New Law Requires Breathalyzers On Car...

New Law Requires Breathalyzers On Cars Of Illinois Drunk Drivers

There are 33 comments on the NBC 5 Chicago story from Jun 24, 2008, titled New Law Requires Breathalyzers On Cars Of Illinois Drunk Drivers. In it, NBC 5 Chicago reports that:

Starting next year, Illinois motorists charged with first-time drunken driving offenses will have to do the same thing Cedric Benson will have to do -- blow into a Breathalyzer before starting their cars.

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Woodridge, IL

#21 Jun 25, 2008
Ridiculous law.


Because you don't have to blow a .08 to be charged with a DUI. You can be charged with a DUI even if you are under the legal limit. That means, if you have a glass of wine or a beer, and you get pulled over, discretion is given to the officer whether or not to charge you with a DUI.

Rockford, IL

#22 Jul 10, 2008
This tool is just that; a tool. A worthless, beatable tool that can easily be bypassed.

I know of a friend of mine that purposely drives his girlfriend's car so she doesn't have to deal with it. She has had the machine in her car now for over a year, and I am yet to see her EVER drive her own car. My friend's car doesn't have the machine in it, and that's the car she drives. She still is drinking and driving.

Show me where this machine worked in deterring someone from a repeat DUI.
Just My Opinion

Batavia, IL

#23 Jul 10, 2008
If I understand the report correctly, you only have to sue it if you are convicted, not just charged. And who cares if the convicted person has to pay for it? Serves them right for committing the crime in the first place. If Illiois had implemented this law a long time ago, there might be a whole lot fewer repeat offenders out there. Then again, maybe I am wrong. And I am pretty sure that they thought of the whole other person blowing thing, and I believe that they DO have cameras that are included also. But maybe I am mistaken about that too, who knows?
Scary law

Milwaukee, WI

#24 Dec 30, 2008
From what I understand, you have to use the device for the full year even if you are not convicted of drunk driving - out thousands of dollars and a lot of time for nothing. To give this type of discretion to officers may not be a great idea. Look at how aggressively they ticket people at the end of the month to get their quotas. Will they have quotas for this thing as well? It also seems strange to come down so hard on a first time offender, unless they blew well over the limit I guess. What about repeat offenders? They don't have to worry about this?

Lombard, IL

#25 Dec 30, 2008
Have they thought about better tranportation methods??? Do some of you even go to a bar and drink? Have you tried to get a cab or something home? Im not advocating drinking and driving, but why dont we figure out a better way to get people home. I have been stranded and had to sleep in my car a few times as cabs werent running anymore. Well you can even get a ticket for sleeping in your car, thats not even safe. Why not invest some more money if better transportation, or more cab companies. Most people that get a DUI did it because they had no other way home....why not provide a way home...Hell I never mind paying for a cab, they just arent always available.....This type of restriction is great for some people, but I dont think it should be for the masses! Your just going to kill bar traffic, hurting businesses and socializing....find a better solution for the masses, and keep this for those that really need it...they are out there and there are alot, but that "GUY" isnt everyone that goes to a bar!

Wheaton, IL

#26 Dec 31, 2008
This topic is pissing me off. It's obvious none of you have ever had a BAIID in your vehicle, or in the vehicle of your loved one.
I have, so let me explain how it works: contact the BAIID Company & go to Best Buy/Circuit City/wherever to have it prominately installed on your dash, at a cost of at least $250.

The device is rather large - about 4"w x 7"h, not including the mouthpiece. They give you 2 clear plastic mouthpieces to put on the machine - it is your responsibility to make sure they're clean, tho they give you no directions for proper maintenance.

Before starting your car, turn the ignition on to activate the BAIID. When BAIID is finally ready (:::beepbeepbeep!!:::), put your mouth around the clear plastic mouthpiece & blow into it hard for about 5 seconds, then suck in air hard for about 5 seconds, then blow in hard again for about 5 seconds. If you don't do it right, you're screwed, headache or not, & have to start from scratch. No, it's not like blowing up a balloon. Think that, with 100xs more pressure.

I still don't understand how drunks with asthma cope with these things?

So anyway, once you've got the car started, the device beeps & demands a retest every 10 - 15 minutes, whether you're doing 65mph or 15mph. Same thing, same force - exhale, inhale, exhale, etc. GREAT for HIGHWAY DRIVING!!!

If you DON'T retest within the time limit (whether it's safe to pull off or not), your horn starts honking & your lights start flashing. <---that, they say, is supposed to alert the authorities that a drunk is on the road. It will lock out your car if you don't perform the test, and demand return of the BAIID unit immediately.

Yeah, this thing is real easy to beat if you've got a sober passenger, but ??????????

Oh, yeah, monitoring is another issue: they send you a new unit every month or so & you send them the "old" one, that's where they gather their information & send it to the SOS.

