_Jusayin_ wrote:
Also if all he did was win, why did the Broncos ship him out quick-fast and in a hurry? And when they did, why was he only worth a 4th and 6 round draft pick and in return Denver gave NY a 7th round? So really Denver only got 1 pick!
He's so awesome and such a winner that he's on par with college kids who haven't played a down in the NFL?! The NFL itself has spoken and still you will not take notice and listen.
And btw hooper, what one does in high school and college means jack in the pros. EVEN what a pro did last year in the pros means jack this year. When you have to delve back and pull out some stuff somebody did in grade school etc., that means you're reaching just to try and bring relevance to this argument.
Points well taken, Jusayin. The Broncos took a quarterback who is arguably on track to become the greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL, and upon Tebow's request was he traded to the Jets who have already stated that he will be second string quarterback and assured significant playing time behind Sanchez who took the Jets to two AFL division championships. Jumped from fourth string quarterback to 2nd before even arriving and then assured of significant playing time with a quarterback with Sanchez's recored in only three years. Yeah, pretty sorry indeed. Replaced by Manning, arguably the greatest quarterback to play the game, and brought in to back up, and eventually replace Sanchez - Oh, the SHAME!!!

Yeah, Jussaying, all Tebow can do is win: WIN Florida's High School Championship, WIN two National College Football Championships, and WIN the National Football League's AFC West, the first year he gets to lead the Broncos. While the Denver Broncos record in 2010 was 4-12, in 2012 they continued their downward slide to 1-4 in 2011. Then Tebow took over as quarterback, stoped and reversed the two year downward spiral and took the to 9-8 and the team's first AFC WEST title since Elway. in spite of the Bronco's dismal start prior to Tebow taking over the team's reins. Can you imagine what the Bronco's record would have been if he had been the quarterback the entire season. Like the amusing vdideos - "All He Can Do Is Win" - at YouTube say, all he can do is win.