Trashy web site carried story about UNR fans:

Update: RGJ 12/2/2010: I don't make this up. I only repeat what others have said. After the UNR vs. Boise game a Boise fan wrote to the RGJ:...."Walking back to the hotel down Virginia Street was horrible. Wolf Pack fans showed their real colors." He went on to reveal the verbal filth directed at him. He was also threatened with physical harm. During the game, drunken UNR fans threw drinks and food at Boise fans. They used vulgar language in front of their children and tried to entice Broncos fans into a fight. The writer concluded by asking why should he return to Reno for another game.
Another letter to RGJ by a Broncos fan documented the middle fingers thrown in his direction, and toward his family and friends. Both writers question if they will return to Reno. The reputation of the UNR fans is a reflection of the community at large. A few years ago, a man had enough of the revolting actions by UNR fans and allegedly put up a web page. He was investigated by some students. They discovered where he worked. His boss called him into the office and threatened to fire him if he did not take down the web page.
(Ever hear of freedom to speak? Apparently Reno does not recognize the Constitution of the United States of America.)
The only problem with that alleged web site was he did not create any web page. His father did, however. Who cares about facts in Reno?--Get the web page off -line or be fired. That incident was mentioned on a sports radio show. In the meantime, nothing has changed. UNR fans still get drunk at games, throw drinks and spout profanity. Local parents are reluctant to attend games with their children. UNR fans are childish, immature and disgusting. Those are the facts. That's my opinion. Don't like it? Too bad! Return to Reno? Not a chance.