I had to answer, in writing, for alcohol once - hairspray. IT REGISTERED but let me start the car, are you kidding me?!?!?!!!

Wheaton, IL

#27 Dec 31, 2008
Chicago, IL
#2 Jun 24, 2008

How about this?

When a person gets caught driving drunk, their license is revoked permanently and their car is taken and sold at auction. They would receive the proceeds of the sale, unless they damaged someone's property while driving drunk, in which case that money would go to them.

Also, place them on a blacklist that car dealerships must check before they are allowed to sell a car. If that person's name is on that list, sorry, they don't get to drive a car.

I'm sick of pandering to drunk drivers, who get caught time and time again, and the only time something really happens is when they kill someone.

In this day and age, with all of the public service announcements, etc., there is no excuse for driving while drunk. None whatsoever.

Let's start treating drunk drivers like they deserve to be treated. Like children who get caught doing something that they know that they shouldn't do, and take away their privilege of driving.


Then we don't have to invest money into programs like putting Breathalyzers into cars.<<<

Wow - I hope you never have a single glass of wine & get behind the wheel.....under your rules, you'd be arrested for DUI, you know. what do you suggest the condemned do for work & how do you propose they get there? I'm guessing you'd quickly change your tune once YOU'D be the one having to drive the drunk around...forever.

We the TAXPAYERS are NOT "pandering" to drunk drivers - we've got some of the toughest laws out there & the drunks are paying for them!!!!

...and Illinois is NOT investing any money into this program, they're just dipping their hands into the cookie jar, making it MORE expensive for the offenders (Do you GET this?!?!)

If you had any idea what you were talking about you'd know that the convicted pays ALL BAIID fees directly to the monitoring company & the State has nothing to do with it. BAIIDs are very expensive & now the State wants a piece of that action & so they're taking it, at an additional $30 per month.

The state is penalizing alcohol users. But you can get a DUI using pot, Xanax, Ambien -*anything,* yet they're targeting the one thing they can supposedly monitor...alcohol. It's a complete joke! I want a Xanax monitor!!!

Patrick, sweetie, I know you mean well, but.......... oops! Need another Xany.....

Sure it'sg ood much nicer isdnt let metdrive home.

Wheaton, IL

#28 Dec 31, 2008
Chicago, IL
#13 Jun 24, 2008

>>>Losing the privilege to drive is not life ending. Life goes on for the drunk driver. The same can not be said for the victims who did nothing to deserve what happened to them.<<<<

Are you kidding me?!??!!!??

So...taking away their driving privileges is going to make it all better??

Let me ask you, with all respect, Patrick, did you lose someone in an accident? Or did you kill someone yourself?

...and how do you propose we deal with the hillbillies of heroin...who take drugs, drive, & can't be detected with a breathalyzer? Or are alcohol abusers your sole target?

You are sooo completely off the mark - I actually feel sorry for you.

Wheaton, IL

#29 Dec 31, 2008
>>>To me, in my mind, I view giving the keys to a car back to a person who drove drunk as akin to giving a gun back to someone who tried to kill someone and failed their first time.<<<

That's presuming that guns themselves squeeze the trigger all on their own, silly goose, don't even get me started on that.....

OBVIOUSLY you have NO EXPERIENCE with a true alcoholic. You cannot reason with an alcoholic, you can't tell them NOT to drive - you can't tell them ANYTHING.

How lovely it must be in your world to be able to control everything just as you want.....

I have lost whatever shred of respect I had for you - you have absolutely NO IDEA what your're talking about.
dylan bruce

Bellingham, WA

#30 Jan 6, 2009
thats hott

Chillicothe, IL

#31 Mar 13, 2009
this is my input on drunk drivers..i got my dui in 1999 the last time i drank ant alcohol its 2009 and still havent had a drink im trying to get a permit to drive to work and to class im having a hard time getting it just because i made a mistake doest mean i should pay the rest of my life for it.or does it?

Fortville, IN

#32 Aug 31, 2009
So here's what my coworker said he did a few years ago with the court ordered breathalyzer on his car. He drove from the installation garage to the local KMart and purchased a baffled air pump and placed it under his front seat...Voila!! The breathalyzer machine goes off while driving, he grabs the hose, pumps air into the breathalyzer and continued on his merry way. Did this for what he said, was a full six month period.
Bill W

Chicago, IL

#33 Jun 6, 2013
Drunk Drivers are not necessarily bad people. They are often inevitably caught up in a Catch-22 that consists of "my life is messed up so I drink, I drink because my life is messed up".
Most often they are sick people, disturbed and do not know that there is a solution to their downward spiral.
The solution to this and many, if not all of life's problems can be found in the 164 pages of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. visit

pray for peace

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