From Now on, Detroit Lions' Center Dominic Raiola Must Be Careful to Watch His Words to Everyone

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West Coast

Manhattan Beach, CA

#1 Oct 9, 2013
RAIOLA does this over and over and over....I'm sorry!!!.......Pleeeease! Lions are the biggest losers in all discipline..starts with Swartz who doesn't have the cahones to disciplne his boy Dom!!!!
Da Bears

Willowbrook, IL

#2 Dec 22, 2014
West Coast wrote:
RAIOLA does this over and over and over....I'm sorry!!!.......Pleeeease! Lions are the biggest losers in all discipline..starts with Swartz who doesn't have the cahones to disciplne his boy Dom!!!!
Raiola intentionally stomped on the ankle of Ego Furguson. He did not trip. Watch the video. He NEEDS a huge fine and a multi game suspension. This is not what his unclaimed child (Yee) or any other kids across the globe should be seeing . You are an embarassment to the NFL and the game. If you say you tripped then you are a liar, I say both. Shame on Caldwell for believing him, another liar. When football takes presedence over morals and sportsmanship, the game is over.
Raiola Boner Rants

Austin, TX

#3 Dec 22, 2014
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