "unrepairable" box back to them and they replaced it with a lease.I had no idea, I was told they were replacing the broken one only, not that it would be a lease and extend my contract. The note in the replacement box said to send the old one back or I could be billed up to $477.00. If it was mine and unrepairable then why did they bother to send a call tag( FED EX) and now they say they cannot send it back. It's in a warehouse somewhere in Memphis, customer no service told me, RIGHT, they reused it! Now they've turned me over to a collection service, one that I'm sure THEY own, and they have still not responded to the dispute letter I sent long ago to their "dispute Dept.". You may think DTV is OK now, just a few headaches here and there but just try to cancel, see what happens. I bought a HD rabbit ear antenna and get better reception than ever. AND I picked up 3 or 4 more extra local channels that I was not getting with DTV. Free yourselves!
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Utica, KY

#86 Jan 18, 2008
They are trying to charge me 460.00 for early termination, and I can't get a direct line of site. Good example of the rich getting richer....

Will never do businwess with them again, and advise others to run!

Lebanon, IN

#87 Jan 23, 2008
If you have their service and have never had a problem then I can see why you might think they are a good company, but just check the internet and see the thousands of people who have had problems with them and you will find that they are impossible to deal with. Their is only one way to resolve any problem with them...THEIR WAY! They refuse to compromise or ever admit that they have made an error. I have had DTV for just a little over a year and it has been the worst consumer experience of my life, LITERALLY. I have had problems with the installation (they put my dish in the wrong place where I could not get a good signal and the installer refused to run the wires in the attic or the crawl space of my house...said it was against company policy...found out later that was a big LIE), the equipment (most of their equipment is very cheaply made to save money and since they only allow you 90 days warranty you are stuck with a bill for a service call whenever something fails...usually around $70... and believe me there is a very good chance something will fail. When they replace your equipment they will give you a "refurbished" unit...even if your failed new equipment is only a couple of weeks old. On top of that they will start your contract over from the beginning if you replace a defective unit. So if your receiver is replaced after 9 months of service they will start your contract from that time forward..and will never tell you about it), with billing errors and with totally rude and uncooperative CS reps. The bad reports that you read about DTV are not exaggerations! WITHOUT A DOUBT THEY ARE THE WORST COMPANY EVER WHEN IT COMES TO CUSTOMER SERVICE. I can promise you that I will NEVER do business with this company again, and I will try to warn everyone I can about this lousy, rotten company.

Lebanon, IN

#88 Jan 23, 2008
Censored Lion Fan wrote:
<quoted text>
Sorry man...cable sucks worse than Dtv.
That what I thought before I went thru hell with DTV. In 15 years with cable I never had even 10% of the hassle I had in one year with DTV. And with cable if you don't like thier service you can cancel at any time...with DTV your stuck for 2 years or more and if you want out before then they stick you with a hefty cancel fee. And they don't negotiate, you either pay or they turn you over to the collection agency and try to wreck your credit. READ MY LIPS: STAY AWAY FROM DIRECTV!!

Neillsville, WI

#89 Jan 23, 2008
either dish or direct, either way you will have good and bad expieriences.MY installer when i got HD put in the wrong spot,never came back and after 2 weeks of no HD tv and many phone calls,the supervisor came over after work and did it himself,and I got 6 months free and never had to scream or swear once, alot of aggrivasion yes,alot of phone calls,yes,but a great result.I have had directv since 99,but go HD in Aug,and besides that fiasco with the HD ( by the way the installer was fired after 4 days,he did that to a few people not just me on his first week) and they fixed it pronto,and ive known [people to have problems with dish as well,so wither way,you may have some problems,but, a huge majority have had great success and many hours of enjoyment from both. TO those who had a problem,im sorry to hear it,that really sucks!!!


#91 Jan 23, 2008
Stay away from DIRECTV. They tried twice to charge me a monthly rental fee for a D12 receiver that I had bought from a dealer off of Ebay to replace my Sony receiver that died. They also overcharged me for Indiana Sales Tax. A person from the office of the President said that they would not refund me what they had overcharged me.

Cable with high speed internet is a bargain compared to what DIRECTV charges.

