For his sake at redemption in the NFL I hope they make it clear to him that getting in trouble off the field is unacceptable.

Being how his home town seems to be, it's like if you're famous they will try to ruin your reputation out of jealousy. I still think he was innocent because of the initial information I got said that he was at the scene of a crime but not involved, but then after that story got out, the next day was when he got accused and people of that town/county were the ones that made up that jury I think they were sure to convict him. However, he was smart enough to appeal the verdict and because of that apparently it scared the victim enough that McClain would turn out to be innocent. Not to mention that it took a very long time for any kind of audio or video evidence to surface & could've easily been fake with today's technology.

It was just a screwed up situation all around and there is no way to really tell who was right and who was wrong. Bottom line is when you're famous, you need to stay away from negative atmospheres.