Israel, CIA and Klan target Lefist with radiation &viruse affecting the Thyroid

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Man from Atlantis

North Charleston, SC

#2 Nov 26, 2012
Man from Atlantis wrote:
Israel along with the CIA is playing spy games of getting rid of their lefist emenies about alot of who have Native American and Native-Eurasian descent that have smaller Thyroid gland the Western European, Arabs and Africans. With Thyroid problems they cause everything wieght gain, diabetes to cancer and death because low level of radiation poison they did to Arafat, Chevaz, Castro, Argentina's Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner and Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, former president of Brazil, have both been cancer sufferers and you remember thtat Argentina President Cristina undergoes surgery for thyroid cancer but Latin Americans who are Amerindian and Asian who have smaller Thyroid are being target by Capitalist in The Western.
The highly radiated Meteorite that hit the Yucatan 96 million years ago created the amphibians the axolotl who are Giant Tadpole or kid that don’t evolved to adult but adult kids in Adulthood. Because of the very small Thyroid and this is the very same Thyroid that North American Bison of Buffalo has with DRB3*0101 which is the Aztec and Mayan have at their Native American descendant like Ainu, Jews and Gypsies. They called this Neoteny and whole Asian and Native Americans are far more Neotenous than Caucasian or Africans. Which mean Asian and Amerindian(Latinos) have small Thyroid then Western European or African who are the people who target Asian and Amerindian(Latinos) and Eurasian or Eastern European with Thyroid disorders including cancer because Asian and Amerindian(Latinos) and Eurasian or Eastern European all political Lefist of Marxist, they are all vulnerable Thyroid Disorders. DRB3*0101 or the White Buffalo Calf Women or Whope who is the Lilith or Virgin who is the spine of the Bison or Orion Belt. Which are her people Amerindian, Asian, and European with DR52 and DRB3*0101 and DRB1*0802 found in all her Amerindian people like Aztec and Mayan origins the real Aryans or Orion people. So the Semitic are Target Orion Belt people with Thyroid Disorders, including all the Asian and Amerindian(Latinos) and Eurasian or Eastern European

Medford, NY

#3 Nov 26, 2012
Yul Kalaylee

Medford, NY

#4 Nov 26, 2012
How to Tune a Ukulele
Learning how to tune a ukulele is easy with our interactive tools and easy approach. Perfect for beginners!
Many educational resources for the ukulele show you a spooky diagram with a bunch of arrows and circles and numbers as their explanation for how to tune a ukulele. We're going to hold those diagrams back for later, because there a few things the people who show you these charts assume you already understand about tuning a ukulele, which you may not already understand:

•Which tuning peg tunes which string
•Which way do you turn the peg to make the string higher, or lower
•How do you even tell if the string needs to be tuned higher or lower
•How do you know when you're done
You may have noticed the Ukulele Tuner at the top of every page at . It is a series of 4 little buttons, labelled G C E A. These are the names of each of the strings on your ukulele. Not only is the Ukulele Tuner a quick convenient way to get your ukulele perfectly in tune any time you are studying at UkeSchool, but it allows us to construct this, our first ukulele lesson, in a way that focusses entirely on the four points listed above. You will be able to understand these points, and to hear what your ukulele is supposed to sound like, before you start having to decode those hideous diagrams with the circles and the arrows (which you will have to do eventually, just not on your first day!)

Click on the play button below to compare and contrast between a uke that is in tune, and one that is a little bit out. I tuned one string a wee bit up and one a wee bit down to get this effect. Ouch!

*- I could carry on and on about the importance of tuning your ukulele. If you're going to learn to play a ukulele, you simply have to learn how to tune it.

I've met so many people who've spent so much time learning to play a musical instrument, and because they 'cut the corner' of learning to tune their instrument properly, they continue to sound bad. They blame the instrument, they blame the laws of physics, and I relish the malicious act of taking their instrument, tuning it properly, and handing it back to them. They all feel like they got a new thousand-dollar instrument, grew a solid new voice, but not all will accept that if they only learned to tune, they could have that feeling every time they play. PLEASE learn how to tune your ukulele. Being able to play three chords on a tuned instrument is far preferable to playing 326 chords out of tune. I said I could carry on and on and ON, but I will limit myself to this one paragraph, and the phrase - You cannot sound good if you cannot or do not tune.

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