Pacoima, CA

#93 Feb 4, 2008
dont waste your money on directv it sucks

United States

#94 Feb 23, 2008
I've enjoyed Directv for 11 years straight... But now, they want to charge me 133.00 for an HD receiver upgrade when new subscribers get one free! That stinks and I am seriously thinking of switching bact to cable!!! What is 10+ years of customer loyalty worth??? 133.00??? I guess I'm as good as gone!

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Stevens Point, Wisconsin

#95 Feb 23, 2008
Funny this post came up again. I called Directv last night, because some of my HD Channels were coming up searching for signal. They scheduled a tech to come out at my convienence, I said Saturday and they scheduled me for next Saturday between 12 and 4. Said they were upgrading my sattilite to a newer model they came out with in August, no Charge. They also said the tech would check my HDVR, and if there was a problem with it (we went through the setup last night on the phone, with no results), he would replace it no charge.
I then discussed my Tivo in the den which stopped working (after 7 years) and found out that I bought it and they could not do anything. They did however offered to lease me another HDVR for a one time charge of 99.00, spread out over 3 months. By leasing, if anything goes wrong, they replace it. Been with them 8 years (switched once to cable and when right back after a week), and couldn't be happier.

Marshfield, WI

#96 Feb 23, 2008
I got my Directv the day of the Colimine shooting.Except for the BS with the HD upgrade 6 months ago,i have had nothing but great success with Directv.I almost changed to Dish,but at the lst minute changed my mind and stayed with Directv
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Corona, CA

#97 Feb 24, 2008
Censored Lion Fan wrote:
<quoted text>
Sorry man...cable sucks worse than Dtv.
I tried to have directv installed for the third time, and they couldn't pull it off. My experience has been to date, that DIRECTV subs out the installation to third party contractors. Essentially, these guys are the only face you will see from DIRECTV thus the installers are their customer service reps by proxy. This puts DIRECTV in the dangerous position of having third party customer service reps, which you know I am opposed to third party customer service, here in the US, India whatever.
The installers unfortunately get paid the same amount of money to drive around in their Van, or perform an install. The are lazy, and like to try and pretend that their job is more important and difficult then it is, so whenever these guys show up, the have thirty reasons why they should do your install (get their hands dirty). To date I have heard excuses from, the weather is bad, even though the install was to be performed from the safety of my first floor covered patio, I have heard that "the angle is no good, which also wasnt true, and further evidenced by a average 90% strength signal, and the last you live in an area with an HOA. My problem, get to work Jim, we are running out of daylight. When I confronted Jim, about not wanting to get his hands dirty, he refused my install citing that he could personally be sued by the HOA for performing the install. OK SHORT VERSION, after literally spending three days on the phone with different assholes at DTV, they couldnt pull it off.
I had a commitment for two years worth of service, and about 12 months left. My resolve was to suspend my account for 9 months, then call and cancel and pay a termination fee equal to half of the lowest level plan for the remainder of the term. Upon terminating my account they were to send me a bill and I pay the penatly and move on. What they actually did is debit my ATM card for the balance without sending me a breakdown. I gave the right to debit my account, called and demanded they immediately credit back my account, and send me a bill. The bitch starts reading me some ULA about why they had the right to debit my account. I stopped her mid sentence, and told her I was going to dispute the unauthorized charge with my bank, and if they have an agreement that I signed agreeing to allow them future unauthorized or approved charges to my account then they should provide that to my bank if they wanted to be paid. At this point its out of my hands, I probably owe what they charged, I just dont like the poor manner in which they treat their customers walking out the door. Further, I really want their service, after all they have Sunday ticket. DIRECTV are as bad as the cable companies, and proof that industries without competition always throw their customer service in the back seat or India or the 909 in this case (you were wondering how I was going to stick in a punch about the 909 well question answered). Truth be told 40% of white guys that dropped out of high school, got a bad tattoo, and a lifted truck, are employed by third party installation companies installing DIRECTV. Good Night, Sleep Tight!
Sir Michael knight

Pearcy, AR

#99 Mar 3, 2008
Directv, should be taken out of the market place for stealing and robbing the poor and giving it to the rich, I'm still waiting for my DVD portable Player for signing up for service and a 2 year contract.As a knight I would be more than glad to cut the heads off of all ceo's of directv and anyone else that makes more money than a paper boy. bring them to me and we will have a trial of our peers. May God forgive them for their sins.

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Since: Jun 07

Stevens Point, Wisconsin

#100 Mar 3, 2008
Just an update on my serice call from Saturday. They showed up on time and installed a new splitter, no charge. Got all the HD Channels now. Everything working perfect. Man I love Directv.

United States

#101 Mar 4, 2008

Farmingville, NY

#102 Mar 9, 2008
DirecTv is absolutely the WORST service of all time. Their customer service reps and installers are completely incompetent. The installers have damaged the inside of my house on two seperate occasions. When my signal went out recently for no reason whatsoever they told me they could have someone out to look at it in GET THIS 19 days!!!!!!!!! When my Tivo box went out I was told they would send me one of their DVR's because they were no longer supporting the Tivo box - I cancelled my service a month later and they withdrew $400 out of my bank account because when they sent me their DVR(because my Tivo box went black and they no longer supported it)they renewed my 2 year commitment. UNBELIEVABLE, I had the Tivo box for 3 years and my 2 year commitment was more than fulfilled and they didn't even tell me that the commitment would be renewed and to avoid a charge of $400 had to keep their atrocious product. DirecTv - the NFL package = out of business. In my 37 years I have never had worse customer service from any product I have ever purchased. DirecTV is a complete sham - they are thieves as well. If I have not persuaded anyone from moving forward with this product then by all means whatever you do DO NOT allow them to withdraw the monthly bill directly from your bank account or cc. Even after I took away that right (because they had made numerous errors with overbilling)they still did it anyway. When they make a billing mistake, and they do quite often in their favor - you have to wait two to three weeks for them to correct and reimburse the $$$ even though they tell you it was their error.One more gripe have fun being tossed from incompetent rep to even more incompetent rep and being on the phone for hours only to be told they cannot help you with the issue or being told they can fix the problem in 21 DAYS!!!!!!! If you ever do anything in your life promise yourself that you WILL NOT do business with this horrible company and then tell everyone you know that has been burned by DirecTV to immediately call the Better Business Bureau.
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Marinette, WI

#103 Mar 9, 2008
Which is why I trap my signals for free.

Bending broadcasters' use of the public airwaves into my house via antenna.
I do my best to consciously avoid buying anything in those commercials, to it is pretty darn close to free as one can get.

Plus with my new digital tv I can get multiple channels on one channel.

Saint Petersburg, FL

#104 Mar 21, 2008
Verizon sold me a package with directv and never said anything about a contract. After they installed it I was told there was a 2 year contract and it was $500 to cancel early. I told them to cancel it and get it out of my house, After about 40 hours of sitting on hold and getting transferred to another person who couldn't help with that, I talked to someone in verizons presidents office who said they would take care of it. I am still getting bills and ph calls from directv saying I owe them. Worse customer service experience of my life. Now happily back with brighthouse. No contract and can get a person and no charge for service calls


#105 Mar 21, 2008
Kevin wrote:
ok I have dishnetwork, and i have the biggest package, and there is like 8 FOX channels, so i just check whichever one has the packers game.
DTV is great. Pay 5 bucks a mo for local ch. Dish net work sucks the big one. Lied to me about sunday ticket. Then sent me faulty equipment time after time. I finally canceled service and signed back up with DTV.

Orlando, FL

#106 Apr 3, 2008
Lie, cheat and steal. Money back guarantee withing three days was complete BS. They won't refund the cost of the equipment even though I SENT IT BACK. They won't even give me the credit on my account that was supposed to offset the equipment. Thank god I dumped them before the 3 day grace period was up. Had a new Sony XBR5 and it looked like crap with DTV's receiver. Even the Sound Advice tech said it's the worst picture he's ever seen. DTV couldn't get someone out to my house for 4 days. Well, not willing to take the risk. Besides, the menus are terrible. They're slow, the channel line up doesn't make sense. Have to scroll through all the pay per view channels that are right in the middle. Besides, some of the HD that they offer aren't really in HD. And the receiver flipping back and forth between HD and SD takes forever. Oh, did I mention customer service. That's the worst of all. Had DTV for 3 days and regret every minute. Went back to Dish Network. Happy with them for over 5 years. Never should have left.(Did so to get locals in HD, but now Dish is rolling them out in my market).
Sunday Ticket isn't worth having to deal with these goons. Go watch the games at a friend's house and let them put up with DTV's shit.